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By Donna Westfall – June 23, 2017 – Let’s look at an item on the consent agenda for the upcoming BOS meeting.

Agenda Item #11:   Approve and authorize the Chair to sign the Agreement with Van Scoyoc Associates for Federal Government Advocacy Services as requested by the County Administrative Officer.**  $60,000/year.

Whoa Nellie!  When you read the documentation to back up the discussion to take place Tuesday, there are a few things to point out:

1.)  What has VanScoyoc done for our County since their contract began?

2.) Where is the print out on issues they’ve tackled and actions or money that has come our way in the last decade or however long the County has been contracting with them?

3.) Does our BOS ever think about going out for a competitive bid to see if another agency would do the work for 1/2 the price or 1/3 of the price?  $60,000 isn’t small potatoes.

4.)  Where is the cost analysis showing why their contract should be re-newed?  In other words how much have we paid out over time since contracting with them and how much have we gotten back from their lobbying efforts?

5.)  Why doesn’t the BOS counter their $60,000 with a lower price?

On the other hand, if they are really intent on helping us with Last Chance Grade, it’s probably not wise to change horses mid-stream.



3 thoughts on “Upcoming Board of Supervisors Meeting June 27, 2017”
  1. Yes Greg Burns comes to Crescent City within days after our Supervisors visit to Washington Dc …Burns Hand was extended as he said a whole lot of words with absolutely no meaning then smoke coming out his nose and ears…

    Of course those who were so easily impressed and felt this guy walked on water was none other than Lori Cowan, King Howard, and Humpty Dumpty Hemmingsen..
    In fact they look forward to spending more tax payers money on anything that has no value….why???/BECAUSE THEY CAN….

    By the time then next election comes around Del Norte will be so broke they won’t be able to afford an election…Those aforementioned supervisors enjoy living on a Champagne diet with a water budget…

  2. WTF agrees with your assessment of the lobby firm, Donna. In my narrow world, we have plenty of elected officials at the local, State, and Federal levels that should be doing their jobs to propose legislation or secure funding. All lobbyists do is offer Hawaii trips to electeds or give out free meals and beverages to decision-makers (which taxpayers pay for). Complete waste.
    WTF agrees that Last Chance Grade is important, but what can be done, is being done. The geotechnical/environmental studies are underway. The good witch of the west is not going to wave her magic wand and give us a new bypass……certainly a lobbyist is not going to make that happen for us.

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