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[cincopa AEIAqg9uDKMO]By Donna Westfall – May 29, 2016 –   During the ’60’s and ’70’s, huge advertising campaigns were sweeping the country for the gullible to buy sight-unseen land in Florida.  One of the original sellers of swampland in Florida was Charles Ponzi. Of course, it involved fraudulent sales of worthless real estate.

During the 1990’s and into the 21st century, Contractor/Builder, Brian Michetti teamed up with realtor, David Finigan, formerly with Ming Tree, as Michetti’s selling agent in creating four sub-divisions featuring luxury homes.

In 2004, a home was purchased by the Blancarte’s in the Chicama subdivision near Pelican Bay Prison.  The house was built and the family moved in on June 26, 2005. Problems became apparent. Complaints were made and nothing was done to fix the problems.

The issue is high ground water that results in septic and drainage problems for homeowners and renters. Imagine finally owning your dream house only to discover that you can’t shower or do laundry at home because the septic system is junk.

In 2012, the Blancarte’s won a $600,000+ judgment against Brian Michetti and can’t collect. How did they win?  The Judge was convinced of their problems and the final nail in the coffin – expert testimony that it can’t be fixed.

Shortly after the judgment, Michetti moved to Chicama, Peru in South America. What happened to all the real estate he owned?

According to the Blancarte’s it appears his property was transferred to, wait for it…. guess who…… David Finigan.

What does Finigan have to say about any of this? “I am not the story and am insulted by your questions.”

After years of doing their own investigations, the Blancarte’s discovered one cover up after another and finally decided this year to submit another claim to the County.

On May 9, 2016, Chere and Pedro Blancarte submitted a claim to Del Norte County for $2.5 million.  The reason the Blancarte’s septic system doesn’t work right and drainage around their home isn’t right is because it’s built over a wetland and their leach field is underneath their home. What does Del Norte County do about it? NOTHING?  Actually, they did something but nothing proper as it turns out.  What they did is cover it up.

She said, “The basis for our claim is fraudulent concealment and suppression of the material facts and false promises made to us by Del Norte County Officials.”

I can smell the lawsuit fermenting when I read an additional laundry list of complaints covering over a dozen causes of action including RICO Violations.  The RICO act is commonly thought of involving organized crime.

Mrs. Blancarte goes on to say, “The official record shows our septic system was signed off, Saturday, on Christmas day 2004, by some official that no one at the County will identify.”

I have viewed pictures of advertising billboards with Michetti and Finigan’s names on them. Along with lawn signs with Finigan’s name on it.  Along with numerous video’s of Chere Blancarte voicing her complaints before the Board of Supervisors.

What else does David Finigan have to say about all this?

Here’s my May 20th email to him:

  • It looks like you were in partnership with a Brian Michetti.  He was the contractor that built many of the homes that had or continue to have septic and/or drainage problems.  From the picture advertising one sub-division, both your names and telephone numbers are on the billboard. 
  • Although you were not the realtor on the Blancarte case, I’ve watched many video’s of Chere Blancarte beseeching the Board of Supervisors over the years to correct an on-going problem. 
  • It appears that the County and BOS have no process to address those grievances.  If that’s the case, why not? 
  • It appears that a home with such obvious defects was given the go ahead to occupy. Why?
  • Did you use your position on the Board to influence the employees at the County making those types of decisions? 
  • These are the types of questions that will be asked or covered in the article and that’s why I’m giving you the opportunity for a response before publishing. 
  • Did Michetti transfer any of his property holdings to you before relocating to Peru? 
  • Would you care to comment yet?

Here’s Finigan’s response May 20th:

  • No, I am not part of the story.  The public has a right to know fact based truths; which can be very different from where you would like to take this.   You appear to be sensationalizing a story of which I was not a part.  Policies and procedures are in place and you can start with the community development department.  Perhaps this is a personal matter and not a public matter; look to the previous law suit regarding the buyer (owner), seller and realtor involved to determine that.  I hope my skin is never so thick as to tolerate, or find acceptable, personal assassination attempts based on an absence of credibility.  It is not okay.

I find it unacceptable for this public official to claim “personal assassination attempts” when he is unwilling to answer some basic questions.

I asked Chere Blancarte what would they do if they received an award.  Her response “Move out of the house! And if Finigan and McClure get re-elected move out of the area.”







2 thoughts on “Was David Finigan Involved In A Swampland Scheme?”
  1. You would think David Finigan as a board of supervisors member and a Realtor would know all codes and know that this property would not pass county codes and wouldn’t have his name on the billboards, so saying this I will say, that the same thing happened on Pike St. David Finigan had his Realtor billboard trying to sell a home on Pike St. that was Red tagged; bad foundation and was built too close to the right a way. The house was rebuilt in the same spot and the owner should have moved this home back off the right a way, by county codes there should have had a turn around on the road add because this is the end of the road, which is a 60 foot right a way. The owner just built the home in the same spot and closed off the right a way with a gate and a fence in the middle of right a way. So Dave Mason was called (The Code Inspector) and he showed up and tagged gate. So the home owner still leaves the fence up and the gate. So you as a tax payer call Dave Mason and tell him that the Gate and fence is still up, So Dave Mason did let me know that it’s not a high priority for him. The home owner told property owners that, this is ok to close this off it was OK to do this, so other property owners around him told him that this can’t be done because of county codes and that this part of the road is being used by the people on Pike St. So David Finigan’s OFFICE was informed of what was going on and they just said this is OK to block a road. The problem is that one land owner had a gate up,(which David Finigan said you can leave up) and Dave Mason give him a paper with county code on it that said you need to take this down or be fined $350.00 a day if it is not taken care of. That land owner must be in a different class of land owner as the other, because he can build tooclose to the road and close off the road and have no problem with county codes. I guess if you have a board of supervisor (David Finingan) as your Realtor you can do anything you want to do! Also you have to remember that Dave Mason is under David Finigan as Supervisor.

  2. Good information! I hope this get’s out, So the people of this community eye’s can be open to the truth once and for all. For all you that have been pulling the wool over this community’s eye’s all these year’s YOUR DAY’S IN THE SUN ARE OVER, GOOD LUCK!

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