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Ron Nehring

Sunday, July 20, 2014 ,the Del Norte Republican Chapter in their new headquarters located on the corner of 3rd  and I streets, hosted Ron Nehring, candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

Ron is the son of immigrants who came to America from Germany to raise their new family in freedom. In 1992, Ron became the first member of his family to earn a university degree. Ron has taught governance, communications, and democratic practices in challenging regions around the world. He has volunteered in 31 countries.

Ron wants to help families make ends meet by protecting Proposition 13, cutting the gas tax, and repealing the fire tax. Ron stated that California is one of the highest taxed state in the nation including sales tax.

Ron spoke and compared California with other states, “ Electricity is 53% higher in California than other states, Unemployment is astronomical and examples he gave was Colusa at 18% unemployment, imperial county at 21% and believes our county could benefit with re-establishing the fishing and timber industries.

His four areas of reform include and not limited to:

1.)    Taxes too high. Ron is concerned for California’s economic health and alerts the listeners, you can’t tax your way out of poverty, “our taxes have become burdensome and are the highest in the nation”. Out of 44 of California’s 58 counties the local unemployment rate is above the national average.

2.)    Ron wants to do away with frivolous lawsuits that affect small businesses. An example he gave was the proposition 65 sign that states, “there are chemical agents that are known to cause cancer”, states it is aimed to hurt small businesses because if a small business does not have the required sign, they can be fined 25,000.00 dollars, which after court and everything is said in done, can cause a small business to go into ruins and become non-existent.

3.)    Pension Reform. Currently there is a 100 million dollar debt obligation and suggest that all new workers go into a 401( k) retirement fully funded by the worker where if you quit one job and can be taken to the next. Currently, Ron mentions the AFL-CIO utilizes a tactic called green mail and it works like this. If a business comes in, buys a piece of property and hires hundreds of people, the AFL-CIO comes in and asks that they become unionized. The business says, “Not interested.”  The AFL-CIO, then sees to it that permits are not obtained because the AFL-CIO gets a hold of the environmentalist where it takes years to complete studies and get the necessary permits. The business then says, “Well, I will take my business to another state thank you for your time, and leaves our state.”  No work, no business, no money.

4.)    Education reform is on Ron Nehring’s agenda. Ron does not believe in taking the theological course of action but a practical approach. Throw out the California tenure laws.  Currently the California tenure laws “impose a real and appreciable impact on the students’ fundamental right to equality of education.”

Specifically, a court found in  Vergara v. California  that many of the worst teachers end up in schools serving African-American and Latino communities and, once there, are protected from being taken out of the classroom by some of the nation’s most extreme teacher tenure laws.

Ron Nehring, an up and coming voice for the people. He is not your typical “charming” politician.” He has worldwide experience backed by his education. He is objective and not subjective and is not afraid to step outside the box. He does not have tunnel vision, but is alerted to comparisons of other states, countries and regions. He has learned what will work and what will not work when it comes to economic health. I believe Ron Nehring has the ambition and due diligence with an insatiable work ethic to become California’s next Lieutenant Governor.


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