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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – October 31, 2021

Most of people reading the title of this piece will assume it is about
California’s insistence on vaccinating all school age children by July
1, 2022 in order to attend public school. Actually the scope is much
broader.  As scientific evidence continues to pile up, it is becoming
more clear by the day that vaccination will not eradicate the SARS-2-COV
virus completely. Just like Influenza, it is a virus that must be
attended to as each person sees fit.  It has become evident that the
world will not end from exposure to it.  It is also evident that
vaccines will not eradicate it.

Several recent studies conducted in the United Kingdom have concluded
that the efficacy of vaccines is relatively short lived, perhaps as few
as three months before there is the risk of both transmitting the virus
and becoming infected by it.  Continual boosters do not appear to
produce long term protection and negative long term effects are still
unknown.   The good news is that only a small percentage of the
population will be troubled by the virus at any given time and very few
will suffer any serious or long term effects from having contracted the
virus.  Those with serious health conditions should be especially
vigilant as with any respiratory virus.  None of this news is exactly
new news.

Recent pronouncement over the effectiveness of California’s mask
mandates and vaccination rates as best in the nation, are false.
California holds the less than enviable record of recording the most
Covid cases and deaths by a substantial margin.  It is only by virtue of
mathematical slight of hand that California’s virtue signalers use cases
per 100,000 that California manages to come in slightly above average. 
Worldwide, researchers have known for sometime that masking and
distancing are essentially a wash with mask less, friend hugging and the
unvaccinated.  Granted vaccination provided an easier time having
contracted the virus, and led to less severe of the over all experience,
the transmission rate to others was indistinguishable between vaccinated
and their unvaccinated counterparts.  In fact, one of the two studies
concluded that vaccinated individuals were much more likely to transmit
the virus over the unvaccinated, even if the viral loading was identical.

While most media, the medical establishment, and government dictators
will be loathed to admit it, for the most part this should have been
protect the vulnerable and get on with life.  The damage caused by the
response over the last two years is incalculable and recovery will be
arduous.  The numbers reported over the course of this experience should
be viewed through the lens of skepticism.  There will be many more bits
and pieces to this experience that will not cover those responsible for
the hysteria with glory.  One only hopes that the response and vaccines
will not reveal catastrophe in years ahead.

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