Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

By Jeff McCaddon

Copyright Jeff McCaddon, March 25th, 2021. All Rights Reserved.

“Trump’s“ Border Crises has been making headlines. Despite the fact that “El Diablo” has been removed from office, and has been banned from every mainstream media network and social media venue;  “Orange-Man” is Badder than ever. To listen to the Biden Administration rhetoric, the Trump immigration policies caused a blockage of the “normal” flow of “Undocumented Immigrants.” The Biden rollback of Trump’s policies  simply provided an essential dose of Concentrated Liquid-Plumber to loosen this blockage, and the result has been an uncontrollable flood. 

“Humanitarian” Non-Government-Organizations (NGOs) from the United States have been handing out free shirts printed with “Biden let us in” throughout Latin America along with their usual aid. In addition to free shirts, these NGOs have also been selling the ‘American Dream’ of jobs and money galore, pixie-dust and Bernie-bucks, along with a shopping-list of entitlements the new immigrant is owed because of past Imperialist exploitation and oppression due to White Supremacist Racism. In the middle of Winter, these migrants have been illegally crossing the border at a rate of nearly 100,000 per month. Soon, the Spring migrations will bring even more gravy trains of hopeful and hungry souls. According to Gallup Poll Chairman Jim Clifton, a recent poll of 33 Caribbean and Latin Countries indicated that 42 million out of roughly 450 million Latin Americans want to immigrate to the United States.

We have all seen the recent photographs taken at an overcrowded child detention facility at the Southern Border. At just one of the many facilities in Donna, Texas, nearly 4,000 kids have been packed into cages meant for only 250! Wrapped head-to-toe in reflective emergency blankets, they resembled foil covered baked potatoes tightly squeezed into a small toy Susie Homemaker over. Good thing the Biden Administration put a Gag-Order on Border Patrol Employees who might wish to talk to reporters; or we would have learned about the children’s condition much sooner. As of March 28th, 2021 there were approximately 18,000 unaccompanied minors in Border Patrol custody; with anywhere from 500 to 1,000 arriving daily. The most important thing during the Biden Administration is to ban any news about the Border “Challenge” from reaching the public. Out of sight; out of mind. Both the President and Vice-President refuse to even visit the border; legal plausible deniability is lost after witnessing a crime which one is complicit.

Press coverage and photographers are not the only ones banned at the Southern Border.  Texas Governor Greg Abbott requested that over a thousand State Child Protective Services investigators be sent to interview “families” and unaccompanied children held at detention facilities to determine the extent of child sex trafficking. The Biden Administration and Department of Homeland Security banned any investigations of child sexual abuse at the border. We will never know how many “Families” are actually blood relations; or are actually pedophiles, and gang members trafficking kids to American pedophile rings. We will never know how many of the children housed in the Donna Detention Facility were sexually assaulted on the way to the US Border, or how many are destined for Cartel controlled slavery. It seems that these Border Detention Facilities only contain unaccompanied minors. Adult “Undocumented Immigrants” were initially packed directly onto buses destined to ‘Anywhere USA’ without even being tested for Covid. When news about lack of testing leaked, the Biden Administration was quick to respond. Now the adults get tested for Covid and receive Stimulus Checks ($4.38 billion dollar in total earmarked for illegal immigrants) before shipping out to ‘Yourtown USA.’ Please note that even if they test positive, these Border Crashers are still dumped on the streets of American cities like Brownsville, Harlington and Laredo Texas, and in Cochise County Arizona. By March 9th of 2021. the number of Covid infected illegal immigrants dumped in American Cities had soared to over 1,553. That total only counts those with Covid, because they are not screened for Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, Ebola or any other infectious disease. These infected immigrants are also only counted in jurisdictions that care about public health. No complaints from sanctuary states like California who welcome the entire world and their collective diseases with open arms. If all goes according to “Plan”, these undocumented immigrants will soon be housed in local hotels and motels at taxpayer expense of nearly $75,000 per year per head. If they arrive in California, they will be promptly “documented” with a California Driver’s License (CDL) and be qualified for all forms of public assistance along with the ability to vote. Border Agents encountered 861 criminals at the Southern Border since the first of the year, including 92 sex offenders and 63 gang members; of course that was before the Biden Administration threw down the welcome mat. For the sake of plausible deniability these figures seem no longer to be available.

With government buildings in Washington DC surrounded by fences, concertina wire and assault rifle toting uniformed military guards, our country resembles a foreign occupied third-world dictatorship. Along with a new morality, new rules are being enforced.  When GOP Senators announced their intent to visit the Southern Border, they were told no journalists or photographers would be allowed to accompany them, even the Senators themselves were banned from taking photographs. The only video to emerge from the visit was of the Senators and Border Patrol personnel being taunted by human trafficking Cartels from across the Rio Grande. A Biden “Spokeswoman” physically blocked Senator Ted Cruz’s cell phone as he tried to record conditions of a child detention facility. The Senators remarked that the US Government is complicit with the human-traffickers, as Border Agents have been ordered to transport border crashers the last mile to processing facilities. In the words of one Border Agent, the Border Patrol has become the “Uber for Mexican Cartels.”

Gag-Orders, a tightly controlled Mainstream Media, and Social Media censorship have guaranteed zero-transparency at the Southern Border. It also has assured that the public is totally ignorant about the World Health Organization’s recent red-alert regarding the international spread of Ebola. New outbreaks of Ebola in Africa and New Guinea have prompted air travel screening and additional restrictions. Last thing in the world that we would want is testing at the Border for any diseases other than Covid; much less quarantines that might delay the transport of illegal immigrants throughout the USA. After all, Ebola kills over 98% of those infected, while Covid kills less than 1%.  Thank goodness the Dynamic Duo  of Joe and Kammie created the Covid Vaccine all on their own, and soon will have enough to inoculate the entire population of the USA. Since nearly 40% of health workers refuse to take the vaccine, the Biden Administration will need as many illegal aliens as they can get; simply to use up all the excess vaccine. More important than public health is the financial bottom-line of the Big Pharmaceutical Corporations; thank you Dr. Fauci.

Through a media blackout, the adult “Border Challenge” has been solved, and the  Criminal Cartels that control drug and human trafficking are making record profits. The detention facilities have become so overcrowded with children that Border Agents have been stripped from patrol duties by Homeland Security and tasked almost exclusively with free taxi service to processing facilities or the care of detained kids.

At a news conference by GOP Senators on March 26th, it was disclosed that between 4,000 and 9,000 immigrants are crossing the border each day. On that day, over 6,000 people were processed. That number reflects only those that were apprehended. It is common for families and unaccompanied minors to split away from groups of single illegal immigrants carrying drugs and contraband who are never apprehended or counted. New rules require families and unaccompanied children to be processed immediately. The Border Patrol has become so overwhelmed that they were forced to process many of these illegal immigrants under a bridge. It was also disclosed that President Biden’s message to the American people that the “border is not open,” and “most immigrants are turned back at the border” was a patent lie. Of the 2,200 individual family members detained that day, 1,900 were processed and released into the United States almost immediately while 300 were processed under Title 42 to be expelled. The rest were unaccompanied minors placed in detention facilities. All others that evaded authorities simply go their own way, never to be heard from until they are arrested for a crime.

The group of Senators visited the largest hot spot of border crossings, representing the sole area where the Border Wall was incomplete. Anyone crossing the border illegally under the watchful eyes of human-smuggling “Coyotes” wear both numerically and color coded wristbands that indicate the ownership of the immigrant and the amount of money owed to the Cartels. Many of them, including children, are either marked with telephone numbers of Cartel contacts in the USA or carry the phone numbers in their pockets. These are most-likely the telephone numbers of “Loving Families” that President Biden vowed to unite children with. Criminal Cartels do not smuggle people across the US Border as a public service. Many illegal immigrants work-off their debt for passage by acting as mules, carrying packs of drugs weighing approximately 60 lbs each. Those others that actually make it past the “Rape Trees” that mark the “Rites of Passage” for women and children, or past the litter of abandoned gear and the corpses of those too weak to continue, are expected to pay an average of $3,250 for Mexicans, between $3,500 and $7,500 for Latin Americans, and $8,000 to $10,000 or more for Middle-Eastern, Eastern-Europeans and Asian immigrants. Middle-Eastern terrorists and well-financed infiltrators from hostile governments have adequate cash to pay for their passage across the border in full. However, most illegal immigrants do not have enough money to pay for passage; thus they are indebted to the Cartels for payment. Indeed, most of the children now housed in overcrowded facilities are owned by these human trafficking Cartels.

Despite President Biden’s executive order canceling the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada and closing of countless oil fracking facilities; he has assured us there are countless job opportunities for unemployed Americans manufacturing Solar-voltaic panels. Simply buy a ticket to China and be prepared to work for slave wages because the USA has no such factories! Of course there are still jobs working in the fossil fuel industry, assuming you want to move to Saudi Arabia, Iraq, China, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait,  Brazil, Iran or Russia. With the US fuel industry gutted, and 25% to 50% of small businesses either closed or on the brink of failure because of Pandemic restrictions, how many of these “Undocumented Immigrants” will be able to find legitimate jobs to pay their debts to the Cartels? Will they work in agriculture? Sorry, but agriculture is being gobbled up by large corporations, and Bill Gates is now the largest owner of farms and ranches in the United States, with a total of 242,000 acres. Big agriculture is going robotic, with self-driving tractors that can distinguish weeds from vegetables and identify insects; which spray either herbicides, fertilizer or insecticide directly on individual plants like a digital printer. There are also artificial intelligence driven harvesters and pickers that further eliminate the need for “cheap foreign labor.”  Not to worry; these same Cartels that smuggled these unfortunate souls across the border are well-connected to gangs and organized crime groups in the USA. With Police defunding, both jails and prisons emptied because of the pandemic, and soaring crime rates, the Cartels have their hands-full running drug, prostitution and extortion rackets. They will get their pound-of-flesh from their human chattel one way or the other.

What lies ahead for all the unaccompanied minors? Considering the public remarks by both our President and Director of Homeland Security, a new morality exists. We now have a kinder, gentler, warm, fuzzy and compassionate morality. A mother who sends her nine-year-old daughter to trek alone over a thousand miles through territory controlled by drug and human traffickers; is now a “Loving Mother.” In the not-too-distant past, sending a child on such a journey, facing threats of disease, drugs, child-predators, and violence, with the sole intent of breaking border laws, would be considered child cruelty. Now, such an act is openly lauded by top public officials and the media.

The San Diego Convention Center is set to receive 1,450 girls aged 13 to 17, with a Cartel wholesale value of $4,712,500, from the Donna Unaccompanied Minor Detention Facility. Although local schools continue to be closed because of the Pandemic, volunteer teachers have been asked to start school sessions for these young girls. Who better than California Teacher’s Union representatives to provide an initial orientation of American Values; Critical Race Theory, Gender Neutrality, Identity Politics, and the new California Black Lives Matter Curriculum. By the end of this indoctrination, the street value of these trafficked minors will rise markedly. Many may find their way to serve the Woke elite in Hollywood and Washington DC. 

Our Vice-President will not visit the Border personally to wave her magic wand and solve the “Challenge.” Kamala Harris has long been an advocate of open borders with absolutely no restrictions. Those children with telephone numbers in their pockets will be promptly forwarded to “Their American Families;” whether they be criminal gangs or pedophile rings. Loving foster parents will be found for the rest of the unaccompanied minors. With the magnitude of “Trump’s Border Crises,” we should not expect significant screening of potential Foster Parents. Such trifles as criminal records for pedophilia, drug and sex trafficking, racketeering, or murder will need to take a back-seat to the potential LOVE that can be given these brave little souls. Bottom-line, these kids owe Criminal Cartels thousands of dollars for their passage into the USA. Those Cartels expect to be paid what is due. Who’s to stop them from collecting?  The Director of Homeland Security, the top law enforcer in the USA, has given a moral green-light to child trafficking. If that is not enough; so has the President!

Our Democrat dominated Congress has passed a blitz of gun legislation aimed directly at American Citizens who see a need for home defense in the face of lawlessness and near anarchy in America’s largest Democrat run Woke Cities. Jails and prisons are being emptied as police are defunded. Crimes against both people and property have become the new Pandemic, and most are excused by radical prosecutors on the basis of Woke ‘Social Justice.” While placing additional restrictions on law-abiding American’s access to firearms, Congress voted to bar sharing information with ICE about attempted gun store purchases by illegal aliens. The current administration blames all of America’s ills on Trump and the Make America Great Again (MAGA) Movement. Orange-Man Bad? Orange-Man Gone!

President Biden indicated during a recent news conference that he would be seeking reelection in 2024 along with Vice-President Harris. During the conference he stated that the Republican Party would probably no longer be around by the next presidential election. He is probably right, as the US Military has been purged of conservatives. Both the Military and Homeland Security has classified MAGA Republicans, Catholics and Evangelical Christians as radical extremist groups along with Al-Qaeda and ISIS. News and opinions contrary to the Radical Left have either been censored or outright banned from Mainstream and Social Media, Democrats in Congress and the Senate are dismantling our Constitutional rights, election laws are being transformed into a joke, the President has issued a flurry of executive orders aimed at destroying the foundation of America, and any political party aside of Democrats will most likely be outlawed by 2024.

Welcome to the New Woke People’s Republic of America. How do you like it?

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