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By Angry Old American

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Starting three years ago, before the prospect of war was on the radar of mainstream media, I have warned of a pending world war. My last update was May, 2022. The series was paused because of time constraints as I made personal preparations for the inevitable conflict.

Should we be concerned about thermonuclear war?

Admitted, we have enough concerns that seem to eclipse our concerns of a nuclear war. Do we really need to add the prospect of a nuclear strike on the United States to our present challenges of providing our families with a roof over their heads, food, electricity, and fuel for the car? Our economy is in serious decline, there is an epidemic of street crimes and drug deaths, homelessness is growing exponentially, inflation is threatening the survival of many, and we are on the cusp of a media driven civil war; should any of us contemplate a nuclear attack on the USA?

Since the first nuclear treaties emerged during the late Cold War, Americans have given scant thought to Nuclear Armageddon. We have been told for decades that a nuclear war is not survivable by either side; hence “Mutually Assured Destruction” MAD. However, war is not a game of Solitaire, and our own beliefs do not necessarily reflect those of our enemies. The tactical and strategic military doctrines of both Russia and China are based on the survivability of nuclear conflict.

Some of you followed my articles in the past. For the past three years I have written about the very real threat of world war; starting when Russia and China were practicing to destroy a US Aircraft Carrier Strike Group. Back then, Russia had not yet positioned troops near the border of Ukraine and war was not even on the radar of mainstream media news. Back then, if anybody reported that Russia would be threatening nuclear war, and US Strategic Bombers were soaring within a few hundred miles of the Russian border, the population of the USA would have panicked. Now, after Covid and the slow, gradual televised horror show from Ukraine, the American public is numb. World War III seems so normal.

Our enemies have made substantial preparations to wage and survive a thermonuclear war. The nuclear arsenals and delivery systems of both Russia and China, when added together, eclipse those of the United States by over two to one. They also have extensive fallout shelters, bunkers and even subterranean cities.

The START Denuclearization Treaty with Russia has been totally off the table for several weeks now. Much news has been focused on missile tests by North Korea, and the arrival of new NATO tanks in Ukraine. However, we are far beyond what the media is reporting. The largest ever joint military exercise began in South Korea on March 17th,. Nuclear capable B-52 Stratofortress Bombers and B-2 Stealth bombers have been pre-positioned in the UK and Europe for over a month. For the past week, Stratofortresses have been flying lazy circles within a few hundred miles of Saint Petersburg, Russia’s second largest city, and skirting Kaliningrad, Russia’s key nuclear outpost on the Baltic Sea,

President Xi Jinping of China just concluded a three day meeting with Vladimer Putin in Russia. The two countries have formed an alliance for the purpose of supporting a “New World Economic Order,” independent of the US Dollar. Ultimately, economics is what this war is all about. China will provide manufactured goods to Russia, including weapons and ammunition. Russia will provide fuel and raw materials to China, along with a bonus nuclear breeder reactor to bolster China’s nuclear weapons stockpile.

We all know about the US Surveillance Drone downed in the Black Sea. Now these drones are provided with fighter escort protection. A couple days ago, Russian fighters intercepted a US Stratofortress Bomber over the Baltic Sea. In retaliation, NATO F-15’s intercepted a Russian T-142 bomber over Ukrainian airspace. Now, both Russia and NATO are providing fighter escorts for surveillance aircraft and bombers. It is just a matter of time before a mistake is made and this war goes hot.

Meanwhile, back in Dog-Patch, we continue to send weapons and ammunition to Ukraine without replenishing our stockpiles. Our National Guard and Military Reservists have been stripped of training equipment. It will take years, and in some cases decades for our armament factories to replenish our supply shortfall.  The Biden Administration sold our Strategic Fuel Stockpile to other countries, including China. Our Strategic Medical Stockpiles have likewise been depleted. The US and other NATO countries are stocking-up medications to prevent and treat radiation sickness.

While Russia and China prepare their fallout shelters for use; the USA has no need to prepare the public because only VIPs and the Military have fallout shelters. While Russian oil and gas flows to China, and China builds two coal plants per week; the USA and NATO Countries refuse to drill for oil. As border restrictions are strictly enforced in Communist Countries to prevent enemy infiltration; the US has open borders. While our enemies crank-out armaments 24/7; US armament factories cannot find enough labor. While Russia is drafting nearly a million new military recruits; all branches of the US Military cannot meet their quotas. While Russian and Chinese recruits are taught to kill; our recruits are taught gender pronoun sensitivity. While Russian kids are taught to field strip assault rifles and use grenades; American kids are taught cultural revolution, gender fluidity and oral sex.

The first phases of our war are non-linear hybrid. Economic warfare is being combined with electronic warfare, cyber-attacks, and sabotage of infrastructure, energy and manufacturing facilities. The USA has had an epidemic of fires and explosions at fuel refineries and food processing plants. There have also been the much publicized attacks on electrical substations and the rash of large train derailments. Russia is experiencing much of the same hybrid warfare. Expect these attacks to become more common as we progress toward conventional warfare, or nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare.

Best case scenario, the coming hot war will be constrained to conventional warfare. If we face a war of guns and bullets, bombs and missiles, we will still face many hardships. Under the Biden Administration, the military draft was overhauled. Every man, woman and LGBTQ gender bender between the ages of 18 and 26 are still required to  register with selective service. According to Biden, those not wishing to serve in the armed forces will have alternative forms of service. Expect to see armament factories to be staffed with forced labor draftees quartered in nearby camps. They may also be pressed into war related infrastructure projects. Illegal immigrants, released inmates, and the homeless population, will be called to service, in some form or fashion, along with the rest of the population regardless of addictions, disability or criminal history. Like World War II, whole towns will be stripped of their working population. Medical professionals will be removed from hospitals and ambulances along with those who might serve in combat engineers. Truck drivers and pilots will be in short supply, along with warehouse workers. Chinese manufactures will disappear when the USA and China are in conflict. US manufactures will be prioritized for use in the war effort, and civilians will face rationing and shortages. The civilian population of elderly and severely disabled will be on their own. Children will probably be housed in government boarding schools while both parents are away serving in combat or a support role.

Worst case scenario, we will go into a strategic nuclear war. This would be the nightmare scenario that we all dread. An Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon would be the first weapon deployed, followed by strikes against America and NATOs nuclear triad; ICBM bunkers, Strategic Bombers, and nuclear armed submarines. Nuclear research and enrichment facilities and nuclear power plants would also be struck during the first phase. Next would be strikes against conventional military bases and weapons depots. Third in priority are dams, ports, major rail junctures, and technology hubs. Major political centers and decision-makers would be spared in order to facilitate a quick surrender.

Does Del Norte County have any risk from a nuclear attack? Superficially, the answer is no. We are located nearly 300 miles from the largest concentrations of nuclear targets. However, we need not be at ground zero of a primary or secondary target to face a nuclear threat.

Before a nuclear strike against the United States begins, there will be an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack against our three national power grids and the destruction of communication satellites in order to stall the launch of our own ICBMs. Most likely the EMP will originate either from an existing enemy satellite in space, land-based Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles,  submarine launched missiles, or from a launcher disguised as a cargo container. Only military and “continuity of government” facilities are hardened against an EMP in the United States. Once the massive grid transformers are knocked out, we will be without electrical power for a year or more. It is estimated by our own government that nearly 90% of us will die during that first year. We would have no electricity, cellular phones, landline phones, TV, radio, internet, pumped water, pumped gasoline, ATMs, credit card transactions, or stop lights. Along with the power grid, an EMP would destroy most unprotected microprocessors, and subsequently render devices controlled by them useless. Computers and every digital device you own would cease to function; along with most automotive vehicles. Any of your records that are not backed up on paper will be lost. Computerized cash registers will cease to function in stores, as well as their ability to scan prices at the register. The emergency 911 system would cease to function, along with emergency medical, police and fire vehicles and radios.  Sensitive digital medical equipment in hospitals would quit operating.

Any electronics surviving the initial EMP will be vulnerable to future ones. Yes, Russia has developed nuclear weapons that are specifically enhanced to generate maximum EMP, and there will be several detonated after the first one.

Along with surviving an EMP, Del Norte residents will face other nuclear threats. Nuclear Fallout is carried by the wind, but generally flows eastward with the rotation of the Earth. We will probably not need to worry about ground detonations in the USA. However air-bursts from surface to air missiles  to intercept ICBMs are a definite threat. These missiles will try to destroy incoming ICBMs before they hit their primary targets inland. They will try to do so either over the ocean or in scarcely populated areas; like Del Norte County. We could also be hit with fallout and radioactive tsunami  from friendly fire against enemy submarines off-shore.

The danger of air-bursts of nuclear devices depend upon payload.  If the ICBM were 1 megaton in size, its 100 million degree fireball would be tens of thousands times brighter than the Sun. Every creature within 7 miles from the blast would get second and third degree radiation burns. The blast wave would cause significant destruction of nearby buildings.

Should we, the American People be concerned with any of this? Most are working two jobs trying to make ends meet, or glued to their television sets waiting for the latest news about the Gwyneth Paltrow skiing accident court case, or they might be playing video games, watching internet porn, hustling the next fix of fentanyl, or fat-dumb and happy working a do-nothing, think-nothing, do-as-you’re-told government job. Nothing could possibly be wrong in this world or we would be told. Gotta have faith in your government.

As for me, I quit writing many articles nearly a year ago. Instead, I have devoted my time to preparing for the inevitable wartime challenges that await. I hope that my friends and neighbors will do the same. There are many books, articles and online instructional videos about surviving a nuclear attack or EMP. You should all be aware that you can only prepare BEFORE an emergency happens.

4 thoughts on “War Update #6”
  1. Good article. 2 things come to mind. Firstly, I have read articles recently describing that only 30% of people in the age range are recruitable. Drugs , Obesity, Criminal records are more popular. (kind of like Hunter B. ) Adversaries know this.
    Secondly, we need the next president to have actually had some military experience..unlike the last 5…..
    Bidens peace corps program won’t cut it. Might as well hand out Conversational Chinese for Dummies books.
    30+ years with mil contractors… you learn things…

  2. Kudos to such a well written article, no fear mongering, just facts. Make no mistake, a conflict is inevitable at this point. I do believe in the strength and resiliency of this community though. We did not earn the nickname of Comeback Town USA by accident.

  3. AOA,
    After my small USAF/+Res. contribution in active duty in the (European theater) in the ELINT realm, including a year at NSA, and subsequent aircraft maintenance (Travis AFB/Japan, Okinawam Guam, Tokyo AK, HI), 21 years altogether with a couple hears helping the disaster preparedness folks in civil engineering, I CONCUR. It’s been 25 years since I left the military but when it’s in your blood it never really leaves. Once you have gone to bed with the machine, been involved with how it operates and understand why it works the way it does and for what, the civilian life played out before you gives you nightmares.
    Our geographical isolation has served us well for many reasons but has also blinded us to what it’s like to live with massive amounts of other nationalities and cultures. We are the great melting pot they say – we have every walk of life here and that is true. But like our children in schools, we indoctrinate the newly arrived aliens who are eager to gobble up our culture to become one of us. The ones in their countries they left behind do not have that luxury and live stuck in their oppressive backward regimes. Fast forward to the days of the internet and the physical boundries melt away, but not so the languages and cultures. If only America, instead of sending it’s military around the world were sending the Peace Corp, helping the grass grow greener in other countries there wouldn’t be so much of a problem with our Southern boarder.
    Trying to have ones cake and eat it too is the problem. Preserving cultures, heritage, languages, customes, etc., is all noble and well but as quaint as it was to go fetch a pail of water for the home, it now has running water and will never return. CHANGE is enevitable. Change is hard. Change can be good and change can be bad. Change over time is easier. There have been countless wars and conflicts over the past 12,000 years but far fewer in the 8,000 years on this planet when there were @200 MILLION people than in the last 2,000 when the population when from 200 Million to 7+ BILLION. We are in unchartered territory. We are a hurting species, dazed, and confused. Nothing is more dangerous than a wounded animal.
    TO fight = WW III. ( fewer people, “maybe” but mostly sick, dying or to be certain mutant for
    TO FLY = Mars and beyond. (The ISS is still up there and had citizens from all the industrialized
    countries on board. We ‘CAN’ all get along)
    Happiness is a choice.

  4. Time to re-read Jonathon Schell’s landmark 1982 book “The Fate of the Earth”.
    Please keep writing your essays as they are always thought provoking.

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