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By Donna Westfall – July 24, 2017 – Recently, Trump said you don’t need 2,000 miles of wall to keep out illegal immigrants that have burdened our welfare system, along with criminals, drug dealers and rapists because there are a lot of natural barriers like mountains and rivers. There are currently 600 miles of walls, and some of that needs repair and some of it is being fixed right now.  Then there’s another 700-900 miles that would need to be built.

Latest ideas out of Trump is to utilize solar panels in the US-Mexican wall so that it can generate electricity and pay for itself which would also decrease the price that Mexico will have to pay for the Wall.  Spoken like a true builder which is what he loves to do.  During his speech in Grand Rapids, Iowa on June 22nd, he said…”I believe the time has come for new immigration rules which say that for those seeking admission into our country, they must be able to support themselves financially and should not use welfare for a period of at least five years.”

Walls have been built around the world providing nations protections from a variety of problems.

The Great Wall of China:

An engineering feat designed to keep out invaders, but did it work? Look at the statistics.  The wall is over 2300 years old.  From a base of 15 to 50 feet, it rose 15 to 50 feet high and topped by ramparts 12 feet or higher. Guard towers were distributed at intervals.  For much of it’s history it was effective except most notably against the Mongols led by Genghis Khan. Parts of the wall collapsed and they simply rode through.  In more recent history it has been a physical and psychological barrier between East and West culture and a huge tourist attraction.

Israel and the West Bank:

Suicide bombings decreased when the barriers were erected between Israel and the West Bank. Called a “security fence” by the Israeli’s and “Apartheid fence” by the Arabs and Palestenians, it runs 440 miles.  The United Nations adopted a resolution that condemned the barrier by a vote of 150–6 with 10 abstentions. And that’s one reason why the UN is not always the best place to settle problems among nations and peoples. Suicide bombings went from 73 down to 12.  Significant numbers. It works for Israel.

The Berlin Wall:

In 1961, East and West Germany suffered with and endured a divisive concrete barrier ostensibly to protect its population from fascist elements while building a socialist/communist state in East Germany.  It didn’t work because it’s real purpose was to prevent the massive emigration and defection into West Germany. The wall was demolished starting in 1990 and completed in 1992.

India-Bangladesh Wall:

An 8-foot-high, double-walled, barbed-wire fence was constructed by India to  prevent terrorism, smuggling, and “infiltration” into the country. While immigrant Bangladeshis provide India with a cheap labor force, their presence has also exacerbated underlying tensions sometimes involving armed conflicts. Another problem on the horizon is climate change. They theorize that a 3 foot rise above current sea level would flood 1/5 of the country of Bangladesh. Immigration has been stemmed from about 15 million during 1950’s to 2001 because of the barrier. Now the only way to migrate legally is for someone from Bangladesh to marry an Indian. However, it’s been said that this billion dollar wall spanning nearly 1800 miles can be snipped through by children with a cheap pair of scissors.

The Moroccan – Western Sahara Wall: 

These 10 foot high walls of sand and stone are thought to have the longest continuous minefield in the world. Millions of landmines. It’s called the “Berm.” It is second in length only to the Great Wall of China. 120,000 troops are used to guard this wall.
65 countries have built fences around their nation since the toppling of the Berlin Wall. Before the Berlin Wall, 16 countries had border fences.  Most governments building walls these days are trying to hold back the tide of migrants.




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  1. Food is rotting in the fields because no one wants to do those great jobs stooping low to the ground getting paid less than minimum wage. Look forward to escalating food costs and shortages.

  2. America cannot stay strong if we let in week links. Get rid of the illegals then make those that want to come in turn in some DNA or something so we can stop going to crap. Walls are great places to hang pictures and keep out your neighbors filth.

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