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by Linda Sutter – May 24, 2021

Since 2007 there have been stories on our news stations and New York Times Newspapers alerting the American people of the Cyber War activity occurring nationally and internationally. The issue is these reports didn’t occur all at once but at different times which didn’t seem so threatening.

In the Documentary called, “THE PERFECT WEAPON,” The national incidences were placed all together which I personally found to be alarming. If there were ever any doubt regarding the interference of our elections, covid, and other issues facing America, this documentary spells it all out. Our Country is in trouble and our Country started it all.With that said, I would like to give you enough information for you to seek this documentary out on HBO. If you have a fire stick, tell the fire stick what you want to watch and it will pull up. The last part of the documentary regarding covid I will not speak to because you need to see this for yourself.

In 2007, General James Cartwright and General Keith Alexander came to President Bush over concerns of the Iranian nuclear system with weapons of mass destruction. The General’s stated, “we have another way and have designed a code with a joint Israeli and American Cyber team to get into the Iranian Nuclear System. The programs that were designed were able to get a code into the Iranian main centrifuges for nuclear enrichment.” Until then no one had used cyber as an offensive weapon.

There had been hackers who had managed to attack the State department, “New York Times, July 12, 2008.”And another article called, “Spy on each other, China is suspected of hacking into a Navy site.” Dec. 2006, New York Times.

But it wasn’t until 2008, When President Obama had the traditional meeting with his predecessor George Bush, who told Obama there were 2 programs he had to make sure he had to preserve. One of them was the Drone Program and the second was Olympic ginks, the program against Iran which had destroyed their Centrifuges for weapons of mass destruction. In 2012 that all changed. In July 1, 2012 New York Times Journalist, David Sanger writes an article; “Obama orders to Speed up Cyber Attacks Against Iran.”

During his first months in office, President Obama secretly ordered increasingly sophisticated attacks on the Computer Systems that run Iran’s Nuclear enrichment facilities. The code STUXNET was used to attack the Iranian Nuclear facility. This was the first knowledge of the United States government developing Cyber Weapons and has never admitted using them.


STUXNET would be the World’s first digital weapon. By July 2014 the STUXNET worm had made International Headlines. With this kind of information you can shut down airports, electrical grids, and most recently, the gas pipeline on the east coast.

Once the Iranians found out about this, they begin to lash out against the United States.

Sheldon Adelson, Casino Owner throughout the USA and world wide. He has Casinos in China, Singapore and throughout the United States with 2 major casinos in Las Vegas. In fact Adelson was a major contributor in election campaigns and stated he would spend 100 million to assure that Obama was not elected for a second term. Adelson was asked how he would handle the Iran situation where he stated he would bomb them in the desert to send a message. A video of his interview made it to Iran. What do you think happened next?

Iran wanted to send a message and they wanted to make it hurt. Iran decided to attack Adelson’s Casinos via IT structure. In December 2013 Tehran Iran hackers started looking for a hole in the IT structure. Hackers found a hole at the Sands Bethlehem Casino in Pennsylvania owned by Adelson. By Feb. 2014 Iran was able to destroy casino computers with a message appearing, “Don’t let your tongue slit your throat.” The Cyber Attack had begun and cost Adelson Casinos $40 million dollars.

Another case of Cyber attack came about as another international incident when the movie called, “The Interview” was to be released on Christmas Day 2014. This movie was about assassinating Kim Jung Un North Korea’s Dictator.

Keep in mind North Korea is a poor country but it takes no money at all to set up a hack job. The North Koreans were able to hack Sony Picture Systems in Nov. 2014. 70% of all emails were hacked and given to wiki leaks. Hackers threatened anyone who went to the theater on December 25, 2014 so the film was released through GOOGle.After the Sony Hack North Korea’s internet went down. No one talked about how that was done or who done it.


Democratic National Convention was the next target of Cyber attacks by Moscow Russia who was able to infiltrate and accumulated thousands of files of Democrat Hillary Clinton. On the eve of the Democratic convention adopted all the emails. This caused a stir up between Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton. It was later determined that doubt could be placed on the legitimacy of the outcome of any election.


Midterms Russia is clear about getting the American People to distrust elections.

In March 2020 the pandemic was created. This is where my story stops. I urge you to review this documentary. We are at war. It is digital and as a small community, we are not invincible. Our Electric grids can be affected. Our water can be cut off, our county could be held for ransom and no one here is talking about what we are going to do WHEN this happens.

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