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By Reform California – May 3, 2023

As if we don’t pay enough taxes as it is…

If you want to block 7 big tax hikes, then be sure to vote YES to pass the California Taxpayer Protection Initiative (CTPI)  in 2024. This initiative immediately blocks at least 7 costly and unfair tax hikes that state politicians are trying to impose.

1. Mileage Tax: Politicians are already imposing a 6-cents per mile tax costing an average of $900 per car per year!

2. Healthcare Tax: Politicians propose to double California state taxes to fund government-run healthcare – costing average of $16k per household per year!

3. Exit Tax: Politicians want a new tax for up to 10 years on residents who move out of California!

4. Savings Tax: 
Politicians want a new tax on your personal savings and investments!

5. Gas Tax: The law passed last week imposing a new tax on oil companies would be invalidated!

6. Utility Taxes: The crazy proposal to charge you higher utility rates if you earn “too much” will be blocked. In addition, the $4.5 billion in hidden state taxes on utility bills have to be voted on – or eliminate!

7. Local Tax Hikes: Any local sales or property tax hike adopted after January 2022 would be invalidated for not complying with the provisions of the CTPI.

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