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All eyes remain transfixed on a potential Russian incursion across the Ukrainian border. Our Military Industrial Complex and their Mainstream Media mouthpieces are preparing the American public to support Ukraine’s sovereign border at all cost. Ukraine has a right to protect its border, and by-golly it is our responsibility to help protect Ukraine’s border; or so the story goes.

Meanwhile, the Southern Border of the United States remains open and increasingly defenseless. We are told that an open border is an act of compassion and kindness. On January 16th, of this year, Mexican police in Veracruz found 359 immigrants stuffed into a tractor-trailer rig bound for the USA. This load included nearly 300 Guatemalans, and a mix of Nicaraguans, Salvadorans, Hondurans and Ecuadorans. According to Brietbart, this was not first time for such incident, nor the most egregious; on November 21, 2021 Mexican authorities detained 600 immigrants stuffed into two tractor trailers headed for the US Border. This prior incident included migrants from Bangladesh, Cameroon, Ghana, India and a mix of Central American Countries.

Stories of inhumanity by human traffickers abound at our Southern Border and beyond. Hundreds of migrants desiccated corpses have been discovered in the deserts. Rapes of women and children by traffickers are routine.

Why would the US Southern Border be mentioned during a discussion of War?

Border Czar Kamala Harris has briefly visited a migrant detention center many miles from the Southern Border once. Joe Biden has not visited the border at all. We still are waiting for the overdue annual Border Patrol report regarding total undocumented alien incursions across the border in 2021. Somehow, this total remains frozen back in time to October of 2021. For some reason, the Department of Homeland Security appears to want the number of illegal immigrants to remain a secret. Why?

The Department of Homeland Security is also transporting these illegal immigrants throughout the United States, and none are screened for Covid-19 or any other disease. “Undocumented Citizens” are exempt from the Vaccine Mandates that plague the rest of us. The destinations of these taxpayer financed trips appear to be a national security secret; though on-the-ground reports indicate most are headed to conservative communities. What is even more disturbing are the overnight flights containing young women and children to large Democrat run cities, never to be seen or heard-of again.

Why the secrecy? Why are immigrant women and children being transported in the middle of the night?  Is the United States Government cooperating with the Criminal Cartels in human sex trafficking and expansion of their criminal enterprises across America? This is not an outlandish question. It is well known that Border Cartels control the “Coyotes” who smuggle illegal undocumented migrants across our Southern Border. These Criminal Cartels do not provide this service as an act of charity. These Cartels are ruthless gangs of thugs who have been responsible for mass murder of Mexican citizens, including torture and dismemberment, throughout their respective gang turfs. They charge thousands of dollars for each and every human smuggled across the US Border, and they damn-well expect to get their money. It is also well known that most of these migrants do not possess the money to pay for their passage. Cartels expect them to “work-off” their debts once in the United States.

How do they work off their debts? The deserts of Southern California have an epidemic of illegal drug grows, most of which are run by the Border Cartels and staffed with immigrant slave labor. Immigrants in their teens have been incorporated into American street gangs; selling drugs, selling their bodies, pimping child prostitutes, or conducting robberies, car-jackings, home invasions and murder for hire. Young unsupervised immigrant children and infants simply disappear after clandestine overnight government funded flights, as if they never existed.

In October of 2021, the number of border crossings exceeded 1.7 million, and that did not include “Walk-Aways” that evaded the Border Patrol entirely. If Homeland Security’s policy is to release illegal border crossers into the US Mainland, and provide free transportation, then why would any migrants want to evade processing? Odds are good that these “Walk-Aways” are criminals who are fleeing prosecution, felons expelled from the United States, gang members carrying drugs, or bad-actors involved in foreign espionage, enemy special forces incursions, or international terrorism.

If we are dragged into a World War with Russia, China, Iran and others; will the Biden Administration take our own border crises seriously? Since vaccination mandates went into effect, both Border Patrol and Customs have been hemorrhaging seasoned agents; leaving the remainder woefully understaffed. States, like Texas have taken it upon themselves to curb the unrestricted flow of migrant criminals. The City of Houston has become a battle-ground with multiple homicides happening daily and several police being murdered on a regular basis each week.

Are we prepared for war?

We were energy independent when Biden seized office. His first act was to dismantle America’s oil industry and make us dependent on OPEC. 

Are our supply lines intact? On our Canadian Border, mandatory vaccinations of truck drivers went into effect on January 22nd. Unvaccinated drivers testing positive for Covid who are entering Canada face two weeks of mandatory incarceration in a government quarantine facility, and either the driver or their company are responsible for paying the tab for housing and food. With 16,000 to 38,000 freight loads crossing the Canadian border daily, this will have an impact on both US and Canadian supply-lines in short-order.

There are already regional shortages of goods. Those US States impacted by recent blizzards are facing shortages of groceries in their markets. Many US food processing plants have closed entirely due to Covid restrictions; or are operating at low capacity with skeleton crews.

We can expect shortages of imports from China to hit very soon. The backlog of ships at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are starting to thin. Ships are being unloaded, and the thousands of shipping containers are either finding their way to port warehouses, or onto trucks or rail cars where they are subsequently looted by modern smash-and-grab highway and rail bandits. Both rail-yards and roadways are strewn with boxes lifted from cargo containers. Many boxes were left along the tracks unopened. Covid tests, vaccines and masks are items commonly discarded. An entire train of containers was derailed in Los Angeles this week, only to be stripped of its cargo in days.

This supply situation is about to get much worse. There are very few incoming cargo ships to replace those unloaded and returning to China. Many major ports in China have been closed due to “Coronavirus Outbreaks.” Some observers are pointing to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) attempting to curb a significant epidemic of hemorrhagic fever in its Northern Provinces. On December 31 2021, China’s Health Service reported 2,557 cases of Hemorrhagic Fever in Shaanxi Province. Viral Hemorrhagic fever causes blood vessels in the body to leak; common variants include Yellow Fever, Lassa, Dengue, Marburg and Ebola. With the Beijing Winter Olympics just now getting underway, the CCP would prefer to keep this hemorrhagic fever scare under-wraps. However, both Chinese and United States airlines have been sanctioned and significantly curtailed in the past week.

North Korea, not to be left out of the loop, has launched another two hypersonic missiles into the Sea of Japan, bringing the total to four missiles during the past month.

Back to Ukraine, since 2014, the United States has provided $1.5 Billion in military hardware to the Government of Ukraine. Much of this military equipment arrived during the Obama-Biden Administration during Ukraine’s 2014-2017 war with Russia. Due to the recent Russian military border exercises, Ukraine is has received $650 million in military hardware since December of 2021, and Congress has authorized an additional $200 million in military aid. In comparison to Afghanistan, the aid to Ukraine is chump-change.

Some of the $80+ Billion of military hardware abandoned in Afghanistan has made its way to Pakistani terrorist groups battling Indian Troops in the hotly contested border province of Cashmere. It is not known if US explosives abandoned in Afghanistan were used in the January 17th Houthi attack on Abu Dhabi, or the January 18th Taliban attack in Islamabad.

Biden’s first large press conference for nearly a year on January 19th eluded to “Small Incursions” by Russia into Ukraine as seemingly being OK. Was Biden envisioning a convoy of “Undocumented Citizens” similar to those pouring across our own Southern Border? It was a similar disavowed statement regarding $450,000 payments to illegal border-crossers that led to the immediate frenzied launch of huge caravans to our own Southern Border. Biden’s “Minor Incursion” statement, was not recanted; but later claimed to never have existed. Such is the power of Mainstream Media News.

Shortly after Biden’s “Minor Intrusion” statement, Jen Psaki and every White House Staffer add Democrat Apparatchik with a pulse was clarifying that “Minor Incursions” was Biden-speak for “Any Intrusion” will be met by “Severe Sanctions.” Seven US Senators were sent to Ukraine to assure their leaders of US Commitment.

On January 21st through the 24th joint military drills are being held in the North Indian Ocean by Russia China and Iran. These naval drills are intended to send a message of “Solidarity against Western aggression.”

Russia also announced plans for large joint military exercise on Belarus/Polish border from February 10th through the 20th. There is speculation of additional Russian troops arriving at the border of Belarus and Ukraine. After Chernobyl’s 1986 Nuclear Power Plant Disaster, 1,000 miles of Ukrainian turf along the Belarus border has been a virtual “Dead-Zone.” Void of all human population, this “Dead-Zone” could be a soft target of opportunity should Russia choose to invade.

Russia pulled 18 diplomatic family members from Ukraine on January 18th, and on January 23rd, the US announced preparations to evacuate their own US diplomatic families from Ukraine. This happened as the first load of $200 million in additional military aid arrived.

During this past week, Russia has deployed its TOS-1A Solntsepek “Burning Sun” multiple Thermobaric rocket launcher systems into its arsenal of weapons at the border. Thermobaric rockets, designed to breach heavily fortified targets, create a cloud of fuels and air that produce massive heat and pressure. Each Thermobaric rocket is capable of engulfing thousands of meters of land into a raging inferno. Ukraine has moved MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) units to its border with Crimea. Russia annexed Crimea during the 2014-2017 war with Ukraine.

Perhaps now is a good time to reach back into history. Ukraine was once part of the Soviet Union, governed by Moscow. For those youngsters unfamiliar with the Soviet Union, I suggest a thorough study of this fallen empire. After the Fall of the Berlin Wall, economic collapse of the Soviet Union, and subsequent dissolution of its provinces, Ukraine became a sovereign state of its own.

One of the important loose-ends after the collapse of the Soviet Union was all those pesky nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles residing in the break-away provinces. By-far, the largest number of these nuclear ICBMs were smack-dab in the middle of Ukraine; 5,000 of the little party-poppers! Russia wanted these ICBMs and brokered a deal. Ukraine would give Russia the ICBMs in exchange for a promise that Russia would never-ever invade their country. By 2014, this deal was forgotten and Russia invaded. Liar-liar pants on fire! Russia gained territory in Eastern Ukraine along with the Crimea while the world’s eyes were transfixed on the Olympics. Here we are again with another Olympics. Seems like history repeats itself.

Along with pending Russian military exercises in Belarus this coming February, there have been heightened Russian naval activities in the Baltic Sea. According to the BBC, Mystery Drones were spotted over all Swedish nuclear power plants on January 18th. No word is available regarding the origin or intent of these intrusions.

On January 22nd, Sweden and Finland reinforced their strategic Island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea in case of Russian attack. Sweden has been preparing its population for war with Russia for years; and has mutual assistance pacts signed with several countries in region. Both Sweden and Finland are presently unaligned, but NATO alliance is not off the table.

All of this War brouhaha is perfectly timed for the Biden Administration. With public approval polls tanking, and Congress failing to pass their Voters (Cheaters) Rights Act, and also defeated during their bid to permanently stop Republican use of the Filibuster, the Corporate-Communist agenda and media narrative is starting to unravel.

The first news narrative to collapse is the “January 6th Insurrection.” Video evidence and testimony has emerged that Ashli Babbitt begged Capitol Police to call for backup just minutes before she was shot. Babbitt was an Air Force Veteran who served in the Military Police. Babbitt knew the law, and having served in combat, had knowledge, experience and presence of mind to see that something was amiss at the US Capitol. Republican Senators have been asking forbidden questions for months. Why did the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, refuse to reinforce Capitol Police security after being told by Justice Department Intelligence of pending unrest? Why did Capitol Police open the gates for a breach at the precise time when objections to Biden’s confirmation were raised on the House Floor? Why did Capitol Police refuse to block the entrance to the Capitol Building, and allow a vanguard of colorfully costumed, made-for-TV characters to walk through the hallway, foyer, and up the stairs to the Capitol Rotunda?

We now know that there were more FBI Agents than “Perpetrators” involved in the planning and highly publicized “Attempted Kidnap” of Michigan Governor Whitmer. Were plain-clothes or costumed Federal Agents in attendance at the US Capitol on January 6th? Did Federal Agents or Informants incite the breach of the US Capitol and participate in acts of vandalism and violence? The standard reply by the Justice Department to such questions has been “I cannot answer that question.” Why couldn’t they answer “NO!!!”

Was January 6th an Insurrection; or did Pelosi and Company want to create an event that would obstruct the presentation of prima facie evidence of election fraud during the confirmation hearings? 

A related January 6th story that emerged is that of the mysterious Ray Epps. Mr. Epps, the Arizona President of the “Oath Keepers,” flew to Washington to support President Trump’s “Stop the Steal Rally.” However, for some reason, Epps never attended the Trump rally. Instead, he was video recorded on several occasions while inciting members of the crowd at the US Capitol to a breach the gates and enter the Capitol. During one recording of his speeches, members of the crowd pointed at him and chanted “Fed! Fed! Fed!”

Mr Epps’ photo ended up on the FBI’s most wanted list for a heartbeat, and once identified, he was never charged. The local Arizona Unit of the FBI denied any knowledge of Ray Epps. He was also defended by Democrats in Congress when Republicans tried to determine if he was one of the Federal Agents and Associates at the Capitol on January 6th. After embarrassing Congressional testimony by US Attorney General Merrick Garland revealed that NONE of those arrested during the January 6th “Insurrection” were actually charged with Insurrection; Insurrection and Sedition charges were filed against Stewart Rhodes, the founder of the Oath Keepers. To this day, no charges have ever been filed against Ray Epps.

If that is not enough, a time-line of events on January 6th has surfaced. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) claimed that in fear for her life, she locked herself in her office restroom after hearing knocks at the door. AOC sniveled and weeped that she believed that “rioters” had breached the gates and made their way to her office; the office of the most important member of Congress. It was later revealed that the knocks were made by Capitol Security over an hour before the Capitol Breach. AOC’s story of January 6th eludes to her knowing there would be a Capitol breach at least one hour BEFORE IT HAPPENED!

Little truth bombs are exploding outside the January 6th arena. Peter Schweitzer’s new book “Red-Handed” has gained traction in the free-press and alternative media. In his book, Mr. Schweitzer details over $30 million in payments over a decade to the Biden family from Chinese businessmen tied to top Chinese Communist Party intelligence leaders. Much of this money flowed through Hunter Biden to “The Big Guy.” This is nothing new for those unplugged from Mainstream Media propaganda and censorship. Hunter B. has been the recipient of $$$ in the tens of millions from Russia and the Ukraine, with much of it destined to flow into the pockets of “The Big Guy.”

Like the movie “Wag the Dog,” it seems that “Only a War” could possibly save this embarrassed administration from further exposure of massive corruption and subsequent collapse. Yet, who could possibly sell the idea?

Recent polls indicate that CNN’s viewers dropped by over 80% from this time last year. This is real bad news, because CNN has always been the Democrat’s Knight in Shining Armor. MSNBC and the other alphabets running with the official narrative have seen their viewership suffering also.

This month, in attempt to bolster ratings, CNN placed an ad for a “Comedian” to host a new show poking fun at media “misinformation.” Most Classical Greek tragedies also revolved around topics of dramatic irony.

Today, January 24th, NATO upped their bet, with French troops committed to Romania, and the United States simultaneously placed 8,500 troops on alert. Seems we will get dragged into this fight, whether we want to or not.

Does the “Will of the People” even matter anymore? If it became common knowledge that Covid-19 was financed by the US National Institute of Health and manufactured in China, would it make a difference? If it was proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Covid was a biological weapon used to destroy more economic resources than people; would it make a difference? If the American People knew for a fact that the 2020 election was fraudulent, just like the forensic election audits claim; would it make a difference? If the American People knew that a bulk of our voting machines had been hacked by China; would that make a difference? If evidence were laid out on the table of the January 6th “Insurrection” being a government run False Flag operation; would that make a difference? If evidence surfaced of Hunter Biden being a “Bag-Man” in “Pay-for-Play” payoffs; would that make a difference? If this entire Administration, and many of those sitting in Congress and the Senate were exposed as illegitimate representatives; would that make a difference? If it were proven that Donald J. Trump actually won the 2020 election; would that make a difference? If January 6th marked the Corporate-Communist overthrow of the United States Government and our Constitution: would that make a difference?

It is obvious that viewers are dropping out of the cable news arena. It is also becoming obvious that workers are dropping out of the conventional nine-to-five workplace grind. Many have lost faith in the illogical Medical Establishment narrative concerning Vaccines and Government Mandates. Many others have lost faith in Federal, State and Local Governments’ ability to keep them safe from crime. Still others see their children being corrupted by Marxist dogma in their local schools. Those who speak up in School Board meetings find themselves being branded criminals. For every lobotomized follower of the Pied Piper of Mainstream Media and Pop Culture, there are two who have chosen to drop-out.

However, can we afford to drop out entirely? We have heard many times that “Freedom is never free.” Are we willing to pay the price for our liberty? Do we have the grit to stand-up against local government corruption? Do we possess the guts to be criticized and become unpopular? Can we exert the tenacious self-sufficiency and independence to survive outside of the Mooch-State? The time is quickly approaching when all of us will be required to answer these questions; not to those around us, but to ourselves!

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