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Submitted by Supervisor Roger Gitlin – August 20, 2019
A formidable project awaits you.
A privately owned lot off Washington Blvd, at the  South 101 Freeway on ramp has become severely blighted by transients.  Volunteers needed to bag litter and trash for staging and removal.
WHEN: Wednesday-Thursday, August 28-29, 8:30AM-12 Noon
WHERE:     101 Freeway South, Enter at broken fence. 
Park your vehicle in the adjacent open field parking lot, across the street from Wal-Mart.
Wear long pants, long shirt, closed end shoes.
Pickers, bags, bottled water provided.
Thanks for your help.
4 thoughts on “Volunteers needed for Take a Bite out of Blight project”
  1. I hope the project is adequately insured against all liabilities. Should a participant be injured or worse, the person could sue the County, the property owners, and Roger Gitlin himself for damages. Even the family of the injured person could feasibly sue as well.

    Just a word to the wise.

  2. I appreciate the take a bite out of blight program I really do. But, picking up other people’s shit, hypodermic needles, and other hazardous waste on a continuous basis resulting in more blighted areas is a never ending crime that never gets fixed. I think I posted an article or read one where one city paid homeless people to pick up these messes they create. It can’t be any worse of an idea than Sacramento paying gang bangers to stop gangbanging.. it gives homeless an incentive to keep our city and county clean and saves the volunteers from getting a disease from hazardous waste. Don’t worry county and city leaders I won’t ask to be paid for keeping my property clean and free from blight.

    1. Again I simply caution against exposing any persons to hazardous conditions as exist in blighted areas.

      If any person(s) should be injured or worse while involved in “cleanup” activities, those individuals and even their families could file suits against the County, City, Roger Gitlin, and anyone else who sponsored or promoted the event.

      Hope such liabilities are covered adequately by insurance policies. Even homeless people can file lawsuits and stand excellent chance of large settlements/awards.

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