Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

By Linda Sutter

What is more spellbinding than the t.v. series Charmed?

Gourmet Burgers served at the Voodoo Lounge in Brookings Harbor.

It has been probably twenty years since I have been to the VOODOO

LOUNGE over in Brookings Harbor, but WOW, what a complete

transformation. Outdoor patio’s offer pots of flowers, picnic tables and

twinkle lights for those warmer evenings where the inside offers fresh new paint and a quaint musical atmosphere.

So I decided to try the Bryan Burger. Oh My Gawd, a combination of Italian sausage, beef, smothered with blue cheese, and the special voodoo sauce, topped with lettuce, pickles, tomatoe, and onion. This burger is a manly man burger, I dare you to try and eat two of them. I managed to eat one, and was not hungry for the rest of the day and half of the following day.

In other words bring an appetite.

Once you have had the Voodoo Lounge burger, I doubt you will find another establishment to compare, as the food will definitely place a spell on you, leaving you wanting to return for the best burger on this coastline.

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