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By Angry Old American

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Tuesday, September 14th, 2021 is the final day to cast your vote in the Special Recall Election of California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Why has Gavin Newsom accumulated so much money to battle against his recall? Some of the wealthiest corporations in California have contributed to provide Gavin Newsom with nearly four times the amount of money as his closest contender, Larry Elder.

Why have so many major national politicians in the Democrat Party emerged to rally support for Gavin Newsom? Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Barack Obama among others have either made public appearances or provided televised endorsements. Pop Culture Icons from Hollywood, Music and Sports have stepped forward to support their Gavinor. Mainstream and Social Media are working their usual magic of censoring any news that might tip the scales against Newsom.

Why all the fuss? California is one of the strongest “Blue States.” With both mail-in ballots and “print at home ballots,” it would seem that Newsom’s retention of the Governor’s Office is a slam dunk. The mainstream media is already running with the story that Newsom will win, hands down!

So then, what is all this fuss about? Many election analysts believe that a strong showing for Newsom, after his extreme draconian lock-downs and mandates, will give a clear signal to the Biden Administration to go full-tilt Covid-Tyrant on the entire United States!

If you think that Covid restrictions and vaccination mandates are bad now; just wait til after the election. If Democrats get their clear victory at the polls, the entire United States will become a totalitarian sewer worse than George Orwell ever imagined in his book 1984.

The fly in the Democrat ointment is all of us who have been harmed by Gavinor Gov’s policies. Newsom expected a huge margin of Hispanic voters to vote “No” against his Recall. Instead, latest polls indicate that 54% of Hispanic voters support his recall. The fact that most Hispanics were successful multigenerational business people that were seriously harmed or bankrupted by his irresponsible policies, has escaped Newsom’s attention. He mistakenly assumes that all Hispanics just crossed the Southern Border a few days ago. Newsom is now desperately searching for any Hispanic gathering where he can speak to them on their own level about what he calls the “Browning of California.” One can imagine the Gavinor, dressed as Zorro with whip in hand, dancing onto a stage to the “Macarena” song, “Como estas Amigos, la cucaracha es muy buena!”

Can Newsom rely on votes from the hundreds of thousands of homeless who have recently had their tents and vehicles confiscated? Can Newsom rely on votes from the 50% of small business owners and employees who were permanently shuttered and bankrupted by his Lock-downs? Can Newsom rely on the victims of crime resulting from his emptying of jails and prisons, and soft-on-crime policies? Can the Gavinor rely on the parents who oppose Critical Race Theory and LGBTQ indoctrination of their children? Can Gavin Newsom rely on votes from those that oppose mandated vaccination, testing and masks?

Yes, most California voters are registered Democrat. However, if you add Independents, Libertarians and disillusioned Democrats to the Republican minority, the scales can tip the other way quickly.

Get out and vote. Hard-core Democrats who are OK with stuffed ballot boxes and foreign voting machine hacks have been encouraged to vote by mail. Admitted Marxists, and fans of Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot and every other mass-murdering tyrants have been ordered by their Politburo to vote. Make your voice heard for Liberty!

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