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By Linda Sutter – January 19, 2024

Ladies and gentlemen, fellow residents of the 5th District, I am here to share with you my vision for the future of Del Norte County.

For the past 16 years, I have been deeply involved in the life of our community. I have lived, worked, and raised my family here, and I have attended most of the local government meetings during this time. Throughout these years, I have witnessed a lack of proactive economic planning and the neglect of critical infrastructure in our county.

It is unacceptable that for the last 12 years, not one board member has presented an economic plan to attract and retain businesses in Del Norte County. I firmly believe that we need to take action to revitalize our local economy. As your representative, I will propose a tax exemption for all new businesses for the first two years to encourage entrepreneurship and stimulate economic growth in our area.

Furthermore, our roads and streets are in dire need of repair. The state of our infrastructure is a reflection of the state of our community, and we cannot afford to let it deteriorate any further.

Moreover, the environmental issues in our county cannot be ignored. We have manmade landfills spewing into plain view, and it is disheartening to see that nothing is being done to address this. As your representative, I will advocate for environmental responsibility and seek sustainable solutions to these pressing issues.

Additionally, it is alarming to learn that 46% of our county relies on public assistance, and a portion of that includes county workers who are paid minimum wage rather than a viable living wage. This is simply unacceptable, and we must work to ensure that our community members are able to make a living wage, especially those who serve our county.

Moreover, the recent tax increases that were meant to support our essential services have burdened our residents. The current leadership’s thought process is not sustainable, and it is time for a change. As a community we need to see what we are paying for.

That’s why I am standing before you today, asking for your vote. I am committed to bringing about the change that our county so desperately needs. I am dedicated to implementing policies that will foster economic growth, improve our infrastructure, address environmental concerns, and ensure that our residents are supported and empowered.

Together, we can build a better future for Del Norte County. I humbly ask for your support and your vote, so that together, we can bring about the positive change that our county deserves. Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Vision for 5th District”
  1. Hello Linda,
    I’m sure you’re aware of the concerns regarding the Ruth Compound and the constant fires set to cars, Rv’s and the forest surrounding the area. The response from our first responders is to be highly commended. They save our town almost daily but, the risk of devastating fires to our community is monumental . What do you think you could do to help in clearing that property for the sake of preventing our town and properties burning from this vast homeless community. Is there a legitimate role involving the Board of Supervisors? I am very interested in voting for you and I like your vision for the community. You are a passionate, courageous citizen. So, what can we do about that dangerous compound?

  2. I would support cutting the county workforce, especially at the top.
    Other than legal mandates, why do we need city AND county services? Consolidate services, reduce workforce, remaining employees get a raise.
    Go get ‘em, Linda!

  3. Linda, where do you think all of this money you’re gonna give these county Employees are going to come from? This has got to come from only 38% Of the taxpayers. In your OWN words 38% is paying taxes in DEL Norte county. So where is the money going to come from This is a welfare county. You said that in you’re Statement. (62%. Need some kind of assistance. ) So where’s the buck gonna come from? You can promise all you want, but that’s not the reality. You can’t keep robbing from Peter to pay Paul. And you also can’t get blood from a turnip. The only way you can do this is cut back employees of the county. You should put your money with law enforcement that helps the districts out. When you have no law enforcement you have nothing .

  4. Linda thanks for breaking this down, I personally think our county workers should be making as much as a McDonald’s worker or more, the money from juvenile hall does any one know where the money is? Plus the money from BarO Ranch, if these people don’t know where our tax dollars are then who does?

  5. Linda you almost had my support and then you started giving county government raises. I don’t see taxpayers getting a lot of raises. The only raises that is needed is in Law enforcement. The rest of government should be cut back because they’re not helping the tax payers in all county Districts. Their pay raises doesn’t help in the way of roads or keeping the county districts safe and clean.

    1. Well let’s talk about that. Currently county workers are making minimum wage. In January minimum wage will go up to $16.00 per hour. The county will pay $16.40 per hour. $16.40 x 40 is $656.00 per week without taxes. $2,624.00 per month gross. Now you subtract 1/3 for insurance, federal and state taxes which is approximately $874.00. Which leaves you with $1,750.00 per month.

      Rent in Crescent city is approximately $1400.00 for a slum lord house. Water and sewer is approximately $95.00. Electricity is approximately $120.00. Telephone is $55.00 for a cheap plan. Adding those expenses up equals $1670.00. If you’re a single parent with two kids you need food, gas, maybe child care, and clothing. In essence, after paying rent and utilities you have $120.00 left over for the remainder of the month to purchase food.

      Minimum wage will be going up to $20.00 per hour for fast food places. And we all know what happens after that. Corporations are going to raise prices for goods.
      The County closed down juvenile hall and Bar O Ranch. The juvenile hall had a budget of $800,000 per year. I don’t know what the budget for Bar O ranch was. The question is where did those monies go? The County Auditor won’t answer my questions.

      The Measure R money is not getting spent on our roads and streets. Why? Health and Human services reported out stating 46% of the County was on some form of assistance and I was recently corrected that the actual number is 62%. This is astronomical.

      It demonstrates a society that has given up. I believe it’s time for some old fashion bootstrapping. It is time to pull ourselves out of this constant economic depression. How do we do that?
      First and foremost we need to clean the kitchen. Everybody in the community gets together after 4th of July to clean south Beach. We need to get together and clean up 5th District. The next accomplishment is to fix our ROADS. If you live on a gravel toad, county needs to fill those pot holes with gravel and grade those roads. All of them. Once our yards are cleaned up and roads are looking good we move towards offering tax exemptions for new businesses to move here. Living in a rural area as this replaces the stress of an inner city.

      We have all the makings of a successful county and city but you got to get rid of the tired ideas that do not work in order to regain our sense of pride.

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