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By Carol Goodwin Blick – February 19, 2024

Friends, just below, find FAN Executive Director Stuart Cooper’s update
on what we can expect during final statements tomorrow, as well as some
bad news. Carol / Clean Water Sonoma-Marin

Closing statements from attorneys will take place on the final day of
the TSCA/EPA Lawsuit this Tuesday, February 20th at 9:30 a.m. Pacific
(12:30 Eastern).

The judge has had time to watch deposition videos, look over evidence,
and prepare a series of questions for attorneys.

Both the plaintiffs (FAN) and the defendants (EPA) have approximately 40
minutes each for their remarks, though last week the judge said that he
would like most of that time to be used to answer his questions,
favoring a dialogue rather than presentations.

Our legal team has also advised us that Tuesday’s proceedings will
likely be very technical and focused on science and risk assessment.

The hearing will be streamed live for the public on Zoom:

Watch the Live Stream on Zoom

Webinar ID: 161 991 1861
Password: 912881

Join by Phone Phone: (669) 254-5252 or (646) 828-7666
International numbers:

Trial Recording
Unfortunately, we have some bad news. We’ve just learned that the court
changed its position on using the Cameras in the Courtroom program to
record the second phase of the trial and post it publicly on their
website. As of right now, the court no longer intends to share the
recordings with the public. While we don’t know the exact reason for
this ruling, I assume it was because the proceedings were live streamed
on Zoom. The recording was originally suggested as an alternative to the
live stream if that was not permitted by the federal court system, not
in addition to it. Our legal team plans to discuss this situation with
the judge on Tuesday as well.

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