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By Roger Gitlin – May 6, 2021

Alas, the bathrooms at Whaler’s Island / boat ramps are now Open, Covid signs removed.

It is unfortunate EYE ON DEL NORTE has to continually remind the Harbor District to clean up feces and urine deposits outside the closed restroom at the boat ramps but as of 4pm, Sunday, the human waste, now degraded has NOT been removed.

The present condition of the Harbor is shabby and unkempt, ruts and potholes proliferate on Anchor Way. Weeds flourish everywhere. The Crescent City Harbor is poorly maintained. If the complaints for not taking care of our Harbor are money related, please explain to me how the 2% increase (20% in dollars) of the now 10% Transient Occupancy Tax our visitors pay when visitors stay in motels and vacation rentals, has been allocated.

The total County funds allocated to the Harbor was $77,000. EYE ON DEL NORTE will continue to monitor Harbor operations until improvements have been implemented and sustained. Please call or text Harbor District President Brian Stone at 707-464-6174 and share your opinions about our the Crescent City Harbor.

Comment on Facebook by one member of the public, Linda Sutter: “Harbor has much bigger issues then shit on the sidewalk. They all need to be recalled!!! Missing funds? Financial audits not done for 3 years? Can’t refi their 5 million dollar loan? And how about a convicted felon as a harbor master? Not to mention they do not record their zoom meetings. They censor and strike public comments civil right violations and violated the Brown Act by discussing what was said during public comment and voting on it. RECALL”

Another comment on Facebook by Leslie Barnes: “Thankyou, Roger, for checking out the Harbor … has anyone been up to Brookings lately ? Well I have and it is so inviting to spend time there … when our friends come from out of town we always take them to Brookings to eat and visit the shops … it’s always inviting and clean … these people that work at CC Harbor need to open up their eyes and get a GRIP about why our harbor is so uninviting. Too bad…so SAD!”

And finally a comment on Facebook from a previous Harbor Commission, Ron Phillips, “When I was on the board we had 8 (I think could have been more) employees, a large electric bill, plus other operating costs. You would have to go to a harbor meeting to find out what they spend the money on now a days.”

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