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By Donna Westfall – May 24, 2010

WWTP = Wastewater Treatment Plant

$4.5 million difference between Wahlund’s bid and Engineers Estimate

$9,000 paid to Stover Engineering for Labor Compliance.

Sub-contractor Colburn Electric caught by State for wage violations (falsifying payroll/non-payment of overtime); $164,675 +/- penalties that would have been paid to the City IF the city had a working labor compliance program.

*$895,000 additional approved for Stover Engineering.   — Approved  4-1 vote on 5/3/2010

*$35,000 approved for designer error.   — Approved 4-1 vote on 5/3/2010

*$4,000,000 additional net added to interest on the State Revolving Loan with the “poison pill”

Grand Jury 2009 concludes that Jim Barnts, Public Works Director and real estate developer is not in conflict of interest.


Documentation provided to back-up claims ignored.

Prop 218, Recalls, sewer rate rollbacks and fluoride initiatives.

Former City Clerk Dianne Nickerson resigns after recall attempt concerning allegations that she falsified Prop 218 protest vote.

Complaints to the Secretary of States against acting County Clerk, Alissia Northrup, for not validating signatures of voters that have lived and voted here from 1 to 50 years.

Biased news reporting by local media.

Censuring the one voice of the majority of the underrepresented constituents for trumped up ethics violations.


Want proof?  Go to and click on each line to link to documents and information.

Donna A. Westfall

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