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By Donna Westfall – November 5, 2016 – In a last minute to boost the sagging campaigns of both Finigan and Murray, the Triplicate has pulled out all of the stops.  On the last publication day before election they accuse both Gitlin and Berkowitz of using a targeted voter mailer to certain groups of voters and then the newspaper tries to imply that this was some underhanded technique.

The fact is that these targeted mailers have been utilized by many of those who seek elective office in Del Norte County.  In past campaigns of those running for county supervisor, judge and district attorney have utilized the mailers.  Even David Finigan, who professes outrage about the Berkowitz mailer and calls it deceitful, is a former client of the mailing company.

So, how is it that both Berkowitz and Gitlin wound up in a mailer that was sent to mainly Democrats? According to Berkowitz, “I want to reach as many people as possible with my message.  It is a message of action now, and I want to make sure it gets to a wide audience and Democrats are a significant part of those who will be voting in this election.”
Well, what did they do wrong?  They bought and paid for an ad in a publication that normally is sent to Democrats but only after both Finigan and Murray declined to purchase an ad in that publication.
Just to make sure that the voter is not deceived into thinking that because their ad is included in the publication does not imply that they support others whose ad may be included in the same publication, there is a disclaimer.  It reads in part in capital letters “NOT AN OFFICIAL POLITICAL PARTY ORGANIZATION. Appearance in this mailer does not necessarily imply endorsement of others appearing in this mailer…”
The fact is that inclusion in any one of these mailers is mutually exclusive, in other words only one side of a proposition or only one candidate running for the office can be included in the mailer.  According to a spokesperson at the Election Digest, the company that produces the mailer, both Finigan and Berkowitz in District Five had the opportunity to purchase ads in the Republican and Democrat mailers, also Gitlin and Murray had the same opportunity to purchase ad space in District One.  Only Berkowitz and Gitlin took advantage of the offer.
Why didn’t either Gitlin or Berkowitz respond to questions posed by the Triplicate reporter?  Both candidates said that any response they gave to the paper would be taken out of context and used against them.  This is an ongoing problem with the paper where they have blinders on and will not tolerate any opinion that differs from theirs.  In addition to the obvious bias on the part of the Triplicate, both Berkowitz and Gitlin have been banned from writing a letter to the editor to the Triplicate because they are candidates for office, therefore they would have no opportunity to get the truth out in that paper before election day on Tuesday.  However that has not stopped the Triplicate editor from allowing candidates that he favors to place articles in the newspaper like Congressman Huffman who is also running for election.  The editor has one standard for candidates he favors and another standard for those he would like to see defeated.
So you now have the truth.  The Triplicate has taken an advertising platform that has been used by many local Democrats and Republicans alike, for the last 20 years, and tried to make an issue of its use for purely political purposes.
Shame on you, Triplicate, for stooping so low for this non -story, just to help your favored candidates and to sell newspapers.


10 thoughts on “Triplicate Does Hatchet Job on Berkowitz and Gitlin”
  1. Finigan is a corrupt piece of work. Anyone that believes different does not know much about him. Before you vote realize he has damaged many families who bought homes from him.

    Inoccent families who were excited by his lies about their new home. They were expecting the best from him. If you don’t believe that, do some investigation ON YOUR OWN. He has been sued for selling a new home to a family that David Finigan knew contained black mold. He covered it up and the family was made ill and had to leave that home for good. The mother was made deathly ill and suffers to this day! Finigan uses high powered attorneys to fight paying a dime to the family. This is David Finigan.

    In my opinion, Finigan is a LIAR and a THIEF not much more. He abuses our trust and has for years. He is
    playing you if you believe he is somehow your friend. He does not care about our community! He has demonstrated that he loves money more than your kids and mine! He is a menace!!

    I wish David would comment here I would love to have a open conversation with him here in this forum. Thanks to Donna and the Crescent City Times this is possible!

  2. Although these are nonpartisan offices, they seem to have become very partisan. It appears that the Democratic Party financially assists those candidates who are members of their party, including out of town donation. Republicans also endorse their affiliated candidates. It is too bad candidates can not be judged without a party tag on them. This is starting to mimic the presidential race.

  3. Oh gosh, you are an idiot if you believe for a hot second that Berkowitz and Gitlin didn’t know full well what there were doing.

    SHAME on you Donna for jumping to the other side instead of reporting the TRUTH as you always profess to do.


  4. Thank you Donna for helping level out some of the blatant slanted reporting of the Triplicate. I noticed that the Triplicate cut off all local election letters to the editor Friday over a week ago (October 28), but then add their own one-sided bias.

    Note: Donna called Berkowitz for comment and the Triplicate didn’t. No slop-sided accident. Just bad reporting. Be so proud, R.F.

  5. Nice Try!!! Berkowitz and Gitlin got caught with their hands in the cookie jar.. SHAME on you for trying to confuse the people who believed in you. I hope that this is the PROOF that is needed to get rid of these type of politicians here in Del Norte County (if you can call them that). Folks I hope this PROVES that these two have their own agenda and could care less what is good for the County. FINIGAN FOR DISTRICT 5…

    1. I guess since you clearly do not have the conviction of your assertions, just exactly what “cookie Jar” are Roger Gitlan and Bob Berkowitz supposed to have gotten caught with their respective hands in? It does not seem that you understand that the ADVERTISING MAILER, that was sent by an unaffiliated vendor, did not endorse any one, nor is their supposed to be a Democratic/Republican component to a NONPARTISAN, THAT’S NONPARTISAN, local Board of Supervisor race. The fact that two Republicans chose to advertise their positions on various issues to Democrats in, ONCE AGAIN A NONPARTISAN election, and their Democratic opponents chose not to would to any sensible person be a smart move. If you , the Triplicate and its staff, the local Democratic Central Committee are implying that somehow local Democrats can’t figure out who to vote for, I would suggest to the whole bunch of you that in a NONPARTISAN RACE party should not matter and you should be willing to assume at least that Republicans and Democrats alike will be allowed to vote for the people who represent them the very best. The idea that because they are Democrats and thus will be confused by a mailer should be demeaning to to all local Democrats. I am sure that they would not wish to be characterized as “idiots” in the local paper, nor by the leadership of the Democratic Central Committee. As to the reactions of Kathryn Murray and David Finigan, they clearly don’t have much hope that local Democrats will be able to figure out who to vote for and have chosen faux outrage for something they CHOSE not to take advantage of…… It is truly unfortunate that people running for office in, ONCE AGAIN A NONPARTISAN RACE, are treated with more respect than their own party. Perhaps local Democrats need to look for better leadership.

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