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By Roger Gitlin – April 19, 2021 – EYE ON DEL NORTE

EYE ON DEL NORTE reports some progress has been made re: closed restrooms at the Crescent City Harbor.

The closed restrooms on the south end of the Harbor near the boat ramp will now re-open.

The restrooms and laundry facilities on the north end of the Harbor at B and E docks are open and will remain open.

The other two restrooms will remain closed.

Pictured below is Harbor Commission president Brian Stone. His cell # is (707) 501-7419. Call or text Commissioner Stone and tell him the community expects ALL Harbor restrooms to be open and properly maintained. It is important for the Harbor Commissioners to allocate appropriate funding during our busy visitor season which has already begun.

Many of you recall the Board of Supervisors raised the Transfer Occupancy Tax on a 4-1 vote (Gitlin dissented) from 8% to 10%, with the new taxes being exclusively dedicated to Harbor operations.

The additional revenue should absolutely be directed to appropriate maintenance of all facilities, irrespective of Covid 19.

The Harbor Commission meets tomorrow (Tuesday 4/20) at 2pm. The closed restrooms item is NOT on the Agenda for discussion. Perhaps commissioners need to be reminded about hygiene and health priorities.

The other commissioners are:

Harry Adams

Rick Shepherd and

Wes White.

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