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One of the reasons we started an on-line newspaper is because not all the news printed by our local Del Norte Triplicate is 1.) accurate, or 2.) fair or 3.) unbiased.  Our philosophy is to report the news as accurately, honestly and fair as possible.  Here then are a few things to bring you up to date.

Let’s try to stick to the facts:

Jon Alexander is on probation by the State Bar until May 2013 for legal or ethical lapses.

The seven charges currently before the State Bar, which involves charges that he failed to disclose financial conflicts of interest, violated a defendant’s constitutional rights and engaged in “acts involving moral turpitude, dishonesty or corruption,” could result in his disbarment and loss of his job.  A  recent Triplicate article Saturday, December 1st by the Triplicate states that Ms. Taylor refuses to testify unless granted immunity.  Why then has the Triplicate spent so much effort on raising this topic?  Is it to collect sympathy for Jon Alexander and his plight?  What about equal justice for all?  Is that being achieved by our DA?

New charges filed against our DA with the State Bar by Del Norte private detective Barry Brown involve his grandchildren.  For further information, I refer you to the Sacramento Bee article written by Charles Piller dated November 12, 2012. If Jon is not disbarred on the current charges, these charges will be next in line.



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