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By Guest Columnist Michael Ceremello, former Vice-Mayor/Council member of the City of Dixon – January 7, 2016

Tyranny in the world is advancing, as it is here … Mark Levin. Just as the national syndicated talk show hosts see

the obvious, it is rarely applied at the local level. At least the market for the message is too small to garner but a

fleeting comment on rare occasions. Just as in Dixon, it riddles the State thanks to our own Obama named Jerry


I have heard Jerry’s latest concern is groundwater throughout the Central Valley. I have yet to review the key

legislation listed at the Department of Water Resources website but I have viewed the map of the State of California.

One good way to control humans is to control their food source. I haven’t seen the Hunger Games Hollyweird

movie series but I know the future imitates art if you can call the garbage coming out of that town thusly.

We already have CARB, the California Air Resources Board and the State Water Board, but it looks like that isn’t

going to be enough to satisfy Agenda 21 Brown. The rumor has it that as ground water users, Dixon will have to

recharge our water source drop for drop. As one of the main sources will be sewer effluent, here comes the dreaded

demand to put in tertiary treatment. I told you Stantec and Joe DiGiorgio were dreaming when they got approval

from the Water Board for activated sludge which was to put us “in the driver’s seat”. We are heading for insolvency

in that car. Or should I say “you will be” …

Of course we have Jack Batchelor, our own little BJ, who will protect and defend us from this monolithic behemoth.

We all know how well he knows how to say “NO!” to those in superior governmental positions as he has

demonstrated that quite well over the last seven years of his reign as King of Dixon. We all know the king has no


Besides BJ we have the rest of the dummies on the dais who are being recalled. I am sure they won’t tolerate BJ’s

“strong mayor” governance much longer. Jack is a control freak and I doubt he shares any of the information which

he gathers at “special meetings” with these buffoons. The question has been raised, “who makes the decision that

the mayor is the council’s representative when this is a decision best left to a majority vote?”

I look it as mutual support between the dumb and blind with who knows whom is leading over the cliff. What is

Jack’s expertise on water? Even Joe Leach as city engineer doesn’t necessarily have the qualifications to challenge

impotent and idiotic ideas emanating from supposed experts who tell Sacramento lawmakers exactly what they want

to hear.

Tyranny hardly stops at city hall. We have a babbling baboon playing with his toy shovel and sand pail over at the

Tribune. He attempts to get you to believe this council actually has accomplished something either prior to Scat or

after. I threw out the gauntlet to show me one positive thing this council has done but the silence is deafening. It

should stay that way lest he open his mouth and prove his stupidity that right now we only suspect.

The ape should show us how Dutch Bros coffee equates to a booming economic environment such surrounds the

Nut Tree area in Vacaville. BJ told us that North First Street was going to be repaved by Cal-Trans. He acts like he

has “pull” with the State or at least he wants you to think so to save his own sorry ass from recall. Do we have a

theater in town? At least we have one newspaper which actually prints the news but with no thanks to the cheats,

thieves, and crooks on the council who deprived this paper illegally of printing legal notices.

Has this council made Dixon “business friendly”? I know when Terrible Ted broached this subject, Jack and his

cronies told us Dixon was business friendly. So then where are the businesses coming into town? Oh, that’s right,

they got waylaid and are just up the road. All of you phony business types, including you Chamber of Commerce

crony capitalists, still support these morons who know nothing about business but know how to schmooze you and

smile nicely while screwing you. You don’t even know it is happening is how good these guys are at it.

I reflect on your pathetic support opposing the recall of these worthless wastes of dais space. You admit there needs

to be a change but you would rather wait until next November. Why? Because you don’t want to campaign twice?

Because you would rather let those being recalled further destroy our rights and make unreasonable demands since

you just know they can’t do that much more damage in another 11 months in office? The demand for a new water

agency demonstrates the necessity to take action now.

I think it is as funny as all get out that the opposition is sooo worried about the derelicts they support. Their

demands and statements show just how ignorant they are of the law as well as how recall campaigns are conducted.

When you have the dumber than a stone former mayor Mary Ann Courville as your lead information supplier, it is to

be expected. Between her and the sandbox chimp, it is a neck and neck race for the bottom rung on the intelligence


Let me clue you in just slightly. It is not public information who has signed any of the petitions nor can it be

disclosed by law. What the city attorney did by attaching copies of the initiatives with signatures and addresses to

its pleading before the court was illegal. The city clerk had no business releasing this information to the attorneys

without court direction. I can only assume the city clerk relied on advice from this same city attorney. It seems that

bad advice or incorrect advice or unconstitutional advice is all we receive. So much for the replacement of Meyers

Nave as city attorney being a success to crow about from all angles.

It is also not illegal or underhanded in any way to use paid signature gatherers. To contend otherwise is to be at best

unobservant and at worst another blatant confirmation of your ignorance. I suggest you check with the Fair Political

Practices Commission before making allegations that reporting laws are being violated. As this is not technically a

“campaign”, as it is a signature gathering effort, it is a gray area best illuminated by the experts with case law rather

than speculators who concentrate on nit picking rather than how bad those are whom they support.

I leave it to you, Mary Ann, to tell us all what accomplishments this regime has performed. Considering how little

your term in office of twelve years resulted in anything positive for the community, it should be relatively easy to

surpass any and all considerations. I would suggest you not bring up the sewer treatment plant as it is becoming

clear that this is going to be a black hole where the citizens will have to continue to pour in money until new

productive technology is considered.

Another one of the liars supporting those who need to be recalled, not so lovingly called Herb Double Cross by his

fellow Davis real estate buddies, had the gall to put out a letter about three weeks ago claiming that the “activated

sludge project” was approved in some shape or form by the waste water committee which he chaired. The truth of

the matter is the committee voted not to endorse this technology, newer and more technologically advanced

solutions were hidden from the committee by the consultant who stood to profit by $3 million from this project, and

that the committee was dissolved because my return to my previous position on this committee would have forced

science to be considered over political back scratching.

I was told this letter was in the Tribune this last week. It was not. The IV received it but refused to print it because

it was propaganda rather than factual. I have to continue to ask you, when are you going to wake up and understand

those who have run this town and those who now run this town continually lie to you just to get their way or to

futther advance themselves despite the truth that their faux accomplishments are minuscule?

How many of us really care that First Northern Bank remains the city’s bank? That is one of their supposed

accomplishments. A bank which hadn’t entered the 21st Century was removed and one which provided many

services beyond the traditional was put in its place. The rancid cronyism of the beautiful people in our community

took several terms of city treasurers but First Northern was restored. Yet those treasurers couldn’t give specifics of

why they did what they did. Now we have Dane Besneatte occupying this once again figure head position for the

simple reason he is a Chamber member and one of the bad old boy network albeit a barely accepted or tolerated one

because “he doesn’t fit their image of professionalism”. Whatever …

There is a month left to gather the needed signatures. I suggest calling Dave Scholl at 678-8917 to schedule an

appointment to sign. You have had two months to take care of this. I hate to say this but taking 5 minutes of your

time to save your city seems like a better deed than worrying about Thanksgiving and Christmas. Your priorities are

screwed up.

And after all, you won’t be able to indulge in these events much longer as you will be too busy praying on your rug

to the East every six hours …

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