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A Shocking Reality Check

By Act for America – April 11, 2024

Friends, when it comes to securing our elections from foreign meddling and illegal voting, the United States is one of the worst-secured nations in the free world!

When we delved into Voter ID in 2020, the shocking truth emerged: none of the 50 states were adequately secure. While Alabama blazed the trail by implementing Voter ID and strict citizenship verification measures in that first year, the balance locked shields. Ohio followed suit only last April, leaving 48 states still wide open for election fraud today.

Voter ID by State Special Report

Where We Are Today

States not requiring US citizenship verification who automatically register voters or rely on the honest system to register voters are creating serious election security risks and potentially defrauding voters nationwide.

  • 44 states do not require citizenship verification and 35 of these states have unstrict legal photo ID requirements to vote!
  • 20 states automatically register voters!
  • 8 states are all-mail voting with only two states with citizenship requirements!

In Battleground States:

  • Only Ohio has a Voter ID law. Alabama, a non-swing state, is the only other Voter ID state.
  • Only Ohio, Arizona, and Wisconsin have citizenship requirements to enter the voter roll.
  • Texas, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Michigan allow a Student ID Card to vote. Wisconsin, is the only state out of the four that protects from out-of-state voting from this young voting bloc, making the balance susceptible to illegal, out-of-state voting and multiple-state voting.
Student ID Election Security FailureOut-of-state and foreign nationals can access the polls by simply lying to the DMV and flashing a Student ID at the polls in Texas, North Carolina, and Michigan.
In Texas, 56K could illegally vote, combined with 2.9 million non-citizens.In North Carolina, 107K could illegally vote which exceeds the number Trump won by in 2020.In Michigan, 138K could illegally vote, which could account for 90% of the votes Biden won by in 2020

Battleground Vulnerabilities

If battleground state illegal populations doubled and non-profits mobilized to register them, combined with targeting out-of-state and foreign students, we could lose the Presidential race and important seats in the House and Senate.

Nationwide Vulnerabilities-A Two-Fold Challenge

States that are solid red may face alarming shifts in what should be a predictable outcome, potentially losing not only the Presidential race, and key US House and Senate seats, but also state representatives.

The threat intensifies as the US Census, since Obama’s tenure, has eliminated the distinction between citizens and non-citizens per household, aiming to gain up to 38 new congressional seats. This blatant manipulation of redistricting based on non-citizen populations poses a grave threat to the conservative majority in the House.

Time is of the essence, and the clock is running out to enact necessary changes before the 2024 election. We must unite and throw our collective weight behind the passage of Voter ID laws in as many states as possible because the stakes have never been higher!

With the arrival of over 10 million cartel-Biden indebted illegal aliens who have arrived since 2020, emboldened by Biden’s policies, this poses a significant threat to the sanctity of our elections, with the potential to irreparably tamper with our Republic.

Brigette Gabriel is Founder of Act for America

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