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By Angry Old American

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Buckle your seat-belts boys and girls, it looks like we are encountering extreme turbulence ahead!

In my last update, I mentioned Russia and China conducting exercises aimed at sinking US Aircraft Carrier Strike Groups. Both countries used mock US Aircraft Carriers as targets. I also mentioned a large Iranian exercise in the Arabian Sea. Information has recently come to light that their military exercise included a mass drone swarm attack against a mock Israeli nuclear facility.

On January 3rd, Iranian President Ebrahim Raishi demanded the arrest and trial of Donald J. Trump and Mike Pompeo for the January 2020 drone-attack assassination of the Iranian martyr terrorist General Qassem Soleimani. Sources relate that neither of these American officials are receiving additional security from the Biden Administration due to terrorist threats against their lives on American soil. It is unclear if the Biden Administration will actually arrest and extradite Trump and Pompeo to Iran for trial and beheading. Perhaps later; but not now.

ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, PBS         and every alphabet of note hosted a non-stop star-studded television extravaganza commemorating the “horrific events” of January 6th 2021; a day that will echo into eternity as the “Worst attack on Democracy EVER!” However, the ungrateful American public was unimpressed. Out of approximately 332,403,650 residents of the United States, only 1.6 million of them, 0.0048% of the US Population, sat on the edge of their seats watching CNN’s 24 hour January 6th broadcast. Although Homeland Security refuses to release up-to-date figures, by October of 2021 more Illegal Aliens crossed our Southern Border than sat through CNN’s pathetic propagandist bantering. The other Mainstream Media networks didn’t fare much better.

Meanwhile on Capitol Hill, Attorney General Merrick Garland, along with FBI executives and spokesmen faced tough questions about under-cover plain-clothes involvement of FBI Agents, Informants and Assets with incitement to riot and acts of violence during January 6th. Were Federal Agents disguised as MAGA Trump supporters at the US Capitol on January 6th? Did Federal Agents incite the crowd to breach the gates of the US Capitol? Did Federal Agents enter the US Capitol and commit acts of violence? How many FBI arrests for “Insurrection” were made of Antifa or Black Lives Matter Movement protesters involved in over 800 riots during the Summer of 2020, that resulted in looting, vandalism, arson, mayhem and murder; not to mention attacks against police, federal officers, and federal buildings? After a full year of investigations, and multiple reports to the “January 6th Commission” regarding Donald J. Trump and many political figures of the Republican Party, the uniform FBI reply was “I cannot answer that question.”

One other question was asked. Of the over 700 persons arrested for attending the January 6th “Insurrection,” how many were actually charged with “Insurrection?” In the case of persons charged with “Insurrection,” the answer at the time it was asked was Zero; instead of “I cannot answer that question!” Attorney General Garland seems to have noted that embarrassing fact, and subsequent charges were pressed on January 13th against Stewart Rhodes, founder of the “Oath Keepers” organization for “Sedition and Insurrection.” Better late than never.

Having failed to shake the American public into a frenzied state of self-righteous indignation over the January 6th story, our Pretender in Chief took the most logical next steps. On January 10th 2021, the Biden Administration’s own Merrick Garland announced the creation of a new “Domestic-Terrorism Unit” in the Department of Justice. The DOJ has doubled the number of agents assigned to domestic terrorism since 2020. “Patriot Extremists” naive enough to be infiltrated by FBI, and incited by Federal Agents to break the law, will finally be hunted down like the mangy dogs that they are. The US Post Office was enlisted in 2021 to “monitor” and identify recipients of mailings from patriot extremist Republicans, MAGA terrorists, religious extremist anti-abortion, anti-Critical Race Theory, anti-illegal immigration, anti-vaccine mandate and worst of all, anti-communist organizations. Those schools that are still open will continue to comb their student body in a Nazi-style hunt to find kids willing to rat on conservative “terrorist” parents. Of course, the FBI is investigating any parent opposing their local school board. According to the National Review, Biden’s own Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, requested the American School Board Association to draft the infamous “Threats of Death and Violence” letter that led to the Justice Department’s parent purge.

As if Facebook and Twitter snitches are not enough, Chinese Communist Party (CCP)  style computer algorithm bloodhounds have been set loose on the American public through the internet. Artificial Intelligence (AI) data-bots employed by the government’s partners at Facebook, Twitter and Google, along with similar targeted data from Comcast, AT&T and other cable, satellite and telephone providers of media “programming,” scan for any potential “terrorist” threats. Even those evil conservatives who are not actively involved in crime will be identified and thoroughly profiled. Patriot Extremist terrorists have a unique psychological fingerprint, just like serial killers, and Merrick Garland’s FBI are the people to spot them. Soon, many conservative sub-species citizens may be removed from society “Minority Report” style. All of this is happening just in time for the 2021 Tax Season, with 87,000 brand-new gung-ho tax auditors, indoctrinated in government mandated Critical Race Theory, and hungry to root-out as many MAGA criminals as possible and extract “their fair share.”

Perhaps the United States will incorporate the Chinese Communist Party’s use of Artificial Intelligence Judges. It is expected that the CCP’s stellar record of 98% convictions may vault as high as 100% through the more thorough AI Judges. This new streamlined CCP judicial process even includes a mobile execution bus. No word of whether the new execution bus will be fitted with an operating room to harvest organs.

Meanwhile, the fat-dumb-and-happy American public have been finally awakened from their television induced psychotic stupor by financial news they can relate to. Recently released reports pointed to 7% inflation and looming interest rate hikes. “Damn; we only got a 5.9% COLA!”

Somehow, don’t ask me how, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her husband have been singled out as exceptional investors, with a 96% increase on their investments since 2019. Not even Warren Buffet, Bill Gates or any of the Wall Street savvy investors or hedge-fund managers can boast such a phenomenal return. What’s the “Pelosi Secret to Financial Success?” According to the New York Post, in 2021 Pelosi and her husband realized over $30 million in capital gains trading futures options for tech stocks like Google, Micron Technology, Roblox and Salesforce. Jeepers, seems I remember the CEO of Google giving testimony before Congress last year regarding alleged misdeeds and being granted a reprieve. Hmmm. Not to worry though, as Congressional Representatives face “rigorous scrutiny” by Merrick Garland’s Justice Department over insider-trading for any investments over $1,000; wink-wink, nod-nod, say no more!

Back in Dog-Patch, store shelves are starting to thin, just as a new law goes into effect requiring truck drivers crossing the US-Canadian border to carry proof of vaccination. There is also a mandatory two week stay in a Canadian quarantine facility after each border crossing; along with a bill for the stay to be sent to the trucking company. Canada and the US import a majority of their staple goods, food and fuel from one-another. Seems like a give-take stalemate. The USA’s top exports to Canada include vehicles, machinery, electrical machinery and mineral fuels; while Canada’s top imports to the United States include mineral fuels, vehicles, gold and machinery. Yet, the devil is in the details, and far down the list Canadians will learn to live without many fresh fruits and vegetables, and Americans will live without lumber.

The dread monster Omicron is still considered the most newsworthy item for those news agencies hosted by Big-Pharma advertising dollars; which is most of them. “This night’s segment of the news is brought to you by Pfizer!” Mandates, constitutionally legal or not, will probably remain in place on a Federal level. Lion Biden is also pressing for Federal election reforms that will require all states to allow ballot harvesting, print at home ballots, and extend voting rights to incarcerated felons, children, and undocumented citizens (AKA illegal aliens) with no signature or ID requirement. This piece of controversial legislation surripticiously passed Congress on Wednesday January 12th 2022. Too many people opposing this Bill (HR-1), knew of it as the “Voting Rights Act.” In a work of sorcery that only the Democrats could concoct, the Democracy killing elements of HR-1 were miraculously incorporated into a Frankenstein’s monster known as HR-4, the “NASA Bill.” Most of the public are unaware of this sleight-of-hand trick, and thanks to Mainstream and Social Media, they never will know. Goodbye fair and transparent elections; screw the will of the people, it will be Democrat tyranny forever!

The Nation’s much loved and respected White House is also being permanently encircled with 12 foot tall concrete walls behind the existing wrought-iron fence. No word has surfaced yet regarding enhanced fortifications of razor-wire, claymore mines, flame-throwers or crew-served mini-guns. Bad news for those citizens looking forward to a White House tour. However, we must all make sacrifices to protect “The most popular US President in the history of the United States, who got the highest percentage of votes in the most secure election ever!”

Perhaps our leaders are taking their cue from the recent events in Kazakhstan, who’s President ordered “shoot-to-kill without warning orders” to put down local protests. Resource rich Kazakhstan’s population should be comfortable and happy. According to the World Nuclear Association, Kazakhstan possesses 12% of the worlds uranium reserves and in 2019 produced 43% of the worlds supply of uranium. Kazakhstan, a member of OPEC, out-produced their 2021 daily quota of 1.55 million barrels of liquified gas by 130,000 barrels per day. Yet, the population is in full-tilt rebellion over a doubling of consumer gas prices in one day on January 1st of 2022. With such an abundance of gas, why would the Kazakh people face such huge fuel price increases during a fierce winter?

Perhaps politics, money and ownership have had a hand in skyrocketing gas prices in Kazakhstan. First, it is important to be aware that Kazakhstan is a land-locked country, with no access to the ocean, and ports only on the likewise landlocked Caspian Sea. Its largest northern and western border is shared with Russia, then China and Kyrgyzstan to the East, and Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan to the South.   Thus, exports from the country depend on rail and truck transport or fuel pipelines to reach non-adjacent markets. Any fluctuation in transportation policies or duties from adjacent countries affect the bottom line for all export industries. Mineral fuels are Kazakhstan’s largest export. Other exports include iron and steel, miscellaneous ores, copper, inorganic chemicals, cereals, gems and precious metals. Importers of Kazakhstan’s many goods include 19.2% to China, 14.2% to Italy, 10.4% to Russia, and 6+% to Netherlands, Uzbekistan, Turkey, India and France. Tengizchevroil is the producer of Kazakhstan’s mineral oil industry, and its owners are Chevron (50%), ExxonMobile (25%), KazMunaiGas which is owned by the Kazakh government (20%) and Russia’s Lukoil (5%).

After the populist uprising in Kazakhstan, thousands of Russian troops and their allies poured into the country to provide “peace-keeping” assistance and secure their strategic facilities (Lukoil) and infrastructure critical to “Regional Stability.” Observers found it unsettling that many of these troops were wearing “UN” emblazoned blue helmets traditionally worn by “UN” peacekeepers; even though this was not a UN sanctioned peacekeeping mission. The support of Kazakhstan’s government was launched by Russia’s own version of NATO. The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) consists of military resources from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. On Saturday January 15th, it was announced that these Russian Coalition troops were withdrawing.

Those eye’s not focused squarely on America’s greatest threat, Patriot Extremists and White Supremacist MAGA followers, are on the Ukraine. Peace negotiations between NATO and Russia are going nowhere. North Korea, seemingly being left out of the limelight, launched two hypersonic intercontinental missiles into the Pacific. One of these missiles caused the temporary grounding of West Coast US air traffic due to a national defense alert.

On January 14th 2021, White House Spokeswoman Jen Psaki (Little Red Lyinghood) announced that Russia is expected to launch a False Flag attack upon itself. Those unfamiliar with False Flag attacks need only take a close look at the January 6th attack on the US Capitol by patsies led by federal agents and Antifa assets. If there is one thing that our Democrat run mono-party government knows about, it is False Flag operations. So look for Russia to stage a “Ukrainian” attack of some sort on Russian soil between mid-January to mid-February.

Now that this can of worms has been opened, the little wigglers seem to be popping up all over the place! Russia recently mentioned the possibility of sending their troops to Cuba and Venezuela. Great shades of the 1960’s Cuban Missile Crises! The United Kingdom and United States announced on January 12th that two NATO Carrier Groups will participate in exercise “Cold Response” (CR22).  The aircraft carriers HMS Prince of Wales and USS Harry S. Truman will participate in the largest naval exercise in Arctic Circle since the 1980s, with over 35,000 troops. Cold Response, conducted 400 kilometers from Russian coast is scheduled to start mid-March of 2022. Russia has already deployed its new 3m22 Tsirkon hypersonic anti-ship missiles in the Barents Sea, and their entire Pacific submarine fleet left port in late November.

So little Buckaroos, we all most certainly have much to contemplate this week.

As it stands, we will probably not see an Electromagnetic Pulse attack upon America’s three energy grids and communications infrastructure for the time being. The shameless January 6th extravaganza hosted by television and radio stations nationwide demonstrated their staunch Marxist fidelity to “The Official Narrative.” While Mainstream Media and Social Media serve their Marxist and Maoist masters; our energy grids and communication systems will serve as weapons to eliminate “Patriot Extremists” and the enemies of Communism.

However, war is not off the table. Poor viewership of Mainstream Media propaganda might indicate that masses are recovering from their programmed psychosis. Both Biden and Harris are slipping dramatically at the polls, and many Democrat representatives in Congress and Senate have chosen to retire. A foreign war, or domestic civil war, could work in advantage for our present one-party Democrat run government. Why risk the loss of a perfectly good tyranny due to a regime change in a 2022 election? If war is declared, the Administration can invoke the War Powers Act, similar to Franklin Delano Roosevelt during World War Two. Elections could then be suspended, along with a subsequent crackdown on any “seditious” opposition to the will of Democrat despots. The Republican Party would either fall-in-line as subservient RINOs, or be declared illegal and ruthlessly purged with the help of Mainstream and Social Media; along with the growing CCP “Social Credit” style American Surveillance State.

Look for more War updates in the near future.

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  1. Excellent piece. It boils down what MSM wants to report..but doesn’t..mostly little Facts. Not sure how HR-1 or HR-4 will affect elections since they are all run by counties.
    LOL on little miss lying hood. I heard that even MSM will make her explode.

    1. The provisions of HR-1/HR-4 will require every State and County in the United States to adhere to the new Federal Guidelines. Sorry, it appears that I failed to mention this important fact in my article.

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