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By Angry Old American

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Are we approaching war? Are we already at war and haven’t been told? Have we been at war and never noticed? Did we already lose the war?

Consider the following:

China is being sued for over $4 trillion for the willful spread of Covid-19. In-turn, China blames the United States for importing Covid-19 to China during the Military Olympics of 2019. Far-fetched idea to blame the US.?  It has been proven that the National Institutes of Health funded “Gain For Function” research involving bat viruses at the Wuhan Lab. A coalition of doctors and regulators worldwide have filed charges against the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and NIH of Crimes Against Humanity!

Regardless of the mode of creation, the Bio-Weapon Covid-19 was released on the world a year later.

Once the coronavirus was discovered, China established travel restrictions within its own borders; but still allowed foreign travel out of the country. Both the World Health Organization and the US Centers for Disease Control were hesitant to ban foreign travel from China. President Trump shut-down inbound flights from China, and was branded a Xenophobe!

Shortly after the Covid-19 Pandemic was announced, Antifa & BLM launched unrestrained attacks against cultural monuments, law enforcement, government structures and small businesses throughout the “Free World.” Riots, looting, vandalism, arson, assaults and mayhem became publicly acceptable behavior for the first time in recent history. The same holds true of public tolerance for acts of violence against the elderly, infirm, and children. Big Cities supported the defunding of police.

Coordinated Marxist support for BLM from the “Free Press” followed these attacks, a “Cancel Culture” movement formed, and large corporate dollars followed. It was later revealed that BLM was a shill for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Censorship of conservative media by the 6 mass media corporations who control 90% of news content galvanized over coming months. Social Media giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter defunded conservative media, and later censored or totally banned their accounts or content. The First Amendment died on most platforms during the first months of the Pandemic.

The election rules of 2020 were radically changed under the pretext of protecting the public from infection. Mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting were suddenly considered rational procedures. If the Democrats had been able to do so, signature verification would have been eliminated, convicted felons and illegal aliens would have voting rights, as would high school age kids, print at home ballots and multiple votes would have been allowed also. This is precisely what the Democrat platform is now.

It was proven that China conducted the largest US. Government hack ever in late 2020. China hacked the FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, IRS, Treasury, and the ENERGY DEPT. China hacked ALL military branches including the Space Force. China hacked the Space Force’s top secret “Black Star” program. Black Star protects our nation’s three energy grids from high altitude nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack. This all was revealed DURING the 2020 elections. However, before being fired for gross incompetence and negligence, the Director of the US Cyber Security Agency still claimed 2020 to be the “most secure election ever.” This wildly ironic claim is still parroted by journalists today, as though it were gospel. Yet, during the 2021 Cyber Security Symposium, it was proven that China hacked and manipulated the 2020 voting machines; literally flipping the vote results. Was this ever reported?

When the Arizona 2020 Election Forensic Audit results were released, the mainstream media was quick to claim that Biden and Harris had received EVEN MORE votes that claimed during the election. What has been censored by mainstream media is that hundreds of thousands of all those votes were UNSUBSTANTIATED OR FRAUDULENT! The Maricopa County Election Commission has admitted under oath that they destroyed election records, and to this day refuse to release court ordered voting machine servers. What else are they hiding?

During his first month in Office, Pretender-in-Chief Biden declared on numerous occasions that “White Culture” and “MAGA” are the #1 threat on democracy. Subsequently, the US Military has been purged of “Patriot Extremists.” The entire Federal Government has been purged of “Patriot Extremists.” Federal, State and Local government First Responders have resigned over the past year due to lack of support from Woke Administrations and declining budgets.

Over 1.7 million illegal migrants have been processed at the southern border. Many more illegal immigrants passed the border undetected; most of them involved in drug and sex trafficking. How many other undetected migrants were terrorists or foreign Special Forces?

We already know that there were Chinese espionage rings operating in our leading universities involved in technology theft. This led to the Trump Administration closing several Chinese embassies. How many other spy rings are collecting intelligence on our power grids and energy production, transportation systems, water supply and treatment facilities, and other critical infrastructure? How many sleeper cells are operating in America, just waiting for the green-light to launch attacks?

“The number one threat to our democracy is “Patriot Extremists;” and “Domestic Terrorism” has been the focus of investigation and apprehension. This has been true ever since the false flag “January 6th Insurrection.” China has become a financial competitor; not a political adversary.

The “Free World” middle-class economy has nearly collapsed from Covid shut downs. Massive “Vaccination Mandates” have driven protests and job resignations in both the public and private sectors. The entire world is facing a shortage of workers.

Ever since the massive Evergiven Cargo Vessel blocked traffic through the Suez Canal, we have been warned of a pending supply disruption. These disruptions were first blamed on the halting of cargo shipping at the Suez Canal,

Next, the supply disruptions were blamed on the lack of shipping containers. An article by John Fossey for American Shipper in May of 2021 claimed three Chinese Corporations cornered 96% of all dry cargo container production and 100% of the world’s refrigerated containers.

Dire warnings surfaced about microprocessor chip shortages leading to a production halt of everything from cars and computers to refrigerators and alarm clocks. This coincided with US export sanctions against China due to technology theft and the CCP’s insertion of hardware hacking “back doors” in Chinese chips. Unable to steal US technology, or provide openly hack-able computer chips, the collapse of China’s largest chip manufacturing consortium soon followed. Taiwan provides a majority of our microprocessors, and China is threatening Taiwan on a daily basis with invasion.

Then the supply disruptions were blamed on the Delta variant of Covid limiting maritime crews access to ports. About the same time, the Port of Cape Town South Africa was closed for over a week due to cyber-attacks, This event coincided with South Africa’s largest Marxist riots, resulting in irreparable damage to infrastructure.

Then fuel shortages were blamed as cyber attacks hit oil distribution lines across the US East Coast. Similar fuel disruptions have hit the entire world. China embargoed coal imports from Australia while also threatening war over Aussie support for Taiwan: including threats of a first nuclear strike! Then, major monsoon floods destroyed major dams and shut down China’s largest coal region; with over 60 mines closed. Now, Chinese industry has shut down as major production hubs are blacked-out because of a lack of it’s primary source of energy; COAL. Due to its “Belt and Road” agreements, China switched to oil from the Middle East and was able to purchase a majority of East bound output through the Gulf of Hormuz. That’s bad news for the rest of the world.

Since Biden’s February shut-down of the Keystone XL Pipeline and fracking operations, the USA has been totally dependent on OPEC for oil. As of October, heating oil is up 43% and stockpiles are low. Government forecasts home heating oil to go up by 60% over last year. Natural gas will go up 90% over last year, mostly due to a 350% rise in Europe this past year with low storage inventories. Propane will be up 47%.

Electricity is slated to increase by a very modest 6%; and that’s the good news. What they fail to mention is that States like California, which imports 30% of its electricity, will experience rolling blackouts during high demand periods this coming winter. Electricity providers will also use the new “Smart Meters” installed on homes to selectively shut electricity to high energy consuming appliances; such as heating units. So, California can expect long periods of NO ELECTRICAL USE. Yet, Californians will not be charged for all that electricity that they cannot use; so be they should be happy about saving money!

With colder temperatures forecast in 2022, the US Government expects heating bills to jump 54% over last winter. Of course, overall cost of consumer spending is only up by 5.4%, so life will be tolerable for most folks. This figure is not considering housing, food, or energy; but rather the cost of hula-hoops, whoopee cushions, cat toys, yo-yos, inflatable plastic love dolls and other high demand survival items.

Back to shipping cargo and bare store shelves.

China owns or controls container terminals in 2/3rds of world’s 50 top container ports located in the Indian Ocean, the coast of Latin America, the Mediterranean Sea and Sub-Saharan Africa. China controls major maritime terminals in the three primary ports of Southern California.

President Obama signed a 2012 agreement giving China control over the second largest Port of Long Beach. China’s largest maritime cargo corporation, COSCO, ran the Port of Long Beach from June of 2018 til October 2019. After cases of espionage and technology theft led to the closure of Chinese Embassies, major National Security concerns became obvious. That is when the Trump Administration came to the conclusion that handing our critical ports over to the Chinese Communist Party was not a good idea.

Over 90 cargo ships now idle off the Southern California Coast, with a quarter million containers; while an estimated half million containers are stacked to the sky in the Southern California ports. Many of these cargo ships are too large to travel through the Panama Canal to Eastern Ports. The Panama Canal is also owned and controlled by China.

Still more vessels are headed from China to Southern California while an armada of ships cannot be unloaded. Why the speedy return of laden ships to the United States?

The answer is two-fold. First, shipping companies were making a fortune booking cargo on their ships after the Suez Canal closure. Normal costs for container traffic soared ten-fold during the past few months; and even more was charged to provide a “Premium” in order for clients to be placed at the front of the line. However, shippers only get paid while the cargo is moving; not for drifting outside ports.

Another reason for the swift return of full cargo ships is that the cargo containers were returned to China EMPTY. No American goods were exported; NOTHING! Thanks to our new Socialist trade policies, no food or manufactured goods have gone to the export market. Instead, farmers were paid NOT to plant crops, entire livestock production facilities folded and destroyed their animals, and manufacturing facilities failed because workers were home collecting Covid relief checks. Gee, what’s Gross Domestic Product (GNP) matter when you can just print all the money you want?

As a result of no goods being exported to China, the cargo containers did not require unloading time at Chinese ports. Containers were promptly loaded with goods for a swift return to the good-ole-USA.

“But, what about all those containers? Why can’t we get all our goodies?”

Our government and mainstream media point to a lack of truckers. We have plenty of truckers; but they cannot make any money due to our failed transportation policies.

Containers are not being unloaded because of a lack of trailers. Cargo containers are lifted by cranes off ships and placed on flat trailers, called “chassis,” which in-turn are towed by trucks to port warehouse complexes. Warehouses want to get the goods out to their clients so they don’t cause delays. During manpower shortages, their first priority is to load goods already in the warehouse on OUTGOING trucks. Thus, during a manpower shortage, skeleton crews load outgoing goods and leave port trailers and cargo containers abandoned at the intake bays. If a trailer is lucky enough to get unloaded, the trucker hauls his chassis and empty cargo container off to find a place to stack the container. Then they can return to the ship with their chassis in tow to collect another container. The primary problem is finding a place to drop the empty container. Safety ordinances limit the height that containers can be stacked.

Our Pretender-in-Chief Joe Biden has vowed to unload those containers 24/7. As for hauling all those goods to stores, that job goes to the Department of Transportation. Our new Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, is finally back on the job from two months of maternity leave. You will be relieved to know that both Pete and his husband have healed from the physical pains of labor and delivery, their collective cervix has recovered from delivering their first baby, and both have learned the ins-and-outs of breast feeding and bonded with their infant. Our Transportation Secretary is now ready to get back to work. So the situation is under control!

Truckers idle near ships because of few trailers to haul containers. Trucks wait at already overflowing port warehouses to be unloaded. Meanwhile, cargo containers, still loaded onto scarce trailers are spilling out into the surrounding communities because the containers either cannot be unloaded, or cannot be stacked any higher.

Some truckers find a place to park their trailer, while others drive aimlessly around collecting traffic citations from local police and eating up ever increasingly expensive fuel.  Does this explain the “Trucker Shortage?”

According to Safety4Sea, the Port of Long Beach relaxed container restrictions on October 25th in response to the national supply chain emergency. So, now containers can be stacked to unsafe heights; which is always a good thing.

Does that explain why your goodies won’t be on the shelves? It all comes down to priorities.

“Com’on Man, Gimme a Break!” Pixie-Dust and Bernie-Bucks along with six trillion dollars in Tooth-Fairy spending will fix everything. Screw the Holiday Seasons and keeping the citizens fed; we need the Green New Deal, and the critical “Infrastructure Bill;” especially since illegal migrants, er “Undocumented Citizens” have been determined by Congress Democrats to be “Infrastructure.”

This supply chain debacle is an example of the rubber-meeting-the-road. Yet, it is just one facet of our supply challenge. How could fuel, food and supply shortages get any worse?

National Security!

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is in charge of National Security at our Borders. This is due to the DHS being in charge of the Department of Customs and Border Patrol.

Cargo ships are international and fly a variety of flags; but most shipping containers on those drifting vessels are made by China, and most originated from Chinese ports which are controlled and operated by both the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

We DO NOT KNOW the contents of those containers while they are at sea. We know the written manifests; but the manifests were determined by dockworkers under orders from the CCP or PLA. Is the cargo actually what is displayed on the manifest?

That is where the Department of Customs and Border Patrol comes in. It is their job to inspect these containers and prevent drug and human trafficking, along with potential acts of terrorism.

Meanwhile, shortages and costs of goods rise. We are told by economists that this will be a cold and hungry winter.

“We want out stuff, and we damn-well want it now!”

Are containers being properly inspected during this “emergency?” The title of an article in “Business Insider” on October 25th 2021 read, “The Chinese Military is thinking about how to stealthily destroy enemy ports and just set off a big explosion to see how it might work.” The article goes on to describe underwater explosions designed to generate massive tsunamis.

Both China and Russia have been holding joint naval exercises off the coast of Japan. China has openly threatened Taiwan with invasion, and Australia with a nuclear strike. Does this sound like the actions of a government interested in our port security?

Both China and Russia have been disguising weapon’s systems as cargo containers. This fact has been publicized in a variety of maritime magazines and even Popular Mechanics. Cargo containers have been used to conceal everything from Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) and anti-aircraft missile systems to advanced killer drone systems and nuclear inter-continental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). Remember what country has a stranglehold on the manufacture of 98% to 100% of the world’s cargo containers?

WE DO NOT KNOW the contents of ships loaded at Chinese ports!

According to the Department of Homeland Security, US Customs and Border Protection, Cargo Security and Examinations: Each year, they are responsible for 11 million maritime containers at ports, 11 million containers by truck and another 2.7 million by rail. Shipping container inspections fall under the Container Security Initiative (CSI) and Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT).

Once again, considering the job being done securing our Southern Border, and the priorities of the Biden Administration; do you honestly believe that proper support is being provided to the Department of Customs and Border Patrol to do its job? This question holds especially true during the draconian vaccination mandates enforced by the Biden Administration.

In October alone the Border patrol has fired over 5,000 officers due to vaccine mandates; with no figures for outright resignations due to the Hellish work conditions at the Southern Border. Incidentally, these Border Patrol firings were done just in time for caravans of illegal immigrants numbering in the tens of thousands!

Numbers for Customs Inspectors fired or resigned is totally unavailable; as are most any statistics of numbers of other Federal Agencies or Departments!

Just like the Southern Border, there is a complete blackout regarding National Security issues at our ports, railways and trucking entry facilities. This is no reflection of fault upon understaffed, overworked and unappreciated personnel in the field; but rather those in positions of authority. When can dereliction of duty be considered purposeful sabotage of National Security?

When asked by reporters why goods were not reaching their destination, Transportation Secretary Buttigieg, replied that citizens buy too much! If they just stopped shopping, then there would be plenty of goods on the shelves. During the same interview, Buttigieg was asked about the supply outlook during the Holidays. Our Transportation Secretary immediately replied that he and his husband looked forward to spending their first holidays with their new baby surrounded with presents. Awww, how precious… “Let them eat cake!”

Department of Homeland Security Director, Alejandro Mayorkas, meanwhile enforces the vaccine mandates, despite the hemorrhaging of experienced personnel during a disappearing job market. No doubt we will soon see the borders entirely run by human and drug trafficking cartels, terrorists and foreign armies. . .

In many respects, we are already there. This Administration abandoned American citizens, our allies, and vulnerable Christians in Afghanistan to a ruthless group of Taliban terrorist thugs that suddenly became “Our Partners in Afghanistan.” Men, women and children were subsequently tortured, raped, maimed, and executed by our Taliban “Partners” as they searched door-to-door for more victims. To this day those people are still being hunted, tortured and killed while being totally ignored by US politicians, press; and to a large extent the American people. This Administration abandoned nearly a hundred billion dollars of state-of-the-art military equipment, much of it containing technology critical to National Security; and it is now in the hands of Iran, Russia and China. This Administration abandoned Bagram Air Base to the Taliban BEFORE attempting to evacuate US citizens and allies. Within two weeks, after a 90 minute conversation between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping, China took control of the Bagram. After proclaiming “Patriot Extremists” to be the highest threat to “Democracy,” can we expect this Administration to treat American citizens in the USA with any more loyalty than those abandoned in Afghanistan?

If Americans were starving and freezing this winter, would there be public unrest? If the Biden Administration turned to the United Nations for “Humanitarian Assistance” for food and fuel, would Americans support the decision? If that assistance were to include “Military Assistance” to stop public unrest, would Americans support the decision? If that assistance came from China and Russia, would it matter?

Again I ask:

Are we approaching war? Are we already at war and haven’t been told? Have we been at war and never noticed? Did we already lose the war? If so, how soon will the United States be “Occupied?” Is the United States already “Occupied?”

Is this “Red Dawn” in slow motion?

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