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By Samuel Strait – Reporter at Large – March 25, 2022

It would appear that the CEO’s of ten major airlines have had enough of
the Federal Government’s policies of masking, testing, and vaccination
status affecting their ability to safely convey the nation’s air
travelers.  Central to a letter penned by the CEO’s was the idea that
masking in the cabin of a commercial airliner was devoid of any science
claiming it was necessary. Masking restrictions forced on commercial
airline companies have presented them with a host of unintended
consequences, from alienating those that refuse to fly masked to violent
encounters between passengers and crew over masking itself.  Airline
executives contend that many places in the United State no longer
require masking in indoor events where conditions that exist in airplane
cabins are in no way less “safe”.

Clearly masking on public transport has run its course.  If it actually
worked, someone would have noticed.  It hasn’t, and passengers and
airline employees have noticed that it hasn’t prevented the spread in a
very short time period world wide. A recent outbreak of the variant
Omicron version of Covid-19 was able to travel world wide in a month
from relatively isolated South Africa.  Clearly airline traffic had the
most to do with that.  Science, pointed out by airline executives has
evolved and masking is no longer a safe nonpharmacuetical prevention of
the transmission of the virus.  Similarly, the “vaccine” jabs currently
being administered are no guarantee of immunity.  Couple that with the
fact that most Covid cases are either asymptomatic or have relatively
mild symptoms and do not readily lead to transmission.

The Biden Administration has recently extended the restrictions on
commercial travel to April 18th with no clear science to explain the
extension, other than politics.  A recent vote in the US Senate 57-40 is
asking for the restrictions to be lifted. Biden has announced he would
be vetoing the effort should it be successful in the House of
Representatives.  Why is that?  Delta CEO, Ed Bastian, said that the
directive no longer fits the current environment in the state of Covid
with improved medical advancements and public health metrics.  In
simpler terms, something the president might appreciate, your
restrictions not only haven’t worked, but are a gigantic headache for
the airline industry.

Further the directives place thousands of airline employees forced to
enforce directives in the path of an uptick in violent confrontations
over masking.  Of the nearly 7,000 uncontrolled passenger exchanges in
the past year, 70% are related to masking violations by passengers. 
This alone in light of the changing landscape surrounding the Corona
virus, should put elimination of these measures at the front of the
line.  They clearly have not worked and are creating far more problems
than are being solved.

It continues to be breathtakingly obvious that Biden no longer
understands the damage his indiscriminate meanderings through his
incoherent brain cells are doing to the Country.  America for the most
part is done with Covid and the Pandemic.  Biden fails to understand
this and continues to clutch his executive orders and Centers for
Disease Control directives to his chest like a child unwilling to
release a favorite toy.  It becomes a question of whether or not the
Country will be damaged beyond repair if this feckless man continues to

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