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By Angry Old American

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While all eyes of Republicans are focused on revelations about possible Chinese, Ukrainian and Russian financial compromise of the Biden White House, and Democrats are transfixed on additional Justice Department charges against Trump; more important issues are largely ignored. We are in an multi-faceted war with Russia and China, and that war is hitting home. While governments around the world have been preparing their populations for economic, cyber, conventional, nuclear, chemical and biological warfare; the United States has chosen to keep their population clueless.

As the fiat $US has hyperinflated by over $4.81Trillion in fiscal year 2023; the BRICS nations, including Russia and China, are launching their own gold and commodity based currencies in August. The financial rating agency Fitch recently downgraded the credit rating of the United States. China, the largest investor in United States Treasury notes, has been dumping $US for over a year, and other countries are now following suit.

The European Union adopted their own Central Bank Digital Euro months ago, and the United States launched their Central Bank Digital Currency in July 2023. Will countries producing food, fuels, minerals and other tangible commodities and manufactures continue to exchange their goods for United States Dollars based only on “Faith and Trust in the United States Government?” Many, including Saudi Arabia are jumping ship from the “Petro-Dollar” and now require either gold-backed Chinese Yuan or Russian Rubles.

The United States Federal Reserve continues to increase interest rates in order to slow an already stagnant economy. These rate hikes are leading to even more bank insolvencies. PacWest Bancorp and  Kansas Heartland Tri-State Bank both added to the recent collapse of other major US financial institutions and FDIC bailouts. The FDIC will soon run out of money, leaving many depositors in future failed banks penniless. However, the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve claim that “Bidenomics” increases in the prime lending rate have tackled inflation. Subsequently, those on fixed incomes should not expect a large Cost of Living Adjustment next year.

There are also financial repercussions stemming from the war in Ukraine. The Crimean bridge was partially severed by Ukrainian forces using a British made submarine drone. Russia claims the drone was launched from a commercial ship transiting the Black Sea under the pretext of the Russia and NATO grain deal. That grain deal has been halted. When NATO considered sending military vessels to escort commercial cargo ships, Russia subsequently bombed the snot out of Ukrainian grain storage facilities and the Port of Odessa. Russia has also announced that any military ships entering the Black Sea will be considered hostile targets.

Why is this important to you?

Ukraine has long been the “Breadbasket of Europe,” and also provides the bulk of grain and seed oils for the Middle East and Africa. Maritime transportation of these commodities have now ceased for the foreseeable future. Though rail and truck transportation are available, the costs would send the value of these commodities skyrocketing.

Subsequently, India announced that it would cease the export of rice, with the exception of expensive Basmati Rice,  in order to feed their own population. Other countries are expected to do the same with their own food exports. This has led to panic buying of rice, and a marked impact on its price and availability.

Both the USA and Canada have had poor wheat harvests. As if present prices were not high enough, we should expect the price of bread and baked goods to inflate considerably this Fall and Winter. Corn and potato crops in the USA are also falling short of expectations, and these will likewise be reflected at our local grocers.

Not only is weather impacting crop yields, but many farmers are driven to bankruptcy by increasing costs of fertilizer, availability of loans for new farm equipment, and government environmental regulations. Ownership of these small and medium size farms are being transferred to mega-wealthy monopolists like Bill Gates and foreign corporations. China has been a major investor in U.S. agricultural land; much of it conveniently located adjacent to major military installations. There is also the case of “Flannery Associates,” a mysterious group of investors who acquired 52,000 acres of farmland next to Beale Air Force Base in California for over $1 Billion. Nobody in our government has been able to identify the principal investors holding sway over Flannery Associates.

For those who believe that the United States has Strategic Grain Reserves to feed their population; you are wrong. Our Strategic Grain Reserve was started in the 1970s under the Carter Administration, and since the 1990s was quickly shifted from a physical stockpile to paper commodity contracts; many of which have already been donated to other countries for humanitarian purposes.

We are also swiftly depleting what is left of our Strategic Oil Reserves. The Biden Regime has lowered fuel prices at the gas pumps by tapping the remaining drops of oil. Our Strategic Oil Reserves are now at a 40 year low; which is when we first started to fill these reservoirs.

Since the Biden Regime took control of our government, our domestic oil industry has been dismantled. The USA is importing foreign sourced fuels from elsewhere; mostly Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. Ironically, much of our oil imports still originate in Russia, but flow through the Middle East at a higher cost in order to circumvent sanctions.

Even the high-priced Middle-Eastern oil is now in jeopardy due to Iran’s recent shipping attacks in the Gulf of Hormuz choke-point. This has prompted thousands of Marines and military hardware to be sent to the Middle East starting July 20th, 2023.

Environmental policies have shut down many United States oil refineries, and scrapped any replacements. Natural Gas refineries and pipelines have likewise been diminished. Meanwhile, the Biden Regime has pumped $Billions into Solar projects dependent largely on Chinese sourced solar panels, and battery technologies based on Chinese controlled strategic minerals. Incidentally, China recently banned the export of these critical strategic minerals to the USA.

Transportation of goods has dropped dramatically since Covid. West Coast ports in the USA are still facing labor issues, and much of our Asian imports are now unloaded in Gulf and East Coast ports. Due to a drought in Panama, large cargo ships are unable to transit the lochs of the Chinese controlled Panama Canal from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico and beyond.

Automotive, trucking and industrial parts are becoming scarce; especially high technology components containing computer chips. This parts shortage is compounded by a lack of qualified mechanics. Is it any wonder that a new law is pending to prevent the public from repairing their own vehicles?

The large trucking company Yellow has filed for bankruptcy, laying off over 30,000 workers, and joined the ranks of other trucking companies that collapsed.

Our defense industry is one of those experiencing delays of critical components. These delays are not due to transportation; but Chinese embargoes. China has ceased exports of parts for U.S. manufactured military armaments that could be used in defense of Taiwan. A spokesman for Lockheed-Martin recently announced that the Corporation relies on thousands of Chinese manufacturers that provide components to manufacture and maintain their weapons systems.

Biden himself admitted that the USA was sending controversial and largely banned “Cluster Munitions” to Ukraine because we had depleted our arsenal of conventional munitions. Raytheon, the manufacturer of legacy Stinger Missiles from the 1980s, is calling engineers back from retirement in order to meet employment shortfalls. Our Nuclear submarine forces normally have 20% or less of their fleet in port for maintenance at any time; we now have 40% in port awaiting critical parts. The USA is expected to run out of ammunition in two weeks of combat if war with China ignites over Taiwan.

The United States Armed Forces continue to face a critical recruitment shortfall. Most young recruits simply cannot meet the minimum physical and intellectual standards; while others wash-out because of drugs and criminal convictions. We also lost many of our very best soldiers and sailors during mandatory Covid vaccinations and the introduction of critical race theory policies. Of those approached to return to military service, only a tiny fraction re-enlisted. Biden’s IRR Executive Order in July 2023 authorized up to 200,000 Reservists to be activated, with up to 30,000 coming from the Individual Ready Reserves (IRR). The IRR is composed of those discharged soldiers and sailors who did not complete their full eight year commitment.

The USA has an explosion of illegal immigration at our Southern Border. With Border Patrol bogged down processing millions of illegal immigrants turning themselves in, those “Walkaways,” evading detection are estimated to number in the hundreds of thousands. Most of these Walkaways are suspected to be carrying drugs or human trafficking. We can expect foreign spies, saboteurs and military special forces to be evading detection also.

We have all heard reports of the fentanyl epidemic that is quickly becoming a leading cause of death. Recently, the viral movie “Sound of Freedom” has awakened the public of the horrors of child sex trafficking. What goes unreported are the rash of fires and explosions at fuel refineries, food processing plants, and rail transportation lines. Some of these incidents have already been determined to be intentional, while most are pending “ongoing investigations.”

Of those minors crossing the Southern Border, 2,500 tested positive for tuberculosis; with no statistics available for adults. These infected children were promptly released and dispersed throughout 44 States; but no effort has been made to track their whereabouts. We now have an epidemic of tuberculosis that is growing exponentially. There are no statistics for other communicable lethal diseases available; mostly due to lack of testing and record keeping. Most disease carriers will be lost in the crowd, considering most of registered illegal immigrants fail to show after receiving their “Notice To Appear,” and there is absolutely no system of tracking. Our Borders are extremely vulnerable to human transmission and rapid dispersal of new biological weapons among our population. With the draconian oppression of the American population during Covid lock-downs, it is ironic to consider the lack of concern regarding illegal immigrants at our borders.

We also had the unsettling discovery of an unregistered Chinese bio-hazard laboratory located discretely in a Reedly California warehouse. Should we assume that this is the only covert disease factory operating in the United States?

Over 90% of our pharmaceutical medications, or the precursor chemicals to make them, come from China. Many of these pharmaceuticals, including anesthetics and antibiotics are already in short supply, along with medical tubing, bandages, and parts to maintain high-tech medical equipment. Our National Strategic Medical Reserve was depleted during Covid, though significant timely investment has been made recently in medications to treat radiation sickness. To compound this medical disaster, hospitals and clinics are running low-staffed, with more doctors and nurses exiting the medical profession by the day.

Our largest metropolitan centers have become battlegrounds for gangs. Fentanyl and Xylazine zombies roam city streets while teens stage “Wilding” rampages of riot and looting for kicks. Shoplifting is laughably common in such places, and even violent criminals are released without bail. Police and emergency services personnel are fleeing city centers in droves; while those remaining arrest victims who dare to resist against criminal acts. Police recruits are in such short supply in violent lawless jurisdictions that Illinois passed a law allowing illegal aliens to be recruited to enforce the law.

It is common knowledge that a nuclear attack would begin with an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack. Despite decades of pumping hundreds of billions of dollars into the military industrial complex, our nation’s power grid is still completely vulnerable to EMP.

A recent finding concluded that our power grids and other critical infrastructure are not only vulnerable to EMP, but could be shut down by Chinese hackers because of hidden Chinese Malware built into imported Chinese components. These components are scattered throughout our electrical grid, communications networks, water delivery and treatment facilities, nuclear power plants, defense factories and weapons systems. They are also scattered throughout your home. If you own a computer or cellular phone, odds are good that it can be compromised by Chinese hacking also. All of this is nothing new, as China requires that all of their computer chips and software to have a “Back Door” for State run surveillance access. The US Government had it’s worst data breach (Orion-Solar Winds) just prior to the 2020 elections when computers of almost all government departments were breached; including the Pentagon and all branches of the military. Ironically, shortly after this leak, the head of Federal Cybersecurity claimed the 2020 elections were the “most secure in history.”

After the disastrous withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, we left behind not only $80+ Billion in military equipment, but also abandoned Bagram Air Base. Bagram was a pivotal strategic location should war erupt in the Middle East or with China. China has had military trainers at Bagram since May of 2022. The recent government coup in Niger has placed over 1,200 U.S. Troops and over 1,000 French Soldiers in jeopardy. Niger is also the location of a regional CIA drone base that has been the origin of high-profile attacks against terrorist leaders throughout the region. The loss of Western presence in Niger will be another strategic blow.

On June 23rd 2023, Congressional Leaders Graham (R) and Blumenthal (D) announced that a nuclear cloud originating from Ukraine detected in any NATO country would be cause to invoke NATO Article 5; an official state of war with Russia. This event has been anticipated since the June 8th 2023 destruction of the Nova Kakhovka Dam that provides cooling water for the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. Most workers at the plant were evacuated on July 5th, and all but one of its six reactors are on cold shut-down. Hundreds of thousands of local residents have been readied for hasty evacuation. Meanwhile, NATO planes carrying nuclear sensors are flying lazy circles for the first sign of nuclear melt-down.

Senator Rand Paul recently proposed a Bill that would reaffirm the US Constitutional requirement that a Declaration of War be ratified by Congress. That Bill was defeated, and the USA can now be dragged directly into a war by NATO with Russia, and/or China through Article 5 of NATO.

For those “War Hawks” who rejoice over our knee-jerk reaction to a NATO led war, consider the following:

Our enemies have been stockpiling food and other critical materials for their populations for several years. Citizens of China have been told to stock up on an entire year’s supply of food. Can we expect to wage war without food?

Russia has massive reserves of oil and natural gas, and China has stockpiled coal and other fuels in anticipation of war over Taiwan. The USA has dismantled domestic fuel production and depleted our strategic reserves. The dream of renewable energy is decades away; at best. This renewable energy plan is also largely dependent on solar panels and strategic minerals from China. If we do get into a nuclear shooting war, an EMP or digital Back-Door Hack would destroy our power grid, cellular communications, internet, broadcast communications, ATMs, gas pumps, most cars with computer chips, store cash registers, water pumps, along with personal home digital electronics and appliances. Can we expect to win a war without energy? Can the modern American even survive without electricity?

Russia is presently operating on a war-time economy, with munitions factories operating 24/7. China boasts the largest Navy in the world, and its Air Force has been upgraded to compete with our latest stealth jets. Only difference is that their military does not depend on enemy countries for parts. Russia and China also get more bang for the buck from their military contractors; while the USA is gouged at every opportunity by our military industrial complex. Can we really expect China to provide components for bombs to kill their own soldiers?

Our potential enemies have mandatory military service and use conscription to fill their ranks. Russia has already activated its Reservists, and is in the process of conscripting nearly a half-million more. The USA cannot find hardly any qualified applicants for our military, and would be hard-pressed to draft those capable of doing the job. Can we fight a war without soldiers?

Both Russia and China have strictly controlled borders to protect against threats to government sovereignty. United States borders are wide open, with tax dollars used to support illegal immigrant transportation and financial aid. A vast majority of illegal immigrants are military age males. If an invading force were to arrive at our borders without uniforms, would we let them in? Would we provide foreign soldiers with free transportation and financial aid?

Considering our reliance on China for medications and medical supplies, our hospitals may soon operate on a basis of “Bring your own medications and bandages.” We may not even find any medical workers willing to put-up with such conditions. Can we expect to fight or win a war without a medical system?

If our largest population centers cannot maintain law and order now while there is still food, fuel, medical supplies, and safety from external conflict; what can we expect during all-out war?

During the 2020 elections, Communist Party USA endorsed Joe Biden for President on the front page of their website. Most far left Democrats are either avowed Marxists, or espouse communist principals and policies. Generations of American youths have been indoctrinated with Marxist values. Mainstream Media and Pop Culture likewise support redistribution of wealth in the spirit of “Equity” through reparation payments and universal basic income.  Those who continue to support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are branded traitors and “Enemies of our Democracy.” The Justice Department and IRS have been weaponized to root-out and neutralize any potential “Extremist” opposition. The primary opposition candidate faces a mountain of legal charges during this coming election year; if an election even happens. The United States has never been more divided. Can a war be won with only half the population participating? Can we expect the Marxist government of the USA to seriously wage war against the Communist government of Russia and the Maoist government of China?

Rights to free speech and firearms ownership are under attack. Facebook and other social media platforms scan data to identify and report political and religious “Extremists,” and those not participating in authorized group-think. Guns are confiscated from law abiding citizens while criminals who use illegal firearms to commit crimes are promptly released from custody without bail. If war were to break out, can we expect total control of speech and wholesale confiscation of privately owned firearms? Can we expect anarchy and gang rule on our city streets?

During the past two and a half years, this government has done everything imaginable to make us dangerously vulnerable to a resounding defeat in war. Meanwhile, they are rushing us into a war that we are ill-prepared to win. Will the United States face a quick and resounding defeat and unconditional surrender?

If you think things are bad now, consider what it will be like under martial law or as a conquered people under enemy occupation.

There is little we can do to prevent war. Your Federal, State and Local Governments will do little or nothing for you; except use you and squander your resources. However, we can personally prepare ourselves and our families for the inevitable. Learn everything you can to become responsible and self-sufficient. Network with like-minded family, friends and neighbors before it is too late.

We are blessed to live in a remote area that abounds in wild foods and resources. Our temperate maritime climate and abundant water are perfect for agriculture. People lived here without electricity before, and we can do the same now.

As is the case on a Federal and State level, our worst enemies during a war will be our own local government. God help us all when our predatory local governments exploit their new wartime emergency powers.

Many people will not awaken until the nightmare is upon them. The brainwashed will take note when their light-switch, cellphones, televisions, internet, refrigerators and cars don’t work. They will panic when store shelves are empty, the gas pumps stop working, ATMs don’t spit-out cash, and water no longer flows from their faucet. That panic will lead them to dangerous and lethal behavior.

We are closer now to war than ever before. The only difference between a deliberate act and a desperate one is preparation. The only time to prepare is before a disaster strikes.

4 thoughts on “War Update #7: War Hits Home”
  1. AOA, Jim Dunn, both of you are so correct if the American people had their eyes, ears, open and read more about Biden he would not be in office such a lier, Biden said his son died in Afghan no his one son died in this country from cancer Biden was able to be with his son until the end this is sad but why lie? America is this what you want for a president? oh is Biden a billionaire yet.
    PS most news media do not report the truth.

  2. Thank you Angry Old American, this government is breaking this country down starting with in, starting with parents at school meetings calling parents terrorist, sending spies into Catholic Churches, Biden said all drilling will stop in this country, the military said the possibility of a draft, come on America wake up.

    1. Margaret, the most important thing is that you are aware of our situation. Prepare as best you can for the inevitable, and network with others of like-mind. Always remember that the “Big Guy’s” cyber Big Brother is now watching patriotic Americans like a hawk. Be wary of your communications on the internet, and avoid cellphone texting.

      Time is short, and the level of treachery, deception and betrayal are becoming greater by the day. Take a moment to search and read the August 4, 2023 New York Post article “Biden Energy Secretary called Chinese official before US tapped oil reserves”
      by Josh Christenson. According to his article, in November of 2021, Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm spoke with a senior Chinese energy official. That same week the USA started tapping its Strategic Oil Reserves. It turns out that Hunter Biden held a 10% stake in BHR Partners, who in turn pumped $Billions into Chinese government owned Sinopac. Approximately 900,000 barrels of oil from our strategic reserves were sold to Unipec America; a subsidiary of Sinopec.

      At this rate, I do not know if we will have an election in 2024. If it happens, we most likely will have another manipulated election. If Trump is not jailed, then he might be eliminated similar to JFK during the November 1963 coup. Study what you can about life in other countries under Russian and Chinese puppet governments. The days of open free speech, and expressing opinions contrary to the authorized narrative are nearly done. Those who do speak the truth are doing so at their own peril. We quite literally have stepped into George Orwell’s “1984.”

  3. I could not have stated it better. Unfortunately you are correct that a large amount of our population is either willfully or ignorantly blind to the direness of our situation. They are the ones that will suffer the most.

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