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Credit to Sen. Lindsey Graham – April 7, 2017  –

Photo Credit Carolyn Kaster, Associated Press

With 55 Yea’s, and 45 Nay’s, Neil Gorsuch will become the 113th person to serve on the Supreme Court and is scheduled to be sworn in Monday.

This week the Democrats launched the first partisan filibuster against a Supreme Court nominee in American history.

Sen. Graham wrote, “In order for President Trump’s nominee to have the same right to a vote that President Obama’s nominees received, I voted in favor of changing the Senate’s internal rules – often referred to as the “nuclear option” – in order to allow Justice Gorsuch to have an up-or-down vote today. I am incredibly disappointed that the Democrats forced us to invoke the nuclear option, but I followed through on my promise to do whatever it took to get Justice Gorsuch confirmed.”

Gorsuch replaces former justice Antonin Scalia, whose sudden death in February 2016 sparked a year-long partisan fight.

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