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By Congresswoman Lauren Boebert – November 22, 2021

Despite what the mainstream media may say, Biden’s $4.9 trillion Build Back Broke Act massively grows government spending, raises taxes by $1.2 trillion, drives our country further into debt, and will continue to increase the highest inflation in over 40 years.

America can’t afford the socialist wish list in the Build Back Broke Act.

Here are some of the bill’s terrible policies the media doesn’t like to talk about:

* Hires 87,000 new IRS agents to audit more middle-class families.
* Spends billions on a new tax credit for electric bicycles.
* Spends $200 million on a Solyndra-like loan guarantee program.
* Gives $10 billion to woke universities to teach “environmental justice.”
* Spends $110 billion on provisions granting amnesty to 8 million illegal aliens.
* Includes a new billion dollar tax credit to pay the salaries of Fake News journalists.
* Spends hundreds of billions to incentivize workers to stay home during one of the largest worker shortages in American history.
* Gives $300 million to teachers unions to keep schools closed.
* Spends $2.5 billion on “tree equity.”
* Allocates $570 billion for Green New Deal policies. And so much more!

In my last poll, most people responded that Congress shouldn’t have passed Nancy Pelosi’s $1.2 trillion spending spree. Less than 10% of the bill will go to actual infrastructure, and the rest is just government waste and payouts to lobbyists. I proudly opposed this disastrous step towards socialism.

Months before the vote, I offered a far better solution with a true infrastructure bill that would not have required passing additional spending or taxes, so I was disappointed that 13 Republicans broke with our party and voted for Nancy Pelosi’s awful bill.


Nancy Pelosi hasn’t used her majority in the House to pass solutions that help the American people. Rather, she’s spent her time and effort consolidating power for herself. To that end, Nancy Pelosi manipulated the House rules to allow the Democrat party to unilaterally strip Republicans from their Republican committee assignments. If Democrats ever bothered to look at the Constitution, Pelosi would learn the Founders were concerned about the separation of powers.

This week, to distract from record inflation, all-time-high illegal immigration, a supply chain backlog, and an embarrassingly weak foreign policy, Democrats manufactured outrage and censured Dr. Paul Gosar for a cartoon video he tweeted.

This was a waste of Congress’s time, so I went to the House floor and called out the Democrats for their hypocrisy in stripping a Republican member from his committees while letting Democrats get away with insane corruption. 


Like most Americans, I was outraged by Biden’s plan to give illegal aliens $450,000 in taxpayer dollars. When the 13 servicemembers killed in Afghanistan only got $400,000 and Biden wants to pay $450,000 to each illegal alien who broke our laws and was “separated” at the border, you know this regime’s priorities are way off.

Nearly 25% of Border Patrol agents may be fired because of Biden’s vaccine mandate for federal employees, but illegal aliens get a free pass into our country with a $450,000 check. To add insult to injury, the highest-paid Border Patrol agents make less than half that in yearly salary after 20 years of service. I’ve had enough of the Biden regime’s madness, so I introduced the We’re Not Paying You to Break Our Laws Act to restore sanity and the rule of law. We should put America first!

The Biden regime has been unclear about its plan to pay illegal aliens a lumpsum of taxpayer money. When asked, Biden denied it, but that same week, he was overruled by his Deputy Press Secretary, who said that Biden still hopes to reward criminal aliens with cash payments.

The Biden regime is covering up the truth, so my We’re Not Paying You to Break Our Laws Act makes it simple: no taxpayer money can go to a criminal illegal alien as part of any settlement money. Full stop.

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