Sun. May 26th, 2024

Credit to NYSCOF

In the face of intense and well-funded fluoridationists
Bennington (Vermont) votes ‘no’ on fluoride
Bennington Town Clerk Cassandra Barbeau reported Tuesday’s balloting results as 1,539 against the measure and 1,117 in favor. This is at least the fifth time Bennington residents have voted down fluoridation since the 1960’s.  The Selectmen will now make the final decision at an upcoming meeting, and are expected to honor the vote.  According to news reports, the only local official who publicly supported fluoridation lost the election as well on Tuesday.  Local opposition was organized as soon as the proposal was considered.  Bennington Citizens Against Fluoridated Water, along with a number of area residents, led the efforts that included Letter-to-editor campaigns and acommunity forum.


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