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Boebert Press – October 17, 2022
The National Archivist of the United States announced that due to congressional oversight from Congresswoman Boebert and others, National Personnel Records Center employees have finally quit teleworking and are back in the office, allowing veterans to receive their documents in a timely manner.

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert stated, “It is inexcusable that some of our veterans were unable to get medical treatment for more than a year and a half because Biden’s bureaucrats were sitting at home on the couch while the rest of America was working. It should shock no one that now that these public servants are back in the office, actual work is being done, the backlog is being significantly reduced, and our nation’s heroes are now getting the official records they need for benefits from a government agency in a timelier manner. While this is welcome news, it shouldn’t have taken multiple oversight efforts by Members of Congress to get federal employees back to work and to do their jobs. America’s veterans deserve better!”


Congresswoman Lauren Boebert sent two letters (available here and here) to the National Personnel Records Center requesting that it return to in-person work. Additionally, Congresswoman Boebert cosponsored the RECORDS Act to mandate that staff return to appropriate levels of in-person work to reduce unacceptable backlogs. The National Archivist of the United States responded to Congresswoman Boebert’s congressional oversight effort stating, “Since directing all staff to return for on-site work in March of this year, NPRC has reduced its overall backlog from 603,000 to 437,000 requests.”

Prior to Congresswoman Boebert’s oversight, some requests at the National Personnel Records Center took up to 18 months to fulfill. This unacceptable wait time was devastating for veterans who needed their personnel files in order to receive medical care, access the benefits they earned, or receive replacement medals they earned.

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s staff is available to help veterans resolve issues with the National Personnel Records Center or with the VA. To date, Congresswoman Boebert’s office has returned over $1,500,109 to constituents, many of whom were veterans needing assistance accessing the benefits they earned. Congresswoman Boebert’s office was able to help the family of a Korean War veteran who passed away. Due to issues at the National Personnel Records Center, the family was unable to prove his military service. As a result, the veteran did not receive the honor he was owed on his headstone. Congresswoman Boebert’s office worked with the National Personnel Records Center to get this veteran’s paperwork so that he could be honored properly.

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