Wed. Jun 12th, 2024


For anyone who is a veteran and receives pain medications through the mail from a veterans administration pharmacy, BE WARNED!

A series of robberies over the past couple of weeks has happened and at least more than 30 people have been victimized, robbed by a person or person’s as yet unknown. Packages are cut at the corner possibly with a box cutter.  The jar lids can be twisted off from the outside of the package and the contents dumped out.  Pain meds like Vicodin, Norco’s Perkacet, Purcadine, Methadone, etc., are being pilfered oftentimes leaving the Vet with less than half their meds.

If you or someone you know read this and fall under the category of victim, please alert the following:  The police department, ((707) 464-2133).  Your Veterans pharmacy and the local postmaster. The Crescent City Post Office is located at the corner of “H” and “2nd” streets.



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