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The Del Norte County District Attorney’s office has suffered from lacking any leadership skills for the past couple of years. Currently, we have District Attorney Assistants who think it is “ok” to openly disrespect a Judge in court; it is “ok” for the public to be ignored and disrespected, and it is “ok” to waste taxpayers money while on the job tending to a computer that is not work related.

After interviewing both Bob Drossel and Dale Trigg, I can honestly say whoever is elected, I am confident change is coming. Both offer stability. Two men with different styles, both authentic. This is what each man will bring to the table.

Bob Drossel has years of district atttorney experience under his belt.

He knows California Law inside and out. It can easily be pointed out that he is an expert in California law and an expert in working in the district attorney office. His Jury Trial convictions are numerous with one specifically involving a high notoriety conviction of the I-5 serial strangler. He had the opportunity to run an office as a District Attorney, in the past, and would not require any training if he wins this race. Additionally, Bob Drossel is familiar with the Union and what it takes to dismiss an employee who is not up to “par”. Bob Drossel is soft spoken, but don’t let his gentle nature make you believe he is a push over. Remember there is an old saying, “watch out for the quiet ones” or “speak softly but carry a big stick”. 

Bob Drossel has been in this community 17 years and stability is on his side.  Bob Drossel’s entire life has been dedicated to law enforcement, and one of the assets I liked about Bob Drossel is the fact he likes to educate the public, law enforcement and his staff. Bob has the experience to educate, which is what we need in this community in order to make changes. If Bob Drossel is elected I am confident that the public would see a more professional District Attorney office. One reliable source said that he was really good at running the office, at budgets and a very good administrator. When asked about pursuing municipal corruption, he indicated his door would always be open.

Then there is Dale Trigg.

When I started to investigate Dale Trigg the first question that popped into my mind was; this guy is all over the place as he has a diversity of legal experience worldwide. During law school he had the opportunity to work as a legislative aid, working specifically on environment and energy issues under John Ashcroft, who gave him an amazing review. From there he graduated from law school and worked in Green County, Missouri prosecuting office, where he prosecuted drug cases for 16 months. He received an opportunity to work in Pulau half way across the globe for the Public Land Authority as an attorney. He came back to the States and was admitted to the California Bar in March 2003, where he worked for two law firms before moving onto Montana. He was appointed as a part time Judge by Judge Ortly in Flathead County, Montana, in 2005, until the next election of 2006 where he declined to run for that position. Next stop was back to Missouri where he worked until he returned to California. Did I mention he also passed the bar in Idaho?

Although Dale Trigg has only 2 1/2 years of California law experience, the one thing that stood  out in my mind was on his recommendation from John Ashcroft. His legal research and writing skill’s, and his ability to adapt to any situation presented to him. That kind of compliment is not given but earned.

While investigating Dale Trigg I discovered a disgruntled defendant by the name of Joe Bruce who had placed a Word Press document on-line in attempts to discredit Dale Trigg.  Trigg produced a copy of the case where his client had been cheated out of payment for a job. By the time  Trigg got done with the defendant, the defendant owed more money than the defendant had anticipated, thereby slandering Trigg through a Word Press blog. Case Closed. This is what I would call sour grapes.

When asked about pursuing municipal corruption, he too said his door would always be open.

Dale Trigg has a presence. He is down to earth, aggressive, highly ambitious, respectful, and charismatic. He was drawn to Crescent City because of the area and what it has to offer him and his family. He has found, in Crescent City, a place to settle down. He is extremely intelligent, does have a professional work ethic, and I am confident if he became the next district attorney, the public would see a more professional district attorney office.

Two fine men. One choice.

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