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By Branden Bieber – November 4, 202

I was never interested in politics, and always considered myself a moderate of just about everything.  Then my sons were deprived of attending public education for not wearing a mask, and Del Norte County published a health ordinance threatening imprisonment for an Unconstitutional mandate. 

Since November 2021, I have actively followed and participated in the D.N. County of Board of Supervisors (BOS) governance.  Although my participation has been personally frustrating, my grievances with County policies have been so alarming and I’ve been compelled to continue engaging in their failed leadership.

An independent thinker could look at any County BOS agenda over the last year and find controversial agenda items.  Unfortunately our elected official act without accountablility, oblivious to the detrimental consequences they promote and tolerate.  Often the Board approves agenda items that lead to a citizen’s welfare dependency, economic hardships, and State sponsored Mental and Medical Services.  Our local Government spends more money, increasing taxes, yet provides less services, cripples economic commerce, all the while, stomping on citizen’s Constitutional rights.  The ongoing direction the Board of Supervisors demonstrates Economic Totalitarianism.  This is evident by their gluttonous appetite for creating bigger government for endless spending of tax payer funds. Meanwhile, completely unconscious of the beleaguered state Del Norte County is in.

U.S. Census reports 19% of County residents are living in poverty.  We have the highest jail rate in the State.  The egress from Del Norte is one storm away from isolation, children are exiting the public school system in record numbers, teachers are feeling threatened, we have limited job opportunities, an influx of homelessness, and deteriorating or non-existent infrastructure.  It’s hard to see success in the policies the BOS promote, but we still live in the most beautiful place on Earth.

As you drive around town, you’re likely to see several signs promoting “Vote no on T” decorating the lawns of government employees, however, I implore the community to Vote “YES”.  The Government already has exorbitant amounts of money to enforce law and order, update infrastructure and pay reasonable salaries; yet, their policies jeopardize the safety of the community, and is economically unsustainable.

Save your hard earned money and  VOTE “YES on T & U”

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