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By Donna Westfall – May 28, 2016 – This just in from around the world:

“Prior to fluoride in Queensland (QLD), Australia’s water, athletes in QLD won more Olympic gold medals than in any other state.  All other states had fluoride in their water for many years.
This advantage no longer seems to be the case.  Also, as we all now know, depression is very common among our athletes, who drink a lot of water.  Fluoride=iodine deficiency=depression!
In fact, Commonwealth countries that are heavily fluoridated (e.g. Ireland, New Zealand, etc.) for many years, no longer do well in the Olympics.  Most American (British) athletes drink bottled water.
Recently, several young skilled equestrian riders died, when their horses failed to make the jumps on normal obstacles.  There were at least 2 deaths in just two weeks in QLD alone.  In each case it was the horses who failed the normal jumps.  Could it be that their (horses) bones, tendons, & ligaments, are being weakened from fluoride poisoning?”
From: Jill Jennings-McElheney <>
Subject: #tapoutfluoride_ Social Media Campaign on Instagram
Date: 28 May 2016 5:20:23 pm AEST

Dear Friends:

As many of you know, my youngest daughter just completed her freshman year of college in Tennessee as a softball scholarship athlete.  She earned All Conference.  

I have started an Instagram campaign #tapoutfluoride_ to highlight the unnecessary poison athletes are forced to ingest in fluoridated tap water.  Many elite athletes travel all over the country where cities are fluoridated.

This social media campaign has a goal to educate athletes & ask them to speak out/get out fluoride in tap water.    We are doing this by posting a photo of athletes in action with the same photo in color & black & white to signify two things:

1.  Fluoride is a stealthy poison that adversely targets health

2.  Athletes should not be forced to hydrate with fluoridated tap

Please make note that an underscore is at the end of #tapoutfluoride_

This underscore is important because it represents the athletic tap out when an opponent is in submission.   We want to inform those people in authority who are intentionally poisoning the nation with fluoride in tap water that athletes are no longer going to accept government dominance on this. The submission now will be from fluoride as athletes demand a permanent ban on this antiquated and harmful practice. ⚽⚾

Please be a part of our campaign on Instagram to #tapoutfluoride_



One thought on “Warning to Athletes: Poisonous Fluoride in Tap Water Affects Performance”
  1. Please read the study published in Fluoride, Racehorse Breakdowns and Fluoridated Water in Los Angeles.

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