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By Guest Columnist Michael Ceremello – November 15, 2017 –

Now that my contentions have once again been proven right, that it is the Republican In Name Only “Establishment” which is the problem in United States’ politics on all levels, based on their own actions and rather transparent at that, it is time to look towards solutions which will actually accomplish the slogan of “Make America Great Again”.  While the slogan is being pushed by our current President, this is not really about him but about all of us.

As Americans, do we really like being less than “great”?  Have we been kowtowed into mediocrity by the self haters, the mentally unstable guilt ridden, and the other divisive components of our society?  Are we better off than we were during the much too short Kennedy administration?  As a society we use to dream of what was possible, such as sending a man to the moon.  Now it seems we are more interested in just “getting high”.

Anyone with an iota of intelligence can see exactly what has happened in the dirty world of mudslinging politics to Judge Roy Moore in Alabama.  Rather than playing a good poker hand close to their vest, the RINO’s have shown their hand, shown their allegiance to not the country but raw politics, and shown what their true goals are.

Most of us in America truly believe in “innocent until proven guilty”.  Most of us in America don’t condemn a man over allegations.  Anyone can be accused of anything at any time.  I know.  My father was accused of murder in Colorado during his return from an around the world merchant marine tour.  He told me to never accuse another of something unless I could prove it.

What we are now witnessing within the Republican party is the “rot” of the apples in the “moderate” Republican barrel as those fumes rapidly exhaust themselves to the surface.  Mitch McConnell is perhaps the most recognizable and easiest to understand.

McConnell endorsed Luther Strange and even got the president to do the same for this Senate race in Alabama.  Ask yourself why?  Strange is another of McConnell’s lapdogs who can be controlled and manipulated.  Not so with either Mo Brooks or Ray Moore who were part of the primary that Moore won.

Moore is interesting in that as a State Supreme Court Justice, he was twice removed from that office because of his stances.  I give you the following from the purported left leaning “Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”:

Roy Stewart Moore (born February 11, 1947) is an American politician and former Alabama state judge known for being twice elected to and twice removed from the Alabama Supreme Court. He also is the founder and president of the Foundation for Moral Law. Moore is the Republican nominee in the 2017 special election to fill the United States Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions and currently held by Luther Strange.

Moore is a conspiracy theorist and an advocate of far-right politics.[8][9] He earned significant national attention and controversy over his strongly anti-homosexual, anti-Muslim, and far-right views, his belief that Christianity should order public policy,[10][11] as well as his past ties to neo-Confederates and white nationalist groups.[12][13][14][15][16] Moore was a leading voice in the birther movement, which promoted the debunked conspiracy theory that former President Barack Obama was not born in the United States.[17][18] Moore also drew controversy for failing to disclose that he paid himself and his family over $1 million from his charity, Foundation for Moral Law.[19]

Hmm … “far-right politics”?  That must be as opposed to being far-left in their desire for a God-less (or should I say any God but that of the white Christian male?) society, an acceptance of debatable birth records, the refusal to provide collegiate records, and their continuing attempts to destroy the fabric of traditional American society including the cohesive family unit.  My family was solid Democrat and Catholic.  This is not what they believed in.

Upon attaining office in the courts, Moore hung a wooden plaque behind his chair.  Moore escalated the issue upon arriving at the State’s Supreme Court. 

A month after his election, Moore began making plans for a larger monument to the Ten Commandments, reasoning that the Alabama Supreme Court building required something grander than a wooden plaque. His final design involved a 5,280 pound (2,400 kg) granite block, three feet wide by three feet deep covered with quotes from the Declaration of Independence, the national anthem, and various founding fathers.[31] The crowning element would be two large carved tablets inscribed with the Ten Commandments. High-grade granite from Vermont was ordered and shipped, and Moore found benefactors and a sculptor to complete the job.

 On the evening of July 31, 2001, despite some initial installation difficulties and concerns regarding structural support for the monument’s weight, Moore had the completed monument transported to the state judicial building and installed in the central rotunda. The installation was filmed, and videotapes of the event were sold by Coral Ridge Ministries, an evangelical media outlet in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which later used proceeds from the sales of the film to underwrite Moore’s ensuing legal expenses. Coral Ridge was the operation of the late Reverend D. James Kennedy, a staunch Moore supporter.[32]

The next morning, Moore held a press conference in the central rotunda to officially unveil the monument. In a speech following the unveiling, Moore declared, “Today a cry has gone out across our land for the acknowledgment of that God upon whom this nation and our laws were founded... May this day mark the restoration of the moral foundation of law to our people and the return to the knowledge of God in our land.”[33]

Oh Heaven’s, we have a man who believes in morality instead of the hedonistic society house of cards we are seeing imploding on itself in Holly-weird and in the political halls of power. No right thinking person could possibly want someone like this to be Senator at the Federal level.  Moore is an obvious threat to what they have going.  But let us continue …

 On October 30, 2001, the ACLU of Alabama, Americans United for Separation of Church and State and the Southern Poverty Law Center were among groups that filed suit in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Alabama, asking that the monument be removed because it “sends a message to all who enter the State Judicial Building that the government encourages and endorses the practice of religion in general and Judeo-Christianity in particular.“[34] (my emphasis added)

I will simply point out that the ACLU and the others are not so much interested in the law or its interpretation as they are in their leftist goals.  I find it hard to believe that anyone could construe the presence of a monument as “encouraging” anything but thought.  These must be some of the same people wanting to tear down Confederate statues for fear that if I see them, I will want to become a white supremacist and restart the Civil War.  Please …

The trial, titled Glassroth v. Moore, began on October 15, 2002. Evidence for the plaintiffs included testimony that lawyers of different religious beliefs had changed their work practices, including routinely avoiding visiting the court building to avoid passing by the monument, and testimony that the monument created a religious atmosphere, with many people using the area for prayer.[35]

Moore argued that he would not remove the monument, as doing so would violate his oath of office:

[The monument] serves to remind the Appellate Courts and judges of the Circuit and District Court of this State and members of the bar who appear before them, as well as the people of Alabama who visit the Alabama Judicial Building, of the truth stated in the Preamble to the Alabama Constitution that in order to establish justice we must invoke ‘the favor and guidance of almighty God’.[31]

On this note, Moore said that the Ten Commandments are the “moral foundation” of U.S. law, stating that in order to restore this foundation, “we must first recognize the source from which all morality springs… [by] recogniz[ing] the sovereignty of God.” He added that the addition of the monument to the state judiciary building marked “the beginning of the restoration of the moral foundation of law to our people” and “a return to the knowledge of God in our land.”[31]

 Additionally, Moore acknowledged an explicit theistic intent in placing the monument, agreeing that the monument “reflects the sovereignty of God over the affairs of men” and “acknowledge[s] God’s overruling power over the affairs of men.”[36] However, in Moore’s view this did not violate the doctrine of separation of church and state; as the presiding judge later summarized it, Moore argued that “the Judeo-Christian God reigned over both the church and the state in this country, and that both owed allegiance to that God”, although they must keep their affairs separate.[31]

As we, the People of the United States, are currently witnessing the amorality of our society, specifically the violation of “Thou Shalt Not Kill”, a reasonable person might come to the logical conclusion that our country needs more morality and not less of it.  It is not what type of gun you possess or how many you have, it is what you can morally do with it that counts.

From what I have gathered, the people of Alabama were expecting this backlash against Moore.  He is still up in the polls by 6 to 10%.  Yet those within the Republican establishment are so afraid they are calling for him to step down or for his removal from office if he wins.  Now this begs the obvious question.

Where does the real problem lie?  Is it Moore or the establishment?  If it is Moore, the people of Alabama get to make the decision on what type of person represents them.  If it is the establishment, such as McConnell and his sycophants holding various offices, the people also get to make a decision.

We are all aware that Congress is failing to do what the majority of us want and ask such as removal of Obama-care and tax reform.  We are well cognizant of who the problem children are by their votes and statements.  Some, such as Jeff Flake of Arizona and Bob Corker of Tennessee, have decided they don’t want to be associated with our current president.  Good bye and good riddance and it is too bad you couldn’t take John McCain and McConnell along with you.

The Democrats are quite transparent as well.  What is all of this hatred posed toward the wealthy with regard to the tax cuts?  If the wealthy are already paying 70% of the bill, why is it unreasonable to expect they get a cut.  In addition the basic axiom of economics of “I never got a job from a poor man”, Chuck Schumer believes government should continue to rein in the individual’s ability to achieve and succeed.  Do we really need a bureaucrat telling us how much is enough?

The final solution is a product of these observations.  In States such as California and New York, we witness the stifling effect of the policies of those who are in political power.  We see an exodus from these States.  The eventuality is continued raising of taxes to make up for a diminishing base.  Implosion will be the final result.  Those on State welfare or compensation will never be convinced even to its end.

In States where Republicans now hold control, we must not give up control to the failed Left but usurp the positions from RINO’s and give it to true conservatives endorsed by TEA party types, those who believe in the Constitution, and those of us remaining who still believe in morals and morality.

There will be elections next year.  Let’s make the best use of them on both the National and local levels .


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