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By Linda Sutter – August 3, 2021

After attending the Crescent City Harbor District it was made clear. Our taxes were increased to cater to the rich and drive out the poor.

Sales tax increased, Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) tax increased, property tax increased and the elected who are in charge of these increases have chosen a direction for the worse. The elected don’t appreciate the uniqueness of our community.

Del Norte County, Crescent City, and the Harbor District is not about how much money we can make. Our community is based upon a lifestyle. Our lifestyle isn’t for the rich and famous. Our lifestyle is family oriented filled with hard working folks. We are not to be used and abused by elected officials who don’t give two shits about their constituents.

Why should the people who reside at Bay View Park need to worry about getting evicted so the elected Harbor Commissioners can use OUR tax dollars against we the people who supports the community? The commissioner’s want to tear down the Black Smith shop and utilize our tax dollars for tourists?

Tourist come and go but we stay. And people who cannot afford a home made their home in a 5th wheel, trailer, or RV and reside at Bay View Park in the Harbor district. The mother with two small children who lives on a small disability check. The 86 year old elderly man who resides in his trailer to be near his son who is a long time resident of Del Norte County. There are 50 residents who are unnecessarily stressed out about getting evicted. But we will fight all the way.

The Harbor worked very hard to increase tot tax. We can repeal that. The Harbor Commissioners can be recalled.

But it’s not just the harbor who wants to push the lower income community members out of their community. Look at the City. We pay $750,000 a year for a swimming pool that was recently reopened only to allow 27 patrons in the pool. Somebody do the math. Yet people here who do not know what measure S was voted for, blindly increasing sales tax to 8.5%. I saw several people today in Brookings, Oregon . Gas, lunch, and groceries. That’s what the city wants?

And then there is the county and fire district all taking money out our pockets into their pockets and against all of us. Those officials are laughing all the way to the bank.

Have you had enough? This election we the people can take it all back. Are you in?

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