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By Assemblyman Kevin Kiley – August 29, 2022

Newsom has started a new video series attacking Republicans. He’s calling it, “Hypocrite or Fraud?”

This is the Governor who dined at the French Laundry while locking us down, sent his kids to in-person private school while closing public schools, and vacationed in Montana despite an official red state travel ban.

Newsom’s recent antics have gone from over-the-top to beyond-the-pale. After running delusional ads on Florida TV, he’s giving $100,000 to the opponent of Ron DeSantis. He’s sounding off daily on the Governor of Texas. He bizarrely picked a fight with Alabama’s Governor.

And last Friday he again called California a “model for the nation,” this time on homelessness. Newsom has increased homelessness spending by a factor of 28 – now $14 billion – while the homeless population has ballooned. Yet he just blocked my proposal for a statewide homelessness spending audit once again.

Meanwhile, Californians are being told to shorten their showers, stop watering their lawns, turn off their lights, and shut down their AC. This is Newsom’s model for the nation.

We have a very different model for the nation. It’s the model that created this nation – one with freedom at its foundation. It’s the model by which dozens of pro-parent school board candidates swept to victory in Florida last week.

The choice between these two models – lockdowns, control, decay; or freedom, self-government, prosperity – is on the ballot this year. As Californians, we’ve experienced the worst of the first model. We have a unique role in making sure America chooses the second.

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