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By Kevin Kiley – February 13, 2024

In the words of Democrat Senator John Fetterman, Gavin Newsom is “running for President right now” but doesn’t have the “guts to announce it.” He is thereby avoiding the standard vetting process. So it’s up to us to make sure Americans know the truth.

This has become more urgent, as the report by Special Counsel Hur raises the chance Biden is not the Democrat nominee – with Newsom, by all accounts, the most likely replacement. I’ve posted an initial list of Newsom’s worst failures, which already has a million views.

As to Biden, I’ll have the chance to ask Special Counsel Hur for more details at a Judiciary hearing soon; as to Newsom, we’ll issue regular reminders of how he and the other possible Californian replacement, Kamala Harris, are ruining our great state.

Both Newsom and Harris, for instance, have stood by Prop. 47. Fortunately, our Citizen Petition to roll it back is getting closer to qualifying for the ballot. Please share with anyone who’d like to sign. (10,000 requested petitions are in the mail and will arrive by week’s end!)

Meanwhile, the House just impeached Alejandro Mayorkas. He’s the first Cabinet Secretary impeached in 150 years; it’s the first time we’ve ever had dereliction of this magnitude. At a hearing, I lit into Biden over the border and caught the Democrat witness in outright hypocrisy.

Alejandro Mayorkas

In another win, a Bay Area school terminated its $250,000 contract with “Woke Kindergarten” (the firm’s actual name), after we spoke out against this outrageous use of federal funds. The curriculum taught kids the “language of resistance,” referring to the “so-called United States.”

Finally, Biden’s CDC is urging COVID boosters for infants, just as it imposed a toddler mask mandate that Xavier Becerra was unable to defend when I questioned him. It’s the latest example of Newsom’s disastrous policies going national, even before Newsom himself.

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Kevin Kiley is a California Congressman

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