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War in Europe has begun. Despite the spin by the Mainstream Media Moguls, what is the situation? Will we be dragged into World War III? Is Russia our only potential enemy in this war? Is America ready for war? Will we see war on American soil? Are YOU and your family ready for war?

Let’s start with the breaking news.

On March 1st, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that there would be no jets sent to the Ukraine. Two days later there were reports of three Fairchild A-10 Thunderbolt “Warthog” Squadrons being transferred to Ukraine. If true, the A-10 is technically a Turbofan “Airplane,” and not a Turbojet “Jet.”

On March 2nd, it was announced that Biden will give Iran $11 Billion in exchange for four hostages. Not a bad haul! Perhaps a real good incentive for more American kidnappings; or maybe the Iranians “Pinky-Swore” never to do it again. To put this $11 Billion gift into perspective; by March 2nd, the Ukraine has been promised nearly $15 billion from ALL sources worldwide since Russia invaded. Iran and China are both aligned with Russia.

The United Nations held special sessions over the weekend, ultimately condemning Russia for invading Ukraine. Economic sanctions have tanked the Russian Ruble. Visa and MasterCard have ended their service to Russia, and Western Mega-Corporations are pulling out of Russia.

The Iran nuclear deal is still on Biden’s table; mediated by of all nations- Russia. Due to public outcry, Iranian Oil may soon replace some of Russia’s Oil, along with oil from Socialist Venezuela, OPEC and Sunni Saudi Arabia.

On March 3rd, Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen insisted the World Bank extend Russia an additional $18 Billion in Special Drawing Rights intended for poor countries who cannot afford vaccines.

Germany reversed its long-held position of military neutrality outside of NATO by announcing that it would provide thousands of Stinger and Javelin Missiles to Ukraine. Other NATO nations are likewise vowing military hardware assistance to Ukraine. Poland announced that it will provide its legacy Mig-29s to the Ukrainian Air Force.

On March 7th, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced on “Meet the Press” that the United States has given Poland the “Green Light” on the transfer of Mig-29s, and will “Back Fill” jets loaned to Ukraine with F-16s for the Polish Air Force. Will this transfer of aircraft pull the trigger on Putin’s “Nuclear Option?”

As of March 7th, America is still buying Russian oil. Are we financing Russia’s attack on Ukraine?

According to the American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM), the United States is buying Russian Oil to the tune of 709,000 barrels per day. At $92 per barrel (and rising), that adds up to  $65,228,000 per day,$1,956,840,000 per month, or $23,808,220,000 per year. Russia’s entire military budget was $41.6 Billion in 2020 according to That means the United States alone provides over half of Russia’s budget for its Army, Navy and Air Force combined. Add other NATO countries addicted to Russian Oil, and the Western Powers completely finance the military of a Country sworn to destroy us.

Yet, the Biden Administration still refuses to revive our domestic oil industry. Instead, Biden will seek oil from OPEC, Saudi Arabia and Russian allies in Venezuela and Iran. Actions speak louder than words!

For well over a year there have been several Chinese and Russian military exercises aimed at the destruction of an American Aircraft Carrier Strike Group. A formal alliance was recently formed between Russia and China, with the People’s Republic of China vowing to buy all the oil, gas and natural resources that Russia can produce. Iran and North Korea are likewise considered allies of Russia and China.

Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened the “Nuclear Option” even before his invasion into Ukraine. Is Putin bluffing? The entire Russian Pacific Submarine Fleet departed their harbor last November. Most of those submarines were Oscar Class Nuclear Submarines armed with the latest Zircon-II hypersonic cruise missiles equipped with atomic warheads. Putin publicly threatened that Russian submarines armed with over six hundred nuclear warheads are prepared to devastate the United States and other NATO powers.

News of Russian atrocities and heroic Ukrainian resistance have flooded our Controlled Legacy Media “News.” CNN and the other “Authorized” Alphabets are pushing for all-out war against Russia. They arrogantly claim that anybody opposed to military combat assistance to Ukraine is a “Traitor.”

Faith and trust among the American People in the Political Establishment has hit an all-time low. The results of Biden’s first year in the White House have been a dumpster fire. According to his State of the Union Address, there remains a complete disconnect from reality; and a steady resolved trot toward the complete destruction of our economy, society and Country.

Likewise, in past months, Legacy Television viewership has crashed. CNN’s daily broadcast of propaganda has lost over 80% of its viewers, and the other government authorized Alphabets are not doing any better. Joe Biden actually made mention of public abandon of Legacy Media just prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Both the Biden Administration, and the Democrat Party as a whole, recognize that their narrative of smoke and mirrors is failing. How can they remain in power without a steady stream of propaganda and social programming to control the public?  


Every Democrat and mainstream media news stooge is rallying support for armed conflict over Ukraine. Unfortunately, many in the public are falling for this ruse. War will raise the Controlled Legacy Media out of the ashes of audience collapse. War will give the propagandists another chance to manipulate the jaded public. War “News,” financed generously by the Military Industrial Complex, will allow the Legacy media another opportunity to do what they were designed to do; Sell!

“Rally around the Flag boys.” War can instill unity against the common foe of “Communist Aggression,” with selfless group “Patriotism” guaranteed to pay more taxes. We are expected to comply with this narrative despite the mountain of despotic Marxist Legislation from Congress and Presidential Executive Orders issued this past year.   “Patriot Extremists” are still being purged. Actions speak louder than words!

Many, including this author, have been opponents of International Communism from the time of the Cold War. The bold stand against Russia by the Ukrainian People is inspirational, and should be an example for all countries confronted by tyranny. However, this is not our first rodeo. Our government controllers have betrayed us to our Communist opponents more than once. Pentagon flunkies shared sensitive, mission specific intelligence with the UN Security Council during both the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Communist UN Security Council Members promptly relayed that intelligence to our enemies, and the lives of both Americans and our Allies were lost. The US Government abandoned our mission in Vietnam; and Laos, Burma and Cambodia soon collapsed. There was no interest in aiding the Cambodian People during Pol Pot’s genocide that ended the lives of a quarter of their population in the “Killing Fields.”  The recent debacle in Afghanistan should provide fair warning to all of us about the loyalty and values of the Biden Administration. The State Department has abandoned Americans in Afghanistan; and recent accounts show that Americans stranded in Ukraine have likewise been abandoned. Actions speak louder than words!

Could it be that we are being lured into a trap?

Let’s take a few minutes to take a close look at our situation before jumping into a possible thermonuclear war. We are contemplating a war with a foreign power that has the capability of hitting us on American Soil.

Thermonuclear War Anyone?

Yes, Russia and the United States are near parity for Nuclear Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs), with the USA having approximately 5,550 and Russia possessing 6,250; assuming we can rely on that count. Both the USA and Russia have submarines, strategic bombers and ICBM silos capable of accurately delivering these nuclear munitions.

During the Cold War, the only two countries that had nuclear weapons were the United States and Russia, in the form of the Soviet Union. During “Nuclear Proliferation,” these weapons kept getting bigger and more numerous. “Doomsday” planet killing bombs hit the scene, and both sides accumulated the ability to destroy the Earth several times over.

During the Cold War and onward, both the United States and Soviet Union employed the strategy of “Mutually Assured Destruction” (MAD). A nuclear strike by one would be retaliated in-kind by the other. Only one problem existed; if the first-strike destroyed the other’s nuclear arsenal; then there would not be any retaliation. The one who threw the first nuclear blow would subsequently win. That is when sophisticated “Early Warning Systems” came into being. If a potential First Nuclear Strike were detected, then ALL nuclear strike resources were launched prior to their destruction. The movie “Dr. Strangelove” gave a satirical example of this “Use them or Lose them” policy.

Then came “Nuclear De-escalation” and subsequent “Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaties.” Less and less new Atomic Bombs were added to arsenals. Both Powers still walked on thin ice, as the Sword of Damocles of Mutually Assured Destruction still dangled above.

New Nuclear Treaties led to the destruction of nuclear weapons on both sides. Today, on paper, both the United States and Russia only possess half the number of nuclear warheads that existed at the height of the Cold War. United Nations Arbitrators, and “Independent Inspectors,” were to have access to nuclear stockpiles to assure both sides were following the rules. Both the United States and Russia questioned the results of UN monitoring of stockpiles.

From the Clinton Administration onward, Nuclear Proliferation Treaty verification in Russia has been sketchy at best, while inspectors from Russia were given carte blanche access to all American stockpile facilities. During the Obama Administration, Russian Spy Planes were routinely allowed access to American Airspace.

The Strategy of “Mutually Assured Destruction” remains in place; but the “Use them or Lose them” policy went out during the Clinton Administration. From that time onward, the United States would only retaliate AFTER absorbing a nuclear first strike. Trump changed the “Use them or Lose them” policy back to launching our nuclear arsenal when the Russia’s first strike is still in the air.

On April 19th 2021, Senator Elizabeth Warren introduced S.1219, a bill “regarding the no first use of nuclear weapons.” Note that this bill is not referring to “First Launch;” but rather “First Use.” If passed, we will once again absorb a nuclear first strike and be unable to retaliate.

Biden holds the “Nuclear Football” with all the launch codes. He must drop his ice-cream cone, open the case, remove the codes, and get on the red telephone to rain nuclear Hell on our enemies. Regardless of what policy is in place; will Joe Biden do it?

Recently, Russia has put a new technological advancement into the mix; the Zircon hypersonic cruise missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. These missiles can fly beneath radar, undetected, changing course along the way, and hit a target so fast that human directed countermeasures are useless.

To compound the possibility of Nuclear War, we are not simply facing Russia, but a coalition of like-minded enemies of, not just America; but “The West” in general. Many of the countries in this coalition possess their own nuclear arsenals. If this progresses to a shooting-war, it will likely soon manifest as World War Three.

Along with Russia, we face at the very minimum China, Iran and North Korea. Add the “Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), Russia’s version of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). CSTO, established in 2002, replaced the old “Warsaw Pact” established during the former Soviet Union. CSTO members include Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. These former members of the Soviet Union are duty bound to assist Russia should war break out. Nearby Ukraine is Moldova, a possible ally of Russia.

In the Middle East we may well face our terrorist enemies in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria and Yemen.  Afghanistan is now extremely well armed, with over $80 Billion of abandoned US military equipment. Taliban soldiers are dressed in US Military uniforms, and armed with US weapons. What could go wrong?

Communist countries in Asia include China, Laos, North Korea and Vietnam. Socialist countries include Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

Africa transformed from Colonial to solidly Socialist. Algeria, Angola, Republic of Congo, Djibouti, Guinea-Bissau, Guyana, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia,  Somalia, South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe are all potential allies of Russia.

On our very doorstep, in the Caribbean, Latin America, South America there are many Communist and Socialist countries. Cuba is a sure ally of Russia. Socialist countries that might side with Russia include Argentina, Barbados, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Peru, St Vincent and the Grenadines, and Venezuela. Mexico is also a Socialist Country. We must remember that nearly two million Illegal Aliens have poured across our Southern Border at the behest of the Biden Administration.

Next, let’s look at Nuclear Warheads:

Russia 6,255

US 5,550

China 350

France 290

UK 225

Pakistan 165

India 156

Israel 90

North Korea is considered non-nuclear, but possesses fissile material for up to 50 warheads.

The Western powers have recently imposed economic sanctions on Russia. This includes barring the participation of Russian Banks in the SWIFT exchange system. Russia is a trading partner of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), consisting of former Soviet Union members. Moldova has recently sought membership in the trade organization. The India-Russia Strategic Partnership of 2000 may explain why India abstained from UN votes to condemn Russia for invading Ukraine.

Most important, Russia has their alliance with China with the potential to circumvent SWIFT. China has its own version of SWIFT, with tens of trillions of dollars traded annually. China also bought a large number of poor countries through “Belt and Road Initiative” loans.

Is it fear of World War III that gives so many people moments of reflection? Are they “Cowards” and “Traitors” against “Democracy” for not immediately jumping on the war bandwagon? Considering the valiant stand taken by the Ukrainian People, what could possibly give pause to so many hard-working conservatives and battle-hardened veterans?

During our election year, law-abiding citizens were locked down, and the middle-class faced bankruptcy. On the streets of American cities, Antifa and Black Lives Matter Marxist Revolutionaries rioted, looted, vandalized, burned, raped and murdered; all condoned by the very Democrats in power today. Police were defunded while criminals were released from prisons and a crime wave remains unchecked. 

The laws passed by our one-party Congress, and the Executive Orders dictated from the White House do not support the values of either Democracy or our Republic. This trend is not restricted to the United States, but has manifested throughout the “Western World.” Once Free Societies have become Despotic Tyrannies using the release and spread of the Covid-19 biological weapon as a pretext for even greater restrictions.

From the very beginning of his “Presidency,” Biden has seen to it that our entire domestic fossil fuel industry has been thoroughly gutted. We are now dependent on fuel imports from Russia and other OPEC countries for basic life-support. We are also dependent on Chinese imports to provide the new energy technologies meant to replace oil.

Our Border and Customs security have been compromised for over a year. Illegal Immigrants flooding across the border have been transported into largely conservative communities for the past year at taxpayer expense. This crisis has been largely ignored by our controlled media.

As for controlled media, free speech has been crushed and replaced by Marxist group-think. To say that our media is “becoming” Orwellian is a gross understatement. Legacy Media and Social Media have become exactly what Orwell wrote about in his book “1984;” down to the enforcement of “New Speak,” censorship, and re-writing of history through digital book-burning.

The People’s Republic of China has gained greater power than ever before over our government officials on all levels. Media spin has covered for every compromised member of our government. Both Congressmen and Senators have invested heavily in Chinese Corporations or received contributions from Chinese linked Political Action Committees. California Democrat Congressman, Eric Swalwell, was installed on the Select Intelligence Committee despite a long-time affair with a Chinese Spy named Christine Fang, “Fang Fang.” Joint Chiefs of Staff Member Mark Milley had assured China’s top military brass that he would warn them in the case of imminent war. The “President’s” son received billions of dollars from Chinese Intelligence linked Corporations.

All government investigation into the Chinese Military Wuhan Laboratory of Virology origins of Covid-19 ceased when Biden took office. Dr, Anthony Fauci, who funneled money from the National Institute of Health into the Wuhan Lab, has been likened by our media propagandists to “Science” in human form. 

The FBI has linked Confucius Institutes to Chinese technology espionage on College and University campuses. Subsequent to these revelations, Trump cut off all US Government funding to Confucius Institutes and several Chinese Embassies closed as a result. Biden immediately restored US funding of Confucius Institutes.

Marxist “Critical Race Theory” (CRT) has become the new Government enforced “atheist” religion. Classes in CRT are required in our Military and throughout Government Service. Those who oppose CRT or Marxism as a whole are purged from their jobs and replaced. Most of those let-go are branded as “Extremists.” The litany of extremists include White Supremacists, Religious, Anti-Abortion, Anti-Illegal Alien, Anti-Tax, Constitutional, and Patriots. Laws are being put in place to financially and otherwise oppress those identified as “Extremists.”

Children likewise are being indoctrinated in CRT, and parents who argue the practice have been branded “Terrorists” by the Justice Department and FBI. 

Last, but not least, the entire Republican Party and all Conservatives have been defined as “Enemies of the State.” Like their Russian Counterparts, our President, Congress and media propagandists take every opportunity to blame the ills of the world on their opponents. If an event isn’t present, then they concoct one as a False Flag; like the “January 6th Insurrection.”

Earlier, we looked a lists of governments that might ally themselves with Russia; could we add Canada and the United States? Despite the tough talk coming from the White House and Congress, their actions are the complete opposite.

We currently have a USA Trucker’s Freedom Convoy traveling across the Country in order to protest draconian Covid vaccination mandates and restrictions. Will we face the same draconian loss of rights that Canadians have experienced? So far, there has been a near media blackout in Washington DC as ALL reporting is focused on Ukraine.

Weeks earlier, the same was done during a Truckers Freedom Convoy in Canada. The response of the Canadian Government progressed to all-out Tyranny. First, police blockaded the roads leading to the Capitol City of Ottawa. President Trudeau, “Mr. Black-Face” himself, was quick to brand the Truckers as “Nazis,” “White Supremacists,” and “Traitors.” Those media outlets not running with the government’s official narrative were shut-down.

Police barricaded roads and confiscated fuel used by Truckers and their families to stay warm in below zero temperatures. They went so far as to go tent-to-tent at the Freedom Convoy headquarters to confiscate fuel while snipers were placed on rooftops above.

Drivers of trucks carrying fuel into the city, even pickup trucks, were arrested and their trucks confiscated and towed. When tow truck companies refused to tow Freedom Convoy or fuel-bearing trucks, the government hit them with fines. The government also started buying used tow trucks by the score. When ordinary Canadian citizens streamed into Ottawa carrying cans of fuel, the police confiscated the fuel. When a Canadian Judge ruled that the confiscations were illegal, the police continued the practice anyway.

Then, with the help of Facebook, those who visited the Freedom Convoy’s Facebook page were visited by police at their homes and warned not to participate.

In Ottawa, an ordinance required the arrest of anybody honking their horn in support of the Freedom Convoy. This led to the viral video of an eighty year old man being beaten and arrested by police.

Then came the threats that Child Protective Services would take the Trucker’s children because the lack of heat was inhumane. Never mind police confiscation of fuel; the parents were at fault.

Last came the economic pressure. GoFundMe confiscated nearly ten million dollars in contributions to the Trucker’s Freedom Convoy. Failing to either keep the money or give it to charities that GoFundMe chose, they were forced to give the money back to contributors. When a second contribution site in the USA was flooded with millions of dollars, the Canadian Government forbid Canadian banks from depositing the money into the Freedom Convoy’s account. When crypto-currency contributions began to flow, the Government branded Crypto-Users as “White Supremacists.” President Trudeau then invoked their Country’s Emergency Act, which had not been done since World War II.

Martial Law was established in Ottawa and Truckers were given the choice to leave the city or face fines of $100,000, a year in jail and confiscation of their trucks.

Then mass arrests were made, and vehicles towed away. By invoking banking laws previously aimed to thwart funding of international terrorism, economic sanctions were extended beyond the Truckers themselves, to anybody who contributed to their cause. Those who provided contributions, no matter how small, are now faced with frozen or seized bank accounts.

After the Truckers were cleared from the Canadian Border, Trudeau lifted most emergency measures. However, economic sanctions remain in place, and were even broadened further. Are these the actions of a free “Democracy?” Actions speak louder than words!

Will we face the same in the United States? Seven thousand National Guard were called-up to control traffic into the US Capitol. Chances are good that we will never know what “Anti-Insurrection Legislation” is being hatched in Congress, because our controlled media will not report it.

So, excuse me if I and many other Military Veterans and Conservatives take pause with the Mainstream Media’s narrative about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We don’t trust the “Democrats” who seized control of our Government, and we don’t trust the propagandists in our Mainstream Media. Are we being lured into a war that our present government has no intention of winning?

Hyperinflation has hit the West due to sabotage by our government “Leaders.” During the past few days, since the announcement that Canada and the United States were planning a boycott of Russian Oil, crude oil prices have surged from $92 per barrel to nearly $130 per barrel. We may find these prices reaching $200 per barrel as sanctions deepen. Today, gas prices are approaching $6 per gallon; $7 per gallon in San Francisco and Los Angeles. These rising prices will be passed on to consumers through rising costs of food and staples.

Are we a country prepared for war against international communism? Can we trust “Leaders” who have purged anti-Marxists from our military and government service? Can we trust media pundits that censor and lie?

Are we personally ready for war? If food, water, fuel, energy, and basic staples were removed because they were needed by soldiers at war; are we prepared to persevere? If conventional enemy troops attacked our country, are we prepared? If they patrolled the streets of our city, would we be as brave as those in Ukraine? If nuclear weapons started to rain down on the USA, are we prepared? If an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) weapon took out our power grid for a couple of years, are we prepared? If our “Leaders” surrender without a shot, are we prepared? If our new Communist overlords come knocking at your door, are YOU prepared?

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