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By Jon Coupal – June 23, 2023

Congratulations, you did it! HJTA members called and ACA 11 was pulled from the agenda for Monday’s committee hearing

We’re pleased to tell you that we were notified Friday afternoon that ACA 11, the proposed constitutional amendment that aims to kill off California’s elected tax board and put unelected bureaucrats in charge of property tax administration, has been pulled off the agenda of Monday’s hearing in the Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee.

You did it. HJTA members rang the phones in the Capitol and your representatives listened. Your voice makes a difference in Sacramento. Thank you!

We’re still watching closely, of course. ACA 11 could be revived at any time. But you have sent a strong message that taxpayers are paying attention to this issue — and that we strongly oppose any plan to abolish our elected tax board.

Thank you for your effort, and thank you for your support of your Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. We greatly appreciate you!


Jon Coupal

P.S. The Board of Equalization has many resources to help taxpayers, including a Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate Office. You can learn more about the Board of Equalization at Thank you for your help to save our elected tax board!

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