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By Angry Old American

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When will we learn who won the 2020 Presidential Election?

Last month, I predicted that we most likely would not learn the election results til 2021; perhaps even after Inauguration Day has passed. The Democrat’s mail-in voting scheme is fraught with built-in controversy that insures an unclear winner and lengthy legal contention. In fact, there may never be a clear-cut winner of the 2020 elections.

This FUBAR election has met the expectations of all but the voter. Surprisingly, many voters actually expected to see reliable results posted the night of the election. If the Democrat dominated Congress had its way, we would have seen the inclusion of Inmate and Illegal Alien voters with no signature verification requirement for any ballots. Those were only a few of their demands bundled into Nancy Pelosi’s “Broader Coronavirus Stimulus Bill.”

This article will be a waste of time for those who have absolute faith in their mainstream media and the six corporations that own them. I suggest that hopeless conformists, and those who naively crawled out of the cabbage-patch assume the fetal position and remain safely entrenched within the comfortable boundaries of traditional media venues and platforms.

In today’s paradigm of mass media programming, it matters less who wins the vote, than those who count the votes; and those who count the votes matter less than those who announce the winners. Are there any reliable mainstream media outlets that broadcast honest and unbiased election results?

Look to the cartoon South Park for a spot-on portrayal of an evil Mickey Mouse. Disney purchased Fox News from Rupert Murdoch for $70 billion back in April of this year. Mickey spent a ton of money to acquire the sole conservative television platform in the United States during this election year; and Fox has operated at a loss ever since. Now Disney is drenched in $40 billion of red ink, and expecting another $20 billion losses by year’s end! Disney has laid-off tens of thousands of employees, shuttered theme parks and canceled cruises. Yet, they now control the sole broadcast “Conservative Voice” during the most critical election in US history. “Perceived Credibility” and trust of the American People is worth a hunk of cash; even the loss of Disneyland itself.

The Fox is in the hen-house. Unlike CNN, MSDNC, PBS, ABC, NBC, CBS and the host of blatant Leftist propaganda pundits; Fox still purports to be “Fair and Balanced News.” There are still many who believe this statement to be true.

On election night, Fox announced Democrat triumphs in States that had only counted votes received prior to election day, and had not yet begun to count those cast on November 3rd!

Yes, we have now entered the world of what the mainstream media is quick to define as “Conspiracy Theory.” Anything that does not originate from the six corporations that own 90% of our Nation’s media is a Conspiracy Theory. Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and the Big Technology Giants of Silicon Valley are actively enforcing the politically correct taboos of Leftist cancel culture by banning anything considered “Conspiracy Theory” as “Hate Speech.”

Lacking the bedrock legislation for expansive mail-in ballot fraud, Democrats have gotten court orders in several States to accept ballots postmarked on November 3rd, and received three or more days after the election. Then there are some States that will accept ballots up to seven days late without a postmark. In all cases, the courts ordered these ballots to be held pending inevitable contest and court adjudication. In most cases, these ballots are being counted anyway in breach of court order and mixed with those that arrived on time. Meanwhile, we voters wait collectively for the paperwork to clear; like a bunch of suckers that made a down-payment to a con-artist for ownership of the Brooklyn Bridge.

There was no coverage in mainstream media of the Chinese Rinminbi crashing on FOREX currency exchanges when it appeared that President Trump had won the key swing state of Florida. The results of this election are paramount to China’s economic future. A Biden win would herald a rollback of economic tariffs and sanctions, and restoration of Chinese domination of manufacturing.

There has been no coverage in the media about the 100,000+ ballots for Joe Biden that mysteriously appeared overnight in Wisconsin. There has also been no mention of the 132,000+ ballots that appeared the morning of the 4th in Michigan; all cast for Biden and none for Trump. Both of these bundles of Democrat joy turned the results of the State elections. Were any verified as authentic before being counted?

In my previous articles, The Big News, Follow the Money, and Why the Financial Elites Hate Trump, I explained what mainstream media is and how it is used. If you want a dose of jaded reality, these articles can be found at or

Our mainstream media News outlets have a captive audience during this election. Expect them to build the suspense, orchestrate angst and dramatic irony, and play one side against the other. Our news media is sure to make this election into a season-long blockbuster hit soap-opera with the biggest viewership in history. We haven’t seen anything yet. Through distortions and outright lies they will play both the public and politicians to wander into a Twilight Zone of unimaginably bazaar prospects. The year 2020 has seen a biological weapon released upon the entire world, closure of our the US economy, an ongoing Black Lives Matter Zombie Apocalypse, and the overhaul of our election system due to a virus with a 0.013% fatality rate. If the gullible public can fall for that line of logic, perhaps the mainstream media can sell us on deciding a contended election through competition on “Dancing with the Stars” or “America’s Got Talent.” There seems to be no end to the media circus that has taken hold of our lives.

The mainstream media of the United States has always been biased and manipulative. Before the Internet was invented by DARPA, and the first online bulletin boards appeared, we were limited to broadcasts. Shortwave radio broadcasts transmit worldwide, and those were my choice for news gathering in the good-ole-days. The only limits of shortwave are the listener’s level of foreign language comprehension. Thankfully, there are many English language broadcast options from every continent and most islands.

At a time when almost all Television, Radio and Print Media in America are consolidated, bought-and-paid-for, factually flawed, if not entirely compromised; it is still possible to reach “outside the box” and find accurate news coverage. During election night, I found both NTD News and SKY News Australia offered fresh and accurate election coverage along with unbiased analysis. They were also the only News Platforms that covered mail-in vote improprieties and fraud, along with coverage of riots and public unrest subsequent to the vacuum of reliable domestic election coverage.

Last month, along with my prediction of election chaos, I recommended that my readers prepare for supply disruptions. Vast herds of Black Lives Matter and Antifa Dawn of the Dead animated bodies still appear on city streets, highways and even freeways without warning. Like masses of brain-numbed bison, they wander in front of vehicles with no regard for safety of the public or themselves. With arms upstreached, doing the Slow-Zombie Shuffle, and chanting “Hands-up Don’t Shoot,” they congregate in “Autonomous Zones” littered with graffiti and Zombie droppings.  However, these brainwashed “Almost Peaceful Protesters,” despite months of unreported rioting, looting, assaults and arson, are treated like an endangered species. If they are scooped off the streets by Urban Wildlife Wardens; they are promptly released from captivity into the local ecosystem again.

When these riots first began, many Truckers refused to make deliveries to cities that support police defunding. However, several of the largest Trucking Corporations still require their drivers to enter these war zones despite transport delays and loss of payloads to looting. It is doubtful that these deliveries will continue should these “Almost Peaceful Protests” expand significantly during all-out insurrection.

We live in a remote area, with 80 miles of twisting two-lane highway between us and the nearest cities of any size. Our harbor is adequate for fishing; but lacks the depth to accommodate transport shipping vessels. Should our road supply lines be cut during this coming winter, provisions in local stores will clear in a matter of days.

During the course of the Pandemic State of Emergency, our local City and County Governments have proven to care less for their community than filling their own fat bank accounts. We will all be on our own.

Regardless of political unrest in the big cities, we have had Highways 101 North and South, along with Highway 199 all closed at the same time in the past. Due to landslides that either covered or subsided roads and downed power lines, Crescent City and the small towns of our County were isolated for over a week without supplies or electricity. I remember the Coast Guard bringing US Mail to town during such an event. I pray that we all be prepared if the occasion visits us again.

In summary, it is a waste of time to wait with baited-breath for election results this year. Both sides of the aisle will be locked in a series of legal fueds that will last months or more. Despite this truth, our mainstream media Circus Maximus will simply provide the entertainment paid for by the gods of our financial universe. Better to use your precious time to prepare for the resulting months of chaos and shortages.


Angry Old American

3 thoughts on “Waiting for Presidential Election Results?”
  1. I feel sorry for you. It must be horrible for you living in this world. I’m looking forward to seeing some honest people trying to make the world better for all of us.

    1. It can’t be!
      Bob? Bob Iger? Bob Iger, CEO of Disney?!
      I am indeed honored to hear from you. So sorry to hear of all the blood-letting at Disney. But then, having done business with the Chinese Communist Party for so many years while working with Apple and Disney, and while a member of the California Governor’s Economic Recovery Task Force, you must have known this was coming. There is no such thing as compromise with hard-core Communists. Newsom is intent on destroying the middle class, and will stop at nothing until every resident is homeless, including Mickey Mouse, and every wall and street in California, including Disneyland, is covered with Antifa graffiti and Zombie droppings.

      Bob, you could emblazon “Black Lives Matter” on Disneyland’s Matterhorn and hire Snow Black to accompany the seven dwarfs and your doors would still be shuttered. Sure, Disney’s management still got their fat bonuses this year; but it was paid for with the blood, sweat and tears of axed front-line employees. Your stockholder’s meeting may see you and the other managers falling on the sword for what was done.

      To Hell with Critical Race Theory Communism and cancel culture. How did Mulan work out for you Bob? Did Mulan exceed expectations at the box office? Oh yeah, that’s right, there was no box office in 2020; your Communist Politician pals in the two biggest markets of California and New York shut all the theaters down.

      Money and profits are the bottom line in corporate America, and the bean-counters rule the day. AT&T is already taking the knife to your rivals at MGM. Those Hollyweird whiz kids were certain that their solution would be a Black Female James Bond! If it flops, they can always make her a lesbian transvestite in the sequel.

      Bob, let’s face it, dumping $70 billion into buying Fox just to influence an election coup was a mistake. Your stockholders don’t give a diddley-squat about the ultra-leftist Hollywood Chi-Comm butt-kissing movie propaganda crap that you are producing. Stockholders want to see a profit, not a warm-fuzzy and sensitive loss on the balance sheets.

      Disney Plus will go the way of Netflix. Boy, wasn’t it an act of genius for Netflix to air their “Cuties” kiddie-porn? Tens of millions of cancellations sure did wonders for their stock price bottom-line. Disney Plus is your life-raft while the rest of the good ship Mickey flounders, and you will ride the cancel-culture white-elephant all the way to the glue-factory.

      It is odd how many American corporations have been misled. Cancel-culture is great at letter writing campaigns because they don’t work for a living. They spend all day sponging off relatives, living in their grandparent’s basements, bitching and complaining on social media. They blow what spare cash they have on drugs and BLM protest signs. The only way they could afford Disney Plus is to bum the money from their already cash-strapped parents that were put out of work because of Pandemic business closures.

      Money talks Bob.


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