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Opinion Piece By Donna Westfall – March 7, 2018 – When illegal immigrants have more rights than American citizens, I say something is drastically wrong.

Hearing that our Gov. Brown and his mostly Democratic cohorts created a Sanctuary State, I ask, “Have they lost their minds?”

Why am I supposed to uphold the laws of this land when illegal immigrants are getting  a free pass?  Why should any American citizen uphold our laws for that matter?

Thankfully, US Attorney General, Jeff Sessions filed a lawsuit Tuesday, March 6th against our state also naming Governor Jerry Brown and California Attorney General Xavier Becerra.  The reasons:

  1.  SB 54, which restricts law enforcement officials from notifying federal immigration agents about the release dates for prisoners in their custody who have been convicted and therefore face deportation. It also prohibits local officials from transferring those prisoners to federal custody.
  2. AB 450, which forbids private employers from cooperating with immigration agents who conduct worksite enforcement operations. The law also requires employers to tell their workers when federal agents are coming to conduct inspections.
  3. And AB 103, which requires the state to inspect detention facilities where federal authorities are holding immigrants who face deportation.

Last year, when our Board of Supervisors discussed sending a letter of opposition to SB 54 specifically dealing with law enforcement to Senator McGuire, two of our five supervisors voted it down.  Guess who?  Cowan and Howard.  Guess  who abstained?  Hemmingsen.

Recently I attended the Republican Women’s March 1st evening meeting where Supervisor, Chris Howard and Supervisorial Candidate, 4th District, Dave Mason were the guest speakers.

I aked Howard why he voted NO in sending the letter of opposition.  His response.  “I voted to table the discussion.”

Not true. I watched the video from February 28, 2017. So, in my mind, he is merely rewriting history.

Boy, if I were Trump and Gov. Brown had his hand sticking out begging for money for one thing or another, I’d tell him to ….. well, I would be less than cooperative.

Despite California quoting the 10th Amendment to the Constitution which gives the states the rights to determine how to handle public safety, it’s not enforcing public safety when repeat felons who are also illegal immigrants go in and out of our jails like checking into and out of a motel, kill, steal, beat people and then not face deportation.

Why have immigration laws at all when politicians like our Governor simply change the laws? I personally don’t believe these changes are for the better. I, for one, am looking forward to a positive outcome for the Feds on this lawsuit.




One thought on “Trump DOJ Sues California”
  1. Howard response. “I voted to table the discussion.” … and you watched the video from February 28, 2017. You say “So, in my mind, he is merely rewriting history.”

    I call it flat out lying. On that premise alone, Howard should no longer be allowed to run. Del Norte County and Crescent City, California need people who will tell the truth and not twist things around.

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