Thu. May 23rd, 2024
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 I am enlisting your help to be another set of eyes for Del Norte County in this war on blight. Noted below is a letter from a constituent who has made me aware there are those in our community who will boldly flaunt and display their blatant disrespect for Del Norte County by fouling it the point of disgust. They will lose!
I removed the citizen’s exact name, address, and phone number for purposes of anonymity.  Here’s their information:
There are a bunch of people camping along the creek and in the woods behind the Del Norte Community Clinic. They are depositing a lot of trash between Washington Blvd. to Shelter Cove St.      Also the previous campers at the lot where signs were erected by Wal Mart are taking it as a challenge that the County can not stop them from being there.    
I am asking you to be vigilant in reporting to me when you see blight in our community. This is  not a Democrat issue. This is not a Republican issue. It’s a HUMAN issue.
My office and cell phone are listed below.
Please get involved and Take a Bite out of Blight. We all live here. let’s clean it up.
Roger Gitlin,Supervisor District I

County of Del Norte
981 H St. Flynn Center
Crescent City, CA. 95531


  1. Thank you Supervisor Gitlin for using your truck yesterday to help me move a sofa from J Street to the dump, proving you have the courage of your convictions. Take a Bite out of Blight!

  2. Report blight and codes violations to the city and county codes dept. — I do it by e-mail because it creates a permanent record, but the process is slow due to jurisprudence. Our codes enforcement officers have a full plate, so don’t blame them for the negligence of property owners. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    City: Eric Taylor, 464-9506,

    County: Dominic Mello, 464-7254,

    Mr. Mello took the place of recently retired county codes officer Dave Mason, and is a former CCPD police officer.

  3. Sick and tired of a neighbor down the road with old parts etc. In his yard. I worry about water contamination from engine blocks…and him possibly using his home as a business for a junk yard. Saw yesterday he put small gravel and made half of his yard a parking lot. Is that even legal???? I can post a pic or two…let me know. I am sooooo irritated.

  4. The countess illegally drifty campers or land phrasing invaders

    It has been brought up to the county supervisors and the community attentions who habitually wants’ to know where the cluttered blighted properties are in Del Norte County. Although, this is a good idea, but remember; don’t put yourself in vulnerability or others around you, how to go about exactly what see or what you might know about the place and person(s). Good examples of reporting are, give a telephone call to the blight office and echo what you perceive, or what you are experiencing originated close from. Likewise, stating their out in the field or by you, and they are illegally campout, or they are harassing you in person, or they are sending out someone to hassle you about why you are sending out the county justice department about their trespassing or illegal couching. Please contact the P.D. or sheriff’s departments right away, and ask for assistant. Also positively, they are stating, they have the right to be there, and more off the sequences of druggy, the illegal campers are using bully tactics to get rid of you, so they can go about living there without the permission from the land owners knowing about it.
    Most of the time, the vigorous garbage’s dumper(s) who is dumping off their trash and rubbish should not be there on the land for any reasons. Consequently, just got worse overtime and they don’t want anyone knowing about it for the time being. Although, it does seem to be a challenge to locate them once they have been noticed by the community just passing by, or the home owner(s) next to the land has the right to complain about the chaotic areas, leaving the county and community solitary with their life styles alone. As a final thought, communication is important what you see or what you know could help the county blight office due their job better, and by doing so, it helps keep the public lands cleaned, and next time if someone or anyone who wants to campout without the permission from the owner(s) they have to state it in writing or they should be aware about why they are out in the boom docks land in the first place. Be questioning and precautions, with and ideas, just because you did give them the right to be there, you didn’t give them the rights to your land rights even though, you can be liable for damages, fines, court process, or lose the ownership of the land and even jailed. Evidently positioning your-self in jeopardy, or being noticed by illegal etiquettes. Off course, if you want to join our county take a bite out of blight program team, call, Mr. Gitlin at 707-951-6361 ask for assistant or anything you can do to help out. P.S. The community will be seeking answers, and backing you up when all avenues have failed. Don’t fear someone is out to get you on the land, just protect yourself and your land rights by letting the blight office or justice department take care of it in a course of law.

  5. It a known fact that that camping by Walmart and behind the clinic as been going on for a long time! So has the camping around Safeway. Winter is coming so these people will be really living badly and one women died from exposure I heard. We have NO shelter for people to sleep in here in Crescent City and to help them out. Untill we address the homeless here there will NO change in the camping and blight cause from it!

  6. There’s an aspect to this blight issue I would also liked to see get addressed, and that’s overgrown and weed filled yards of abandoned houses. On our street there are several where the out-of-town landlords have left their rentals empty and are not maintaining the yards. Across the street from me there are three such properties. One is recently empty so it hasn’t had time to overgrow, yet, but since it is now bank-owned I’m sure it won’t be long before it looks as shabby as the two empty houses that flank it. Isn’t there a blight ordinance for the city? Who is in charge of policing the neighborhoods and fining these offenders? One house in particular had some lazy renters before it became empty and the yard is a jungle! The houses’ owner should be contacted and made to pay for this clean-up as well as be fined. It’s so easy for these out-of-town landlords to neglect their responsibility, especially if there are no consequences! Property values on the entire street go down because of a few bad apples.

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