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By Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello – January 5, 2020

We have now witnessed the coup in progress culminating from a phony complaint filed by a known but anonymous “whistleblower” to its ultimate predestined end in the insurmountable Senate with even traitorous RINO’s falling into line not because of the totally non-credible substantiation provided by the House but simply along partisan party lines.  It remains to be seen if the Senate true believers on the Left stray because of future election implications or because they recognize this as the farce it is.

Once again now that the show is over, we on the outside must ask ourselves 1) is there anything we can do about this and 2) what is it that we can or should do?  Perhaps it is more important for us to reflect on the significance of the day 02/02/2020 or a sleazy half time show than it is to examine these questions.

But I have asked these questions before.  What about those, which includes half of our Nation, who believe that nothing needs to be changed other than the man in the White House?  This is a direct reflection on the possibility of redirection of our corrupt and flawed government.  This makes it that much more difficult to effect moral and righteous change.

I used those terms specifically not because I believe in spiritualism embodied within a centralized organization such as the church or synagogue but because there is such a thing as right and wrong where the ends do not justify the means.  At the root of the problem is not money per se but money used in an amoral or immoral fashion, for self aggrandizement or political promotion.  The two seem to be inextricably tied together in the Swamp.

I am currently researching the careers of the likes of Corey Booker, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, and Elizabeth Warren through Peter Schweizer’s latest book Profiles in Corruption.  As two of these five candidates for the Democrat nomination for President have dropped out, there is no rush to expose the remainder.  I find it difficult to believe that Schweizer’s facts and allegations haven’t already been made major headlines by other journalists within major media except for the truth of the matter and that is the media remains an arm of the current decayed, decomposing Democrat party.

It seems to me that the basic problem is the lack of education on the subject matter involved and the lack of skills imparted to young minds to challenge the information put before them.  When I attended the University of Nevada-Reno, I made up my mind to ask questions when I didn’t understand the material and, in addition, to understand the material to such an extent that I could teach it to others.  Others told me they were afraid to ask questions because they might ask a silly or stupid question.  My response was that no question they asked to clarify their understanding could be classified as such.

So the answer to the first question is relatively simple.  If you don’t like what has been done by those doing the dirty work, you need to take action.  Don’t take action because you think you can change the system.  Some times you have to “stand up for what is right even if you are standing alone.”

You can’t worry that there will be equal or opposite voices to counter your stance.  You must make yourself heard.  The opposition wins when there is no opposition to it.  Why do you think John Garamendi votes the way he does?

Is it because Garamendi toes the party line or is it because he truly believes the nonsense that Adam Schiff has presented as “impeachable offenses”?  How many of us have called his office, written to him, or presented ourselves at one of his many offices to make our views known?  Can Garamendi think for himself or is he just another paid puppet placed in a position of power to perpetrate this phony plot on the populace?

We don’t waste our time addressing people like Garamendi.  The support for him and the State legislators of the same ilk overwhelms reason and common sense.  This is my biggest concern for American government.  We are on the road to self destruction now that the people have found a way to raid the Treasury.

Rather than going to Garamendi, why not go directly to those who make the decision to put a person like him in office?  Letters to the editor, billboards, mailers, robo-calls and a myriad of other ways there are to get the complaint, truth or sense before the public as well as the legislator.  So, yes, there is something we can do besides waiting the two year cycle to address the problem at the ballot box.

In addition to these answers to both questions, we need to speak up and not fear debate.  Do not hope or plan to change others positions immediately or over any specific time period.  You are only setting yourselves up for disappointment.  “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.”  The true believer will not listen to reason and can not challenge his own positions.  “There are none so blind as those who will not see.”

In other words, the problem is not on my end when I present you with common sense logic and facts.  If you choose to extrapolate a simple statement calling for an investigation of a US citizen for corrupt actions during the 2016 election to that of “wanting dirt on a potential political opponent for the 2020 election”, that is on you and not on me.  Once again, if Trump had not mentioned the Biden name during his telephone call but Biden eventually came up due to his self admitted interference in an investigation of a known corrupt oil company known as Barisma, would those accusers have only made a similar but lesser conclusion about Trump still attempting to get dirt?

The larger point remains.  Can we save our State and our Nation?  How do we do it when we are on the outside?  For the most part, as you can see, there is no quick solution for resolution.

We have to change the educational system as it is an abject failure and self protection racket for the unions and their members.  Public schools have become indoctrination camps.  The failure to teach our children the basics of how to read, write, and do math is only surmounted by the schools inability to instruct students on how to question what they are taught or, in other words, how to think for themselves by questioning everything.

To assume we can change things at the ballot box is another exercise complicated by the insane adding to their numbers through voter fraud including illegal alien voting.  I listen to how this State or that county has turned from red to purple or blue.  How is that possible if the pool of voters isn’t growing?  If liberals leave a State such as California to turn Texas blue, why doesn’t California then revert back?  If the country is divided equally, as demonstrated by impeachment support along party lines, this doesn’t make sense until you realize how this is being accomplished.

In conclusion, there is only so much that any of us can do.  Educate yourself and be ready to confront others who are wrong in their positions.  Facts will win out over propaganda.

I listened to Chip Franklin on KGO castigating a caller about the Biden Ukraine “conspiracy theory” with Franklin telling the guy to do the research.  Franklin claimed that Hunter Biden wasn’t even on the board of Barisma when Joe Biden threatened to have a billion dollars withheld if the Ukraine didn’t fire the prosecutor.  A quick search reveals that Hunter joined their board in May of 2014 and Joe did his dirty work to protect his son’s income stream in October of 2015.

Did I call KGO and the show to straighten them out?  No.  This is how and why they are successful in indoctrinating their audience.

We all have only so much time on this earth to live our lives.  How much do we want to devote to the fight?  If you consider what these cretins such as Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders want to do with the wealth you have accumulated over your lifetime, the hours of labor you put in to get what you have, you might realize that keeping the wealth is just as important as striving for it in the first place.

Putting fools in office is not a solution.  Yet we keep doing it over and over in California in particular and it is spreading across the Nation.

Isn’t it time we said enough is enough? …

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