Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

By Donna Westfall

The Crescent City-Del Norte County Taxpayers Association received a letter from District Attorney, Dale Trigg, in response to their August 17th letter requesting a criminal investigation of former Del Norte County Detective Bob Barber.

His response was that since he was previously Mr. Egan’s lawyer in the matter, he would “,…have an obvious conflict of interest that would preclude me or anyone in my office from handling any related legal matter. ”

“Any such request would have to be made directly to the Attorney General or federal authorities.”

The Taxpayers Association has notified the Attorney General’s office to expect a 30 page packet this coming week.


2 thoughts on “UPDATE: Tax Ass’n Asks DA to Investigate Former Detective Bob Barber”
  1. If the DA’s office has a conflict, is it not their obligation to forward the complaint to the Attorney General’s office? Just wondering.

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