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By Angry Old American

Copyright Angry Old American, November 11th, 2020

It is Veteran’s Day 2020, and many thanks to all of those who served the Republic of the United States, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. I also wish to apologize to each and every one of them on behalf of the American People for those betraying that Republic and our Constitution to domestic enemies without a fight. Many of our pampered civilians are an insult to all of those who have fought and died to keep our Country safe and free.

There presently is no President Elect for the 2020 elections. We will not have an officially elected President of the United States until all State elections are certified. Each State has their own deadline for certification of election results, with the last deadlines happening on December 8th of 2020. All votes for each party, and electoral college votes, are voided from any State that is unable to certify their election. That is the law under the Constitution of the United States. Like it or not, the results of this election are NOT determined by the six Media Moguls that control over 90% of all mainstream media, and the four Internet Monopolists that have a stranglehold on internet searches and social media. Only after the “official” legal election process is complete, can a person call themselves an Elected “Official.”

That is why Joe Biden is not receiving National Security briefings from Intelligence Officials, nor is he participating in the White House transition process. Joe Biden is NOT officially the President Elect.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is contacting the Heads of State in many Foreign Countries; this in violation of the Logan Act. Does anybody remember the false allegations, ballyhoo and legal actions against Michael Flynn and the Trump Administration regarding the Logan Act? Not to worry, the Media Moguls and Internet Monopolists have the situation covered. They have not simply reported the winner of the 2020 election; they have dictated the winner. They don’t need no stinking laws. It is the New American Way!

For those with a short memory, I ask that they look at recorded responses to questions during the first 2020 Presidential Debate. Joe Biden said he WOULD NOT declare himself President Elect prior to State votes being certified and vote by the Electoral College. Was this a lie, a fib, or a simple lapse of memory?

We live in a Democratic Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy. Democracies have always become a tyranny of the masses led by those who yell the loudest. Our mainstream media News Moguls and Internet Monopolists are yelling the loudest. They are now attempting to overthrow our Constitutional Republic and replace it with an Oligarchy dictated by the Rich. If successful, they will rob all of us of our rights. Once lost, we will only buy them back with blood, sweat and tears.

We are huddled, fat-dumb and happy in our homes this Veterans Day, allowing the wealthiest and most powerful Media Moguls and Internet Monopolists to dictate the results of our recent elections. We are in our homes because of Pandemic precautions. If we were “Peacefully Protesting” with BLM signs, pepper-spray, Molotov cocktails, and lasers to blind police, then all would be right-fine and dandy!

Why are we even considering this media driven Pandemic any longer? Now that the Democrat Congress has gotten their flawed and fraudulent mail-in ballot election for 2020, there is simply no reason to take the Coronavirus seriously any longer. It has served its purpose. Perhaps we still acknowledge the Pandemic in anticipation of a global vaccine to pad the pockets pharmaceutical companies.

Ever since the Chinese Communist Party released their biological weapon on the world, our mainstream media has panicked the entire country over the spread of Coronavirus cases. Yet, the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) recently released the chances of actually dying from the Coronavirus. Hold on to your seats folks and take a gander:

Lethality of the Coronavirus for persons 0-19 years of age is 0.00003%; or 1 in 30,000,000! Still schools in many States remain closed. These kids have better odds of a Shark Attack, which may not even result in death; 1 in 3,748,067!

The lethality of Coronavirus for persons 20-49 years of age is 0.0002%; or 1 in 2,000,000! Lethality for persons 50-69 years of age is 0.005%; or 1 in 500,000!

The Governors of many States shut-down and ruined their entire economies because of a biological weapon that now results in scant mortality. Many of their citizens have had businesses ruined and gone bankrupt because of this Pandemic.

In truth, if you are 20 to 69 years old, your chances of dying are better from:

Fireworks Discharge; 1 in 386,766.

Air Crash; 1 in 205, 552

Dog Attack; 1 in 120,864

Lightning Strike; 1 in 114,195

Lethality of the Coronavirus for persons over 70 years of age is 0.054%; or one in 54,000! This is the most vulnerable segment of our society. Should they be overly concerned?

If you are over 70 years old, you have a better chance of dying from:

Bicycle Accident; 1 in 4,717

Motorcycle Accident; 1 in 770

Walking the Streets; 1 in 649

Car Crash; 1 in 303

Suicide; 1 in 86

Then, if we look at the mortality from Coronavirus compared to other diseases, the likelihood of death is:

Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease; 1 in 27

All Preventable Diseases 1 in 25

Cancer; 1 in 7

Heart Disease; 1 in 6

What are we doing? I could understand the Pandemic measures in the beginning; back when we had little research or statistics to work from. I supported these measures when the disease first emerged. However, we now know the facts regarding this Pandemic. Treatment protocols and cures have been developed to handle this disease. The Pandemic’s lethality no longer merits such draconian responses.

Comedian George Carlin once argued the ridiculous screening measures at airports after 9/11. The chances of an air hijacking are 16 out of 400,000,000; and not all of those result in death. What-the-Hell! Why live in fear and such inconvenience? “Live a little!”

I can relate to the period in America that George Carlin spoke of. It was a time when kids were not surrounded by bubbles of protection. Many reading this article experienced the same upbringing.

At school, the 16 foot tall assembly of monkey-bars sat above concrete and asphalt. There were no caution signs and fences around pools; people either kept watch on their kids or they drowned. There were no expiration dates on food; we inspected for green, pink, white, or black mold, and took a sniff before taking a bite. No warnings on bottles or packages; we took our chances. There weren’t even warnings posted on packages of cigarettes. People smoked in restaurants, public buses and planes. We all learned that there was a difference between TV and Movies, as opposed to reality; because if you tried to do the same dumb stunts you saw on TV or at the Cinema you would die a grizzly death!

Education and intelligence meant something in the past. If we didn’t learn our lessons in school or by word of mouth, then we learned it by watching dumb-kids screw-up and die!

Despite our illogical farce of an election, we sit comfortably on our fat civilian asses, in front of our television sets and consider ourselves to be “Good Americans.” We did our part by voting, regardless of whether the votes around us were valid or not. “Suck it up America; we the owners of Mainstream Media have determined your future; do the right thing and concede!”

I have watched Marxists and Maoists dominate our Colleges and Universities for decades; and watched several generations of children indoctrinated in Identity Politics and Critical Race Theory. Meanwhile, fewer and fewer kids can read or write and add or subtract; much less give a valid answer to questions in history, geography, or civics. American kids rank low against all other First World Countries in everything except confidence. Confidence without practical ability; talk about a recipe for disaster.

I have seen the results of decades of television and Hollywood programming to condition the public to believe that dumb is not just acceptable; but preferable. Intelligent people are portrayed as geeks, dorks, misfits, and utterly un-Kool! We once had a culture that valued independence, hard work, education, loyalty, religion, family and basic human rights. All of that has been replaced with dependence, self-entitlement, baseless arrogance, hubris, pragmatism, nihilism, irresponsible unrestrained sexual promiscuity, and racism as a tool for economic redistribution and equality; where the rights of the few trump the rights of all.

We already looked at the new CDC Coronavirus fatality statistics. Let’s take a look no at another set of odds and statistics related to Veterans Day, and many of the Veterans that may, by the grace of God, still be alive today:

During daylight raids on Germany in World War II, 6,600 American Bomber Crew-members lost their lives every month; 220 per day on average. Very few finished their tour of combat, with only 6% ever completing their 25 required missions.

During the D-Day Invasion, Company A of the 117th Infantry Regiment suffered 96% casualties. In all, over 4,600 American lives were lost on the beaches of Normandy. Total American deaths in both Theaters during WWII amounted to 405,399, with 670,846 wounded.

Total losses during the Korean War were 36,516 dead and 92,134 wounded.

Vietnam saw over 58,209 killed in action, and 153,303 wounded.

The Gulf War saw 294 deaths and 849 wounded.

Afghanistan so far amounts to 2,216 American deaths and 20,050 wounded.

The Iraq War so far totaled 4,497 deaths and 32,222 wounded.

Since World War II, during and between these major conflicts, there have been American Soldiers killed and wounded either as Military Advisers, from terrorist attacks on Military Compounds, or while participating in United Nations Missions. They include:

Greek Civil War (1944-1949)

Chinese Civil War (1945-1950)

Berlin Blockade (1948-1949)

U.S.S.R Cold War (1947-1991)

China Cold War (1950-1972)

Lebanon Crises (1958)

Bay of Pigs Invasion (1961)

Cuban Missile Crises (1962)

Dominican Republic (1965-1966)

USS Liberty Incident (1967)

Iran (1980)

El Salvador Civil War (1980-1992)

Beirut Deployment (1982-1984)

Invasion of Grenada (1983)

Bombing of Libya (1986)

Invasion of Panama (1989)

Operation Provide Comfort (1991-1991)

Somalia (1992-1993)

Haiti (1994-1995)

Colombia (1994-Present)

Bosnia-Herzegovina (1995-2004)

Kosovo War (1998-1999)

Intervention against ISIS (2014)

Raid on Yemen (2017)

5.9 percent of the US population are Military Veterans, and 1.4 percent of the population are presently serving. We have all been conditioned to say “Thank you for your service to our Country;” this because the TV tells us to do so. These Television talking heads are simply reading their teleprompters and for the most part don’t care one bit for those who have served. Do we? Really?!

If you oppose the exercise of free speech and instead support Cancel Culture, oppose freedom of religion, the right to bear arms, protections from unreasonable search and seizure, or the other rights and protections under the Bill of Rights, then you should remain mute. These are the rights and freedoms that our Veterans fought and died for.

This is no time to straddle fence. I doubt that many Veterans served simply for a flag, patriotic songs, fireworks, parades, bar-b-que picnics and beer. You can find these things in every totalitarian country throughout the world; in fact, participation in these festivities are mandatory in most dictatorships. You can damn-well bet that our Military Veterans did not serve for the likes of Comcast, Disney, AT&T, Google, Facebook, or Twitter! Most veterans gave an oath to protect and defend the Republic of the United States and its Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. That Constitution is what gives us our freedom as measured by the liberties guaranteed and exercised through the Bill of Rights. That is the foundation of their service, and that is why they are honored.

If you really feel gratitude to your Veterans, then honor your Constitution and protect the rights of all. You are not being asked to mob the streets with public unrest; rioting, looting, burning and challenging the laws as those on the Radical Left have done. Simply change your routine behavior. Show the mainstream media that you take a stand for the Constitution and the rule of law. Write to the advertisers who support News Programs on ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, and NBC; let them know you resent the message they support and will no longer buy their products. You are not facing bullets or roadside bombs. You are not facing the deprivations of long tours of duty in foreign lands. Because these Media moguls control every channel on TV, you could cancel your television service. That, or shift your viewing habits to NTD News, Newsmax, Sky News or other platforms not owned by the Moguls. Cancel subscriptions to the Mainstream newspapers and periodicals. On the computer, use alternatives to Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter!

Average moral citizens have already made an impact on Netflix after they aired their “Cuties” kiddie-porn. Petty inconveniences and changes in media consumption behavior are nothing compared to combat!

These six Media Moguls and four Internet Monopolists may be richer than God for now; but they won’t be for long if enough of us fight back. We owe it to our Veterans and to ourselves to get off our asses and make a few simple changes.

We are also approaching the Christmas buying season. Perhaps it is time to abandon Amazon and the big box stores and give the small online stores a direct boost in sales. Much of what you buy from Amazon is marked-up to compensate for their cut from the Small Store’s action. Save money and support the many stores facing bankruptcy because of the Wuhan Flu Business Closures.

Veterans, you have already done your part; but we still need you. We need honest and dedicated representatives in public office. We need people who will not sell us our; or compromise themselves to our enemies. Please consider running for political office in 2022.

Happy Veterans Day!



Angry Old American


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