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I grew up during the Eisenhower Presidency, lived through the Cold War, and the Cuban Missile Crises during the Kennedy Administration. The event of a nuclear strike on the United States was very real back in the 1950s and early 1960s, and we were all taught to “Duck and Cover” after a bright flash in preparation of the coming radioactive blast. “Civil Defense” provided free plans for personal fallout shelters which were built in suburban backyards; and many were built in my own neighborhood. I grew-up near three prime strategic military targets; home was just outside of McClellan Air Force Base, and 20 miles away from Mather Air Force Base (Strategic Air Command) and the adjacent Aerojet facility (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a precursor of NASA). We were all taught about nuclear fallout and radiation sickness. People were encouraged to stock-up on potassium iodide, food and supplies. After all of that, I have never seen this Country more vulnerable and close to nuclear Armageddon than I do today.

In the following paragraphs, I will present a large body of facts pointing to an armed conflict between China and Russia against the United States and NATO. While draconian Covid mandates and criminal anarchy rule the streets in “Free” Countries of the West, our communist enemies are preparing for all-out war; nuclear war.

December 16th, Russia fired a Zircon hypersonic missile from the White Sea aboard the Admiral Gorshkov Frigate, impacting with a coastal target at the Chizha training ground. An article in the Sun headlined the news “BLAST OFF Russian invasion of Ukraine will spark World War 3, Kiev fears as Putin fires hypersonic nuke just 22 miles from border. Another article in the Daily Beast published December 21st, 2021 headlines “Russian Citizens are now being Prepped for Nuclear War.”

Zircon Missile

Christmas day, December 25th 2021, Russia’s Gasprom has cut all gas supplies through Belarus and is now choking off gas traveling through Ukraine to the European Union. Gas, once destined for Europe is flowing back to Russia. This has led to skyrocketing fuel prices throughout Europe at the official beginning of Winter and the arrival of sub-zero temperatures. Exports of natural gas and propane from the United States to Europe will cause a subsequent shortage and increased costs in the USA.  

Also in recent news, Iran has been conducting “extensive” military exercises in the Arabian Sea, beyond the Gulf of Oman. The exercise, which began Monday, December 20th, is surreptitiously aimed at choking off sea traffic through the Strait of Hormuz, where 20% of the world’s annual oil supply passes. The five day simulation includes both conventional weapons and biological warfare exercises. Iran is nearing completion of uranium enrichment prior to the assembly of its first atomic weapon. Israel has threatened a peremptory strike against Iran’s enrichment facility to prevent an attack upon their country. Though the exercises are claimed to be a message to the USA and Israel about Iran’s military prowess, it is a clear statement about their control of oil flow through the Strait of Hormuz.  

In 2020, and again in early 2021, several US Aircraft Carrier groups were sent to secure United Nations mandated free navigation within the South China Sea.  China claims all international waters of the South China Sea as its own, as well as the island nation of Taiwan and an increasing number of other islands, both natural and man-made. To this end, the People’s Liberation Army has been fortifying these islands with “Aircraft Carrier Killer” missile systems.

Beginning in May 2021, the United States Navy participated in the largest Naval exercise in history; involving 25,000 US personnel in 17 out of 24 time zones. Other Countries involved in these exercises included Great Britain, Australia, Japan, India, and a variety of NATO countries.

Border skirmishes have flared between India and China along their shared Himalayan border since the beginning of 2021. India’s long-time adversary Pakistan has sent troops to assist China. All three of these bordering countries have nuclear strike capabilities. Imagine what it would be like if Canada or Mexico were openly hostile enemies capable of a nuclear attack. How much time would we have to determine if an incoming missile were nuclear, and how much time to react? Pakistan and India, which were partitioned after World War II, have been considered to be the most likely of all countries to exchange thermonuclear weapons.

The Russian Baltic Fleet conducted maneuvers just off the coast of Hawaii in August of this year. These Naval exercises were aimed at the sinking of a mock US Aircraft Carrier.

The Russian and Chinese Fleets conducted joint exercises in the Sea of Japan, just outside Japanese territorial waters in early October of this year, US Intelligence Satellites detected China’s Air force and land-based missile forces conducting secret exercises against mock US Aircraft Carriers and Destroyers in China’s deserts.

Russia meanwhile has amassed approximately 125,000 troops on the border of Ukraine, established dedicated supply lines to the front, and is bolstering this force with an additional 50,000 reserves. The difference between a military exercise and preparation for an actual war is the provision of supplies and replacement troops, and Russia has taken both those steps.

This is the second time that Russia and the Ukraine have faced-off. The first time was predicated by an ethnic Russian separatist movement in the Donbas Region of Ukraine in 2014. Yet, many military strategists agree that the war was most likely launched to annex the Crimea, which was the ultimate result. Another key feature of the Ukraine is its massive network of gas pipelines which intersect with Poland, and thus compete for Europe’s energy market with Russia’s gas pipelines through Belarus to the north. Some might remember a certain high-ranking politician’s party-harty, crack-smoking, skank-banging son receiving a $1 million annual salary from Ukraine’s energy conglomerate. No big deal there, as this little-rascal also received over $1 billion from China just prior to the 2020 elections. Such is the life of a pay-for-play bag-man. Ukraine’s military and civilian militias totaling 100,000 men and women have dug-in preparing for the Russian attack. After the Biden Administration agreed to Russia’s completion of its new northern oil pipeline to Europe, the oil conduit in Ukraine is Russia’s only potential competitor outside of Middle-Eastern OPEC producers. Russian troops are also militarily supporting Belarus in its role of choking Russia’s new fuel supply monopoly to Europe. To Poland’s west, Belarus has been using immigrants as a way to weaken or breach their border. NATO has sent UK troops to Poland as a way to help patrol and fence-off remaining border regions. More important, Poland and Ukraine have signed a mutual military assistance pact. In the event that either are attacked by Russia, then the other would come to its aid. Poland is a member of NATO, and thus would drag the rest of Europe and the western powers into the conflict.

Two years ago, Sweden (NATO) began its preparations for a Russian invasion. All Swedish residents were issued booklets detailing how to prepare for war. Swedes were encouraged to stock-up on food, medical supplies, fuel, weapons and ammunition. Local Swedish Militias and National Guard were formed to resist Russian aggression, and citizens were taught how to organize and operate covert resistance groups.

Last week, the UK, Germany and France issued “stern warnings” to Russia in regards to an attack on the Ukraine. The United States likewise threatened Russia with “economic sanctions.” If NATO becomes involved in this conflict, the United States will be pressured to follow.

December 16th, 2021, Vladimir Putin warned that Russia will deploy medium range nuclear missiles to Europe to counter any further NATO involvement in Ukraine.

The Russian Zircon missile was tested in 2020, and has now attained a maximum distance of 1,200 kilometers.  In October of 2021, Russia successfully tested a Zircon hypersonic cruise missile launched from a submarine platform. The Zircon missile can reach speeds up to Mach 9-10, can fly below the radar horizon, and is capable of maneuvering itself toward its target. The anti-aircraft acquisition system on a typical US Naval ship or aircraft carrier is capable of intercepting a target traveling at 3,500 mph. A Zircon missile in a vertical dive, traveling at up to Mach 10 (over 7,000 miles per hour) would only allow anti-aircraft batteries only 1.5 to 2.5 minutes to detect, acquire and engage their target. If the Zircon missile were to fly below radar at 200 ft above the surface, defensive systems of targeted ships would only have 20 seconds to detect, target and engage.

All of the Russian Pacific Fleet’s nuclear strike ICBM and Zircon capable submarines had been on red alert through the month of November. At the end of November, those submarines were ordered to leave port into the Pacific.

According to US satellite intelligence, China tested a hypersonic high altitude missile in October of 2021. This missile reached Mach 6, over 4,400 mph, and circled the Earth. China denied the military intent of this exercise and claimed it was a part of their “space program.”

Mid September 2021, North Korea launched ballistic missiles toward Japan, with at least one falling within its territorial waters. Although antiquated, North Korea has the largest fleet of submarines in the world.

China has been breaching Taiwan’s “No Mans Land” with hundreds of flights of fighters and bombers since February of this year; over 150 Chinese military aircraft breached this airspace in October 2021 alone. Last month, in November, China actually flew beyond this no-man’s-land with an armada of 27 fighters, bombers and a refueling jet into Taiwan’s air-space. This provocation was considered grounds for a defensive ground to air missile strike by Taiwan; but it did not happen.

China has the largest Navy in the world, surpassing the number of ships in the US Navy. As of November of this year, China has also incorporated ALL of its commercial and civilian maritime vessels into the Peoples Liberation Army. Included among those commercial maritime ships serving the PLA are the many container ships outside US ports.

In late November, China tested an underwater detonation designed to destroy enemy ports. This underwater bomb was designed to serve the same function as the Russian Poseidon autonomous submarine torpedo.

Both Russia and China have developed weapons systems disguised as maritime cargo containers. Chinese Corporations manufacture over 90% of the entire world’s maritime cargo containers, and 100% of the world’s refrigerated containers. These hidden container weapons systems include antiaircraft missiles, advanced killer drones, EMP weapons, directed energy weapons (DEWs), and intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). This is not a comforting fact considering the hundreds of thousands of containers sitting in American ports, or on cargo ships right off our coast. We have nothing but shipping manifests attesting to the contents of these cargo containers. In China, where many of these containers originated, ports are controlled by the People’s Liberation Army, who subsequently prepares the shipping manifests.

Wouldn’t the US Customs Service check the contents of cargo containers?

US Customs and Border Patrol are no longer concerned with border security, but the care of migrants. Add the fact that both the US Department of Customs and Border Patrol having lost a third of their agents due to resignations and firings related Vaccination Mandates. Security at our Nation’s ports are as open as our Southern Border.

Wouldn’t rail and trucking companies check the contents of cargo containers?

There are so many unprocessed containers that local ordinances in Long Beach were changed in order to stack them to unsafe heights in ports. There are so many unsearched containers entering our ports that they are spilling out into surrounding communities. Understaffed warehouses are more concerned with packaging and shipping existing inventory than they are with processing new arrivals. Rail lines and roadways outside of warehouse facilities are littered with packages pilfered by smash and grab gangs directly from rail cars and trucks because of a lack of transport security. 

Which takes us to the Southern US Border. Except for Texas National Guard, the border is wide open. Because of the mass influx of migrants, Border Patrol is incapable of doing anything but processing those who surrender. Over one and a half million migrants have illegally crossed our Southern Border since the Biden Administration took office. For every migrant turning themselves in to Border Agents for processing, there are other “Walk-Aways” that skirt this human shield for nefarious reasons. Of these Walk-Aways, it is not the drug and human traffickers that are the greatest risk; but rather the infiltration of terrorists and foreign special forces units. As a military veteran, I am both ashamed and disgusted by the betrayal and abandonment of US citizens and our allies in Afghanistan. To this day they are being hunted down with the help of “kill lists” provided by our State Department. Taliban are going door to door, identifying US citizens and allies with biometric

scanners and a database that were abandoned along with $80 billion worth of military hardware; much of it classified. Once identified, these abandoned souls are being interrogated, and often tortured, mutilated, raped, and murdered without a peep from our government or media.

For veterans of my generation, Afghanistan is reminiscent of the fall of Saigon. Just like Vietnam, our allies in Afghanistan have been betrayed and abandoned. Our prisoners of war were betrayed and abandoned in Vietnam similar to American civilians left behind in Afghanistan. And just like Vietnam, all of our military service dogs were set loose on the streets of Afghanistan to be tortured and killed. The only difference being the airlift. In Vietnam, we evacuated as many of our allies as practical; in Afghanistan, US citizens and our Afghan allies were stopped at the gates to be killed by a suicide bomber. Only a small fraction of those evacuated were vetted as holding visas. Many Afghan evacuees have since been identified as Alqueda and ISIS, while others were immediately released from US Air Fields without any screening at all.

As for Bagram Air Base, two weeks after the American departure from Afghanistan, and two days after a phone call between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping, Bagram fell into the hands of the People’s Revolutionary Army of China. This one act has totally rearranged the chess-board of the Middle East.

Since February. the entire Middle East has been a powder-keg. The Peace Accords brokered by Trump have unraveled. Hamas, along with allies in Yemen, Iran and Syria and Houthi Rebels have been launching thousands of missile and drone attacks against Israel, Saudi Arabia, and ships in the Strait of Hormuz. The government of Lebanon, and its entire economy collapsed after a massive ammonium nitrate blast destroyed the port of Beirut and much of the adjacent city. Hamas now launches many rocket attacks from Lebanon. Retaliatory strikes have been launched by both Israel and Saudi Arabia. Iran has been the source of most of the drones, missiles and other munitions used by Hamas, and Iran is on the brink of obtaining nuclear strike capability; Israel is intent on preventing it.

Other divisions and alliances are forming in adjacent regions. Hungary is breaking away from Europe and aligning itself with Turkey; which in-turn has been turning toward Russia and China, though still technically allied with NATO. Tensions have risen between Greece and Turkey over control of the Aegean Sea. France has allied with Greece, and is hastily pulling its troops from Timbuktu and abandoning the Sahara to radical Islam; a move as hasty and locally devastating as Biden’s betrayal of Afghanistan.

After the 1990-1992 breakup of Yugoslavia, the Balkans have been a hotbed of armed conflict and civil unrest. The Balkan country of Bosnia has seen a renewed independence movement from Kosovo in recent months. Kosovo was the target of horrific ethnic cleansing by the Bosnian government in the late 1990s, which led to United Nations sanctions and NATO military intervention. Having failed to establish an independent nation-state, Kosovo is now seeking to merge with Albania. Other Balkan regions are likewise considering forming new regional boundaries of their own. This is not new; the word “Balkanize” refers to the breakup of a country into small hostile regions.

Last year, a similar conflict played out during the Nagorno- Karabakh territorial conflict that pitted Azerbaijan against Armenia. The triumph of Azerbaijan was facilitated by killer drone “Suicide Missiles” provided by major powers testing their Autonomous Weapons Systems.

Perhaps the two most dangerous technologies in modern warfare are Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven autonomous weapons, and AI driven threat-assessment and response systems; especially those employed toward nuclear threats.

Autonomous “Fire and Forget” killer drone systems have been developed by a variety of nations. Russia, China, Iran, Israel, Turkey and the United States have marketed such autonomous systems commercially to any nation with the financial ability to pay; as evidenced by Houthi rebels employing drones against Saudi Arabia and nearby shipping lanes. Many of these drone systems are designed to hover over selected areas and wait for a target to present itself, and even to return to base if no target appears.

Artificial Intelligence driven Autonomous Aerial Drones are increasingly being formed into “Swarms.” We have recently seen these coordinated AI Drone Swarms used in civilian light displays at festive public events and New Year celebrations. Swarms are also an important military tactic, and the movement of individual drones is both driven and coordinated by computers incorporating Artificial Intelligence “Singularity.” Each Drone shares visual, audio, and global positioning information with other drones as well as remote central processing units in a fashion that all work together as a single organism. On a battlefield, drones would share similar information with other conventional AWACS, radar and FLIR sensors, intelligence and electronic warfare units, individual aircraft, missile systems, directed energy weapons, anti-aircraft batteries, artillery, and armored units outfitted with autonomous robotic targeting systems, and even infantry personnel carrying state-of-the-art “Soldier of the Future” technology.

Much of this new AI technology has been developed to eliminate human error. Humans hesitate to use lethal force, and subsequently must be conditioned by the military to overcome these inhibitions. Not so with programmed AI weapon systems. Thus, lethal force decisions are made faster than the blink of an eye.

The possibility of an aggressive act of war increases with the number of Autonomous Drones or Weapons Systems involved in a Swarm. This is especially true when two opposing swarms meet each other in combat. In the case of two opposing AI Singularity super-computers meeting oneanother in combat would certainly result in rapid destruction. We have already seen a similar cataclysmic result of computer automated decisions during the Wall Street melt-down in 2010. A “Flash” of computer automated trades, driven by “intelligent” algorithms, caused a world-wide economic crash in a matter of a couple minutes. 

Now, consider the same AI driven systems controlling the detection and response to a potential nuclear attack. Not just the United States, but the UK and other NATO countries, Russia, China, and any nuclear capable country with the financial means has this capability for AI Automated detection and response. In the case of two or more adjacent countries with nuclear strike capabilities, with only minutes to repond, could result in a “Flash” thermonuclear conflagration.

This is where nuclear policy comes into the picture. For decades, the policy of both the United States and Russia focused on “Mutually Assured Destruction” (MAD), which required the launch of US ICBMs once an incoming strike was imminent. This policy of MAD then evolved to parity of nuclear arsenals, and the gradual down-scaling of nuclear weapons stockpiles. During both the Clinton and Obama Administrations, the nuclear policy of the United States shifted away from Mutually Assured Destruction to the United States absorbing a first strike, and then retaliating with any ICBMs in our nuclear stockpile that might survive. This changed back to Mutually Assured Destruction under the Trump administration, which also bolstered our own hypersonic weapons program and the Space Force “Dark Star Program” to protect communications satellites and our energy grid. The Biden Administration is expected to announce their own new nuclear war policy in January of 2022. This policy will ban nuclear first-strike options for the United States and require that nuclear weapons only be use to deter an imminent adversarial threat, such as a nuclear air-burst to bring down incoming ICBMs or nuclear weapons laden bombers, or to retaliate AFTER absorbing a nuclear first-strike or EMP attack from our enemies.

An ominous first-strike weapon in the Russian arsenal is the “Poseidon” autonomous drone torpedo-submarine. The Poseidon is a 20 meter long and 2 meter diameter nuclear powered autonomous “torpedo-submarine,” packed stem to stern with 100 megatons of nuclear explosives. The intent of this massive explosive release is the triggering of a tectonic fault-zone earthquake and generating a massive tsunami to destroy enemy ports and coastal infrastructure, or destroying an entire US Naval Fleet. To put this into perspective, the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima at the end of WWII was only 15 kilotons, making the blast from the Poseidon 6,666 times stronger. Able to reach depths of 1,000 meters, and achieving the unheard of speed of 200 kilometers per hour surface speed, the Poseidon can remain submerged and roam about intelligently for unlimited amounts of time; totally unhindered by a human crew and the subsequent needs for fresh air and water, food, sewage, hygiene, laundry, solid waste disposal, medical services or other bothersome biological logistical needs requiring return to port.

Russia is expected to augment its Northern Fleet with 16 Poseidon drones, and increase the number to a total of 30. The Poseidon can be carried by any Oscar II class submarine in the Russian Fleet, which is also capable of carrying Russia’s hypersonic drone missiles. Russia’s new K-329 Belgorod submarine, with a length of 178 meters and width of 15 meters, will be the largest submarine in the world, with a displacement that exceeds the Typhoon. Powered by two nuclear reactors, the Belgarod carries a Losharik titanium 70 meter by 7 meter submarine attached beneath it’s hull for deep sea missions. Ordinance carried by the Belgarod includes up to 24 ICBMs or Zircon hypersonic missiles, and up to six Poseidon drones.

If the prospect of AI Autonomous weapons systems, and strategic nuclear detection and response systems are not bad enough, add cyber-attacks to the mix. In truth, we are already at war. All of the cyber-attacks against energy pipelines, municipal water systems, financial institutions, ports, and private businesses that have hit the news last year are not strictly financially driven.

Do any of you remember our Nation’s largest cyber-attack by China and Russia (via SolarWinds and Microsoft) that was revealed during the election of 2020? It seemed like no US government agency was spared from months of secret hacks and spying. Among those agencies attacked were the Department of Justice, FBI, CIA, DIA, Homeland Security and FEMA, Departments of the Interior, Energy, Treasury, and Transportation, Centers for Disease Control, Environmental Protection Agency, the Pentagon and every branch of our military, including the new Space Force. I will point out that one of the secret programs hacked in the Space Force was the Dark Star Program. Dark Star was designed to protect both our communications satellites and the power grids of the United States against an EMP attack. You might also remember that Chris Krebs, the Chief of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the very agency that allowed the devastating hacking breach, who declared that the voting machines in the 2020 election were all protected, and that we had “the most secure election ever.” Of course, both our government and media forbid any question of the election outcome. Google, Facebook and Twitter consider any question of 2020 election integrity to be acts of “Insurrection.”

Employment of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Weapons will be most likely event during an all-out war with Russia, China, or another world war. Such an attack on the three energy grids of the United States is estimated to result in the deaths of up to 90% of the US population in one to three years. The topic of EMP vulnerability, probable outcomes, and recommendations will follow in the next update.

One bit of late breaking news is the appearance of a Russian withdrawal of troops from the Ukrainian border. So much is happening daily regarding the probability of war. As it stands now, Russia has choked natural gas flow to Europe from the border of Belarus and Poland and the Russian border with Ukraine. The already exorbitant cost of natural gas in Europe has risen 70% in a matter of days. Over the past couple of days, Western Leaders have been exchanging frantic calls with Russia. Reuters has reported that 10,000 of the approximately 125,000 Russian troops are withdrawing from the front lines and returning to their bases. This withdrawal is being done in conjunction with scheduled meetings with Western Leaders in January of 2022. Some claim that it was done after a telephone conversation with “The Lion of Washington DC.” After all, they don’t call him “Lion Biden” for nothin.

Is this partial Russian withdrawal an indication that the West caved into their demands that NATO pull-out from Eastern Bloc countries? Is Russia withdrawing troops for their own safety in preparation of using tactical nukes (small Neutron Bombs) on the Ukrainian front lines? Will Russia resume natural gas shipments to Europe with a new 70% bonus? Will Russia starve both Ukraine and Europe of much needed natural gas during sub-zero temperatures to soften their targets before attack in mid-Winter or Spring? Is Russia waiting for China’s invasion of Taiwan? Due to seasonal treacherous waters between China and Taiwan, the People’s Republic of China will not be capable of invading until March of 2022. Is this the beginning of peace on earth; or is it a convenient prelude to war?

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