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NOTE:  Because of the perseverance of one village trustee, Lynn Thompson, who had no support at the beginning but then went out and gathered it. Then she jumped through all the hoops the newly enacted NYS fluoridation (JV Kumar-inspired)law requires  She has letters from experts, spoke to two local pharmacists who are able to provide fluoride to the folks who want it (the law requires a replacement for fluoridation) Next is a meeting with the local school officials to discuss the plan already in place with the NYS Dept of Health .

Credit to Ted Remsnyder of Times Community Newspaper of the Hudson Valley – October 26, 2017 –  The Walden Village Board passed a resolution to remove fluoride from the public water supply during its meeting on Oct. 17, and the preliminary decision marks a major development in the months-long debate over whether or not to remove the compound from residents’ drinking water. The council approved the resolution by a 4-2 vote.

“Most of the people in the public who voiced their opinion did not want it in the water system, and the people that did speak to me about it live here,” Walden Mayor, Susan Rumbold said. “My constituents, people who live in the Village of Walden, voiced their opinion very strongly that they didn’t want it in the water.”

Reminiscent of Crescent City Councilwoman Kathryn Murray, Walden Village Trustee, Brenda Adams had this to say, “I drink the water, I’ve been drinking it since I was a kid, and I have excellent teeth.”  But she went on with statements not spoken by former Councilwoman Murray when Adams said this,  “I’m not going to say that it is doesn’t have bad effects. I feel like I’m still on the fence, because everything I read that was bad, there was something good. The Department of Health is emphasizing keeping it, and the state has made it a little more difficult to remove it, and I put weight on them.”



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