Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

     On Tuesday night from 6 to 8pm, April 26th at the Arts and Crafts building located in the Del Norte County Fairgrounds, the Del Norte Tea Party introduced Attorney Fred Kelly Grant.  For the next two hours, the audience was close to being mesmerized by the information shared with them.

     Who knew that utilizing the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution along with something called "COORDINATION" can help counties restore their local economies and effectively put State and Federal agencies in their proper place?

     Who remembers when Del Norte County was last successful?  Who remembers that there used to be 50 mills here with 5 car dealerships? Nowadays, who understands why our public forests are being closed off to public use?  It didn’t take an act of God through Tsunami’s to kill our community.  We have systematically  been stripped of our soverign powers by outside agencies.  One such biggie, California Coastal Commission.


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