Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

By Guest Columnist – Michael Ceremello –

Once again the bait has been put out by those in the swamp including the mainstream media.  It appears that having Trump being able to pick a second Supreme Court nominee and Trump standing up for the United States on many levels is just too much for the regressive mind to handle.  Don’t listen to the words.  Understand why they are saying them.

Rather than reiterating talking points of the Right or examining the claims of the regressive robots, I would prefer to discuss facts and conjecture on what is occurring.  Who is the puppetmaster and does Trump know what he is doing?

We have all heard about the remark Barack Obummer made to a high ranking Russian official just prior to 2012 about “wait until after the election and I will be able to do more”.  I hear the question, but why would Democrats want war with Russia?  The answer, at least to me, is quite obvious.

The military industrial complex which includes those in the swamp has a lot to lose if America isn’t engaged in conflict.  These people can make money as Trump rebuilds a military eroded by the Bushes and to a much larger extent Clinton and Obama.  They make a lot more replacing munitions used in meaningless conflicts or those egged on by twits such as John McCain.

The bottom line on all of the nattering is the same as it has been all along.  The political aristocracy of the elites, including pseudo-intellectuals such as George Will, hate the fact that an outsider has gained access to an entire branch of government and is smart enough to not only call them on their insurrection but to find ways to combat it.

It is especially instructive to observe Trump’s latest trip and the logic of the Left in opposing his Supreme Court nominee which is now old news given the distraction and potential for a multi-faceted attack against anything Trump says or does in the execution of the duties of his office.  Again, Trump could walk on water and the haters will report it just proves Trump can’t swim.

Of all the talk show hosts, only Mark Levin has correctly analyzed who all of us should want as the next Supreme Court justice or anyone in that position.  We don’t want a Democrat, we don’t need a Republican, we need a constitutionalist.  This has become a battle over ideology.

Progressives, who believe in the totalitarianism as exhibited in a large centralized government, statism as Levin defines it, want to change the Constitution from the bench rather than going through the arduous amendment process.  An originalist examines the Constitution through the eyes and words of those who wrote it and attempts to preserve or conserve that intent based on American law.

The argument, again from the Left typified by Chuck Schumer, is that the court needs to be balanced between these two ideologies.  No.  The Supreme Court needs to make rulings based on its original intent coupled with any changes made through the amendment process.  The law is the law.  If you don’t like it, change it, as I was taught in high school.

The reason this is unacceptable to the Left is that it interferes with their coup against the American people.  A real Supreme Court would be using the 10th Amendment and forcing issues back to the individual States rather than taking choice from the majority of the People by edict.

One last comment for those who refuse to reach across the aisle in bipartisanship, you don’t have the votes to stop the nomination.  Opposing it because it is too close to a midterm election, then comparing it to what the Senate did approaching a presidential election does not hold water as it is apples to oranges.  The first is in hope for a change at the Senate level and the latter was due to prevent a lame duck Marxist Muslim from destroying the Court as he did the military and country.  The commonality is that the Senate is in control of both situations and the Left isn’t.

On to Trump’s latest excursion overseas, where we have the media in fits about everything from Russia collusion to how Trump handles himself as our top official.  The media just about wet its pants when Republicans joined in on the criticism.  The only problem is those Republicans aren’t really Republicans and certainly not conservative.  Perhaps more to the point, they aren’t interested in any of us and what we think other than to maintain their control on power.

John McCain, Jeff Flake, and Bob Corker have criticized the President inanely in the past.  Considering that all will be gone from the national scene relatively quickly, I do not care what they “think”.  Former CIA Director John O. Brennan is a different story and exposes the ungoing intent of those on the hard Left: “Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to [and] exceeds the threshold of “high crimes [and] misdemeanors,” he said in a tweet. “It was nothing short of treasonous.”  The reference is directly to what is or are impeachable offenses.

So let me see if I am getting this right.  No president has had the nerve to tell the members of NATO they aren’t paying their fair share and, as with our trade agreements, the US and its people get to take the short end while paying the most?  In England, he talked about the British exit from the EU (BREXIT) and gave his point of view about not following his advice.  Both England and Germany are under assault from within due to their liberal immigration policy and ensuing Muslim invasion.

Finally, was the meeting with Vladimir Putin.  So I suppose Trump should have attacked Putin according to your outrage that Trump was too amiable?  Obviously, the media is living in la la land.  Anyone with an ounce of business acumen knows that an initial meeting is to break the ice, not someone’s head or spirit.  Do you see any similarities to the talk with Putin and that with Kim Jong Un of North Korea?

The supposed political professionals have achieved nothing over the past 50 years.  Along comes a guy from outside of the political arena and he wins the highest office in the US with no political experience.  He goes into office and starts changing the way things are done.  And you think the entrenched bureaucrats aren’t going to rebel or at least try to?

The latest dust up was about Russia hacking our election, meddling with the election, and what the deep state CIA or intelligence community had to say about it.  What has not been said or asked is just exactly what your definition of “meddling” is.

What is behind all of this is “sour grapes” and poor Hillary, who should be behind bars.  Meddling is not going onto Facebook and posting information designed to inflame opposing sides.  If you are making decisions on how you are going to vote based on political blogs, something is wrong with you.  Misinformation?  Tell me what candidate or political proponent gives you all the information and all aspects in their campaign literature.  Outright lies happen all the time.

Even after all of the accusations and statements, where is the proof?  So Mueller indicts a number of Russians.  Where is the connection to Trump?  If they had it, it would be public.  Nothing here, time to move on.

I will give you one last good one to think about.  Speaking to a friend about all of this, he told me he was involved with computer hacking in the past for a governmental agency.  It seems that unless you are online when the hacking is occurring, the source can be disguised. So did the Russians really do it or was it made to look like they did?

My friend’s conspiracy theory is that George Soros financed hacking to make it look like Russians were involved.  You hire people either inside of Russia or import them in to do their work.  A skilled hacker can change IP addresses or run a series of addresses to point at their desired target.

Again I point to Julian Assange of Wikileaks saying his source was not the Russians and he had received documentation in the US from an unidentified source.  I was told the parents of DNC employee Seth Rich doesn’t want Hannity to continue talking about how Rich was murdered and for what reason.  So what is the truth?

The truth is we, the People, are never suppose to be told the truth.  We are to be distracted.  Keep giving us Stormy Daniels.  Ignore the fact that conservative progress is being made.  Taxes are down, employment is up.  Dictators and tyrants are being mollified and the world is safer for it.  Government is being run like a business, a successful one at that.  Do you feel a funny feeling?

That is freedom, liberty, and the American way … oh my …

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  1. I don’t understand a single point trying to be mad. This is a slanderous editorial full of name calling. There’s nothing of fact in this hateful left-hating blog you wrote.

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